Top Film Composers for hire

These professional film composers have written soundtracks for top movies, tv shows, and productions

Composer, Mixer, Producer - Tristan Barton


Australia Based Composer, specialising in composition for film and commercial advertising.

Composer, Production, Mixing - Darren Brook

It's not that I like to create music: I have to have to make music; it's what I was put on the planet to do. It's what I'm here to do.

Media Composer - Evgeny Teilor

Professional composer and sound designer

Composer, Producer - Yusuke

Experienced composer for films, Tv-series and commercials from Japan.

Produce songs for media/games - Media composer

I do musical solutions for my clients primarily for media. Video games, tv/series, music production for records. No problem I got you. I always work hard and do my best so the product always comes out as good as it possibly can and my clients can get the best out of themselves. I offer feedback on performance, collaboration if you wish so.

Songwriter, pianist, singer - Matilda Gratte

Singer, songwriter, pianist and Producer based in Stockholm, Sweden with a Diploma in Songwriting from Berklee College of Music in Boston.

Audio Engineer, Composer - Cam Shand

Degree educated production studio owner. State-of-the-art microphone collection & a wide range of knowledge and experience in audio production, mixing and mastering. Cam has had experience working in many recording studio environments before deciding to create his own production space in the beautiful Cotswolds.

Film Composer, Producer - Andranik Berberyan

In a career that spans 10 years, Andranik Berberyan has become one of Armenia's most accomplished and successful composers for film and for the concert stage. Berberyan composed the scores for many films such as Alter Ego, Lengthy Night, Dream of Kafka and Songs of Solomon. In 2022 Berberyan wins "Best Original Score" for "Songs of Solomon.

Music/sound design for media - Christopher Carter

High-quality music composition, production, sound design, and voiceover work, with a focus on the film and advertising industries. Run by a lifelong musician, multi-instrumentalist, and sound engineer with classical and contemporary training and international experience.

Composer for Advertising - Sonotone KO studio

In advertising industry for almost 10 years. As a former creative in advertising agency in Paris first, and a full time composer/sound designer now. I achieved many commercial's music and know how to highlight the IDEA.

Composer for Film and Media - Salil Bhayani

I am an international film and media composer looking to collaborate with film makers and media content producers. I have worked on various award winning films and TV series, and I am looking to work with passionate individuals.

Composer for Film & Theatre - Amit Weiner

I'm a fulltime Composer, Arranger, and Conductor with more than 15 years of experience. I compose for various music libraries, documentary films, independent productions, theatre plays, and well-known orchestras and instrumental ensembles. Music is my life and I’m in a constant search for an artistic challenge!

Composer & Studio Musician - Stewart Forgey

Professional guitarist, keyboardist, film composer & producer. I can compose, record, and/or produce music for your project, working with you in person or remotely from my studio. Films I've scored have been showcased across the world, from art exhibits in Japan to South by Southwest in Austin, TX. I've also recorded on & produced countless songs.

Composer/Orchestrator/Producer - Voya


Voya is a Swiss full time film composer, orchestrator and music producer based in Basel, Switzerland. He composed film scores and songs for over 60 visual media projects. Some productions with his music received multiple awards for Best Film, Best Documentary and Audience Awards.

Film Composer & Producer - Audioscores

I have worked on a number of award winning Films, Documentaries and Television series as a composer, sound recordist and dubbing mixer.

Film & VideoGame Composer/SFX - Jay Ordonez

EPIC that's what you want your project to be and that's why you're getting in contact with me!

Pianist/Percussionist/Composer - Nathaniel Stella

I can help record any piano, percussion, or compositions for you as I have experience as a professional percussion player with 8 years of time played. I have been playing piano for around 14 years and have written and performed just about every kind of music you can name and I am not finishing a degree in music production at Full Sail University.

Film scoring and arranging - Michael Wall Music

I compose film soundtracks for all types of media. If you need music for your film, ad, video game, etc., hire me!

Music Composer - Tamara Salukvadze

The best Soundtrack for For Your Movie

Composer, musician, producer. - Leigh Andressen

I am a composer, producer and musician. I can compose music in a neo-classical or post-modern style. I can also write, record, and produce ambient music. I would love to be involved in collaborative projects.

film scoring composer - Franco

I am a guitarist and music composer with more than 15 years of career. I have enough experience to work on music development for apps, games, videos, films and others. I am serious and punctual with my product. If you are interested in working with me, just write me at my e-mail

Full Service Music Production  - Tweek Muzik Entertainment

GRAMMY NOMINATED & Platinum Selling Production company - our clients can produce Pop, Hip-Hop, R&B songs and or just tracks. We have also done songs for films (Think Like A Man / TLC Bio-pic) and commercials (Nike, Peloton, NFL, NBA etc.).

Composer, Music Assistant - Wayne Yang

Creative Composer and Music Assistant with a passion for multimedia projects and the emphasis of collaboration and teamwork.

Composer and Sound Designer - Aleksander Kaczmarek

Creative composer and sound designer ready to make your project stand out!

Audio Post for Film - Michael Flannery

One stop shop for Foley, Sound Design, Dialog Edit, and Re-Record Mix for Distribution

Media Composer Film TV Games - Matthew Jones

I'm certain I can help you get that right sound with 10 years experience in composition, recording, mixing and mastering

Music Producer - Aleksej Vislavski

My most important accomplishment is when I got accepted at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, for the course named Music Production and Sound Engineering.

Composer/Producer/Engineer - M A A M

M A A M is a Los Angeles based composer, producer, engineer, and multi-instrumentalist from Tulsa, OK. His work often uses synth based drones, vocal loops, and minimalist piano motifs to fuse together post-rock, ambient, and r&b textures.

Composer / Producer for Media - Rob Peters

I'm Rob, a Dutch composer and music producer for all kinds of media. I've worked on feature films (Kill Switch, Just Friends), award winning short films (Green Screen Gringo, Het Internet), commercials and records including gold and platinum albums. My style is a hybrid of electronic and organic, ranging from loud and epic to intimate and small.

Film Composer, Post Mix - Fabio Carbotta

Fabio Carbotta is a film composer and an audio engineering based in Italy. He studied at the "Institute of Music - City of Rivoli" (Italy), composition and armony at the "Conservatorio Giuseppe Verdi ", sited in Turin. He composed music for indipendent italian cinema (short-films, documentaries) and for private customers (commercials, spots).

Film Composer / Music Producer - Nuno Malo

Want a distinctive sound that breathes real emotion into your film and sets it apart from others? Want a glossy high end production value in your music score to bring a powerful and emotive soundtrack? If the answer is yes keep reading below.

soundtrack composer/producer - everdrigues

Ten years of experience

Composer, Arranger, Guitarist - Vance Mazure

Musical Swiss Army knife. Writes/arranges for any instrument in any situation. Professional and creative guitar tracks for any genre.

Producer, Songwriter, Composer - CR3SC

Anything your music needs!

Film Composer - Timothy Mann

Tim is a music composer for film and television. His original scores mix immersive electronic and acoustic sounds to create a soundscape that is both inspirational and compelling.

Composer/Producer/Engineer - Jake Bass

A Detroit-based composer and producer, Jake was born into the trade, fashioning his sound by playing drums, piano, guitar and bass, all by ear, starting at eight years old. By 15, he founded his production and publishing company, Boca J Music, and he was already catching the eyes and ears of the Detroit music scene.

Music Production, film scoring - JJ Music Studio

Active composer for film, video games, mobile games, drama, documentary, youtube, advertisement etc.

Composing, Producing, Mixing - Saeed Gharani