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These professional film composers have written soundtracks for top movies, tv shows, and productions

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composer modular synth guru - Dudadius

I've been a scoring composer for branded content for...a long time. Music in the Super Bowl and numerous awards. Ran a 25-person tri-coastal shop for 16 years. Now focusing on long-form scoring and recording/performing electronic music (modular synth oriented) as Dudadius. Played Synthplex and Moogfest festivals this year.

Composer/Arranger/Orchestrator - Louis Robert King

From Orchestras to Horn Sections, Janelle Monae to Kathy Lee Gifford....

Composer/orchestrator/arranger - Marc Baril

I've been creating music for 30+ years. video games and movies for 30 years.

Film Composer + Female Singer - Kirsten Evans

Additional string arrangements - I Am Greta Additional Synth Programming - Horizon Line Composer - Partridge in a Bear Tree Composer - See Me Live (BBC Short Film) Composer - Time and Again Composer and vocalist - Migratory Motor Complex Venice Biennale

Not Your Usual Music Producer - Farooq Azee

Music Producer from Sweden here! Although my relation with sound engineering and music production goes back to 1999, I started producing independently in 2015. I did not stop learning, and I did not stop practicing my ears. I've boosted my artistic instincts along with technology throughout my life.

Session Keys, Vintage w/ Soul - Valdini Music

Get Authentic Keyboard Tone. Hammond B3 Organ with Leslie. Rhodes Electric Piano. Wurlitzer Electric Piano. Clavinet. Acoustic Piano. Moog. The sound you will get will howl with soul, grit, energy, guts, and passion. Because the instruments are REAL. They are so heavy, I can't move them without help. So I love recording them in my home studio.

Music producer - Jeff Lloyd

I've composed and recorded music for a short film in 4 days.

Composer | Sound Designer  - Brian Holtz Music - Composer

I deliver highly original, professional music and sound design for film, games and online media.

Composer & Music Producer - Theo Nogueira

From composing Orchestral Epic Music to Mixing & Mastering Guitar/ Voice ballads. I am versatile.

Sound Design and Music - A.J. Stewart


Composer/Orchestrator/Producer - Voya


Voya is a Swiss full time film composer, orchestrator and music producer based in Basel, Switzerland. He composed film scores and songs for over 60 visual media projects. Some productions with his music received multiple awards for Best Film, Best Documentary and Audience Awards.

Composer/Arranger - Samuel Ostroff

I'm a Los Angeles-based composer of films, games, and trailers. Arranger of classical, jazz, and pop music.

Music Producer - Aleksej Vislavski

My most important accomplishment is when I got accepted at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, for the course named Music Production and Sound Engineering.

Composer and Orchestrator - Keith Stacey

I'm a composer for film and video games. I also do orchestrations and orchestral mock ups for productions. Check me out at

Composer, session vocalist - Benoît Mussche

composer, vocalist, artistic director of Transient & Eerie - site:

I compose and record music. - A Complete Spiral

I will make compelling and dynamic music to enhance your media project with top-end gear and quality compositions that complement your creations.

Composer Arranger Producer - Manuel Velazquez

I'm a well studied, prolific, curious and eclectic composer who also produces arranges and orchestrates. I've worked on numerous projects as well as having my own. I've worked writing music for films, animations, documentaries and theatre. I'm musically fluent in many genres but without loosing my own "sound".

Music Creation A la Carte+ - Cary Daniels

All things audio for your Film or Music Projects from Editing, Sound Design and Mixing to Music Producing.

Composer/Songwriter/Cinematic  - Otto Aspid

I'm an Actor/Musician, so I really understand how to create music to fit a determined project (Film, Theatre, Video Games, etc.)

Sound, Movie, Placement - Cambusa Wave

Servizi AUDIO principali del Cambusa Wave: studio di registrazione, mixaggio, mastering, produzioni, sonorizzazioni e molto altro! Le migliori attrezzature, analogiche e digitali, in un ambiente prestigioso e curato nei minimi dettagli. Privacy e riservatezza.

Film Composer, Producer, Foley - Lore Bangerz

Genre-bending music composer, producer, sound designer & songwriter with 10 years experience. I'm looking to work with artists who want to haven and step outside the box and filmmakers in the horror, sci-fi and fantasy genres. I'd love the opportunity to design sound for VR/video game projects.

Composer, Producer, Engineer - Krisztian Som Krisztian Shom is an award-winning Hungarian music composer and producer. He has composed music and produced sound for over 100 productions with more than 1000 compositions in the past 25 years, including films, TV-series, music bands, commercials...etc. He's working for the Hungarian RTL at daily basis.

Film/game/theatre composer - Osamu Kubota

Dressed in aesthetism that only classical music could offer, the core of this expert composer encompasses immense sources of intelligence. Often described as a 'magician of chord progression', Osamu weaves storytelling by rigid choice of keys and harmonies in jazz, classical and modern EDM forms.

Experimental Music Band  - Sublime Progresivo

Sublime Progresivo es un proyecto musical experimental nacido en el 2020, con la idea de reflejar todas las inquietudes que hemos adquirido de nuestras distintas influencias artísticas vividas a lo largo de nuestras vidas. No nos representa ningún género musical específico, sino que el mensaje artístico es el que sugiere el lenguaje creativo.

Film composer / Music Producer - Yann Marchadour

Working for artists, films and music labels

Composer, Songwriter, Producer - LVC Music

Tracks and music for visuals

Musician,  Producer, Composer - Dimitrios P. Astrantinis

After a Bachelor in Professional Music Performance, a Master in Film Music and 15 years of experience in the music industry, I am here to help you complete your musical needs. I mainly focus on creating audio for media (TV, trailers, video games etc) but I also mix & master audio professionally.

Composer/Studio Percussions - Nikhil koparde

With over 14 years of working experience for Bollywood movies & musicals, I would be happy to work on your project.

Composer, Arranger, Pianist - Francis Coates


Composer and pianist ready to collaborate with you to create something truly unique for your project. My works have been commissioned throughout the United States and Europe. I specialize in contemporary orchestral jazz and have access to some of the best musicians on the planet to make your music sound amazing.

Composer / Producer - Andrew Beaton

Freelance Composer and Producer working in film, advertising, festivals shows and song production.

Media Composer - emstepp18

I'm a film composer who has experience with nearly every type of ensemble. I also perform on both the piano and French horn.

Session Saz player - Abdallah Abozekry

I'm a professional Saz player based in Paris, France since 2015, worked with musicians such as Naseer Shamma, Fabrizio Cassol, Kamilya Joubran, Charbel Rouhana, Fathy Salama(Grammy winner). Also member of Trio Abozekrys, Zamakan, Arab oud house Orcherstra.

Film Composer, Post Mix - Fabio Carbotta

Fabio Carbotta is a film composer and an audio engineering based in Italy. He studied at the "Institute of Music - City of Rivoli" (Italy), composition and armony at the "Conservatorio Giuseppe Verdi ", sited in Turin. He composed music for indipendent italian cinema (short-films, documentaries) and for private customers (commercials, spots).

Audio for Videos, BrandMusic - NOT 'NAM Sounds

Music & Sound Design Production for Advertising, TV, VideoGames, Branding & Film

Multi-talented freelance work - Alec

Aspiring music school student trying to make a name for myself!

Music Producer/Composer - tommy-dowse

Orchestral-Hybrid composer looking for exiting new projects.

Sound Designer, Mastering - Sample Culture

For the Indie people, by the indie people. From the vintage sound of analog equipment to modern drone textures like Hans Zimmer. Hands-on and Transparent. Our scores have had audiences at festivals like BigSky, and the United Nations.

Composer for Media/Artist - Suzanne Choi

My work ranges from composing advertisements/films, accompanying on piano, providing piano/vocals for commercial music, to producing my own music or anyone's music

Music Composer - Benjamin Goldman Music

Benjamin Goldman is an experienced, award-winning composer who specializes in scoring music for film, television, advertising/commercials and other media.

Music Producer, Mastering Eng. - Anuj Gupta

Composer, Producer, Mix&Master - Eleventh Studios

Audio Engineer, Composer & Arranger for Film, TV and Advertisement

Composer for Advertising - Sonotone KO studio

In advertising industry for almost 10 years. As a former creative in advertising agency in Paris first, and a full time composer/sound designer now. I achieved many commercial's music and know how to highlight the IDEA.

Music composer - Ausilio

I am a music composer, I develop your idea of sound and atmosphere for your video.

We bring life to your videos - Carlon Productions

Hey! We specialize in all areas of audio, including music composing, mixing and mastering, sound design, and post production for commercials, films, TV, video games, and virtual reality.

Compose, Produce, Mix/Master - Carl J Sorenson

I'll help take your music to the next level! I've studied music production in Chicago and LA! I keep my prices affordable, as well.

Film Composer / Rock Artist - Edward Helsing

I'm a composer looking towards an interesting project. My music is expressive, vivid, romantic & dramatic. I'm working on film scores as well as gothic rock.

Film Composer, Producer - Bill Brown

Bill Brown is best known for scoring all nine seasons of the hit CBS series 'CSI: NY', epic scores for games such as 'Wolfenstein', 'Lineage II', 'Captain America: Super Soldier', Tom Clancy's 'Rainbow Six' and original scores for films including 'The Devils Tomb', 'Desiree', 'Southland' and more...

Music Producer - REVO

REVOlution is the best solution!

Musician/Producer - Jack Benfield

I am a Musician, Producer and Composer with over 8+ years experience, looking for new people to work with.

Film Composer / Music Producer - Nuno Malo

Want a distinctive sound that breathes real emotion into your film and sets it apart from others? Want a glossy high end production value in your music score to bring a powerful and emotive soundtrack? If the answer is yes keep reading below.

Music Composer and Producer - Geoffrey Carter

I have been involved with music for over 36 years, but I also have an advanced degree in engineering which I used in working on climate change. I am the scientific artist, ready to compose, produce, and mix masterpieces for your project. I've worked with artists, production music, and soundtracks. Whatever your needs, I have you covered!

Film & Game Composer, Pianist - Catherine Yang

Want to take your film, game, or creative brainchild to the next level? Pack a punch with zero dialogue? I'll write the perfect music for you. I've scored projects for brands like American Humane, MasterCard, and Soko Glam and countless films (short and feature). Achieving your musical goals is my top priority. Let's collab!

Composer, Mixer, Producer - Tristan Barton


Australia Based Composer, specialising in composition for film and commercial advertising.

Music Composer & Producer - Miquel Pardo

Hi, my name is Miquel Pardo, and I'm going to compose any kind of music for you !!! I want to be your music composer ! For me, the most important thing is to give you a very good music, with the best quality, and price.

Music Production! - Adam

I will gladly make music for your projects for the right price.

Music Producer / Score Compose - Frische Luft Musik

Werbe- und Filmmusik, Musikproduktion und Co-Writing. Frische Luft ist immer gut.

Music Producer, Guitar player - Charls

Mexican music producer, guitar and bass player with more than 25 years of experience.

Multi-Disciplinary Artist - Carly M V

Variety, Harmony, & Rationality is the essence of being seraphic. Artistically & tangibly excelling Virtually Anything Can be created

Engineer & Composer - A.J. Stewart

I'm an composer and producer

Vocalist • Composer • Producer - Liran Hasson

I'm giving you the whole package. Versatile lead singing + BG vox / voiceover in hebrew/english, recorded with high quality gear.

Composer,Producer,Soundtracker - Aurélien "AUREL" MARINI

I am a french Music Composer and audio producer, I'm used to creating soundtracks for movies, video games, shows and TV. I'm producing every kind of music for artists and projects since 2004 in my own studio.

Music Producer - Samuel Grundemann

Artist, Musician, Producer, Composer, Remixer

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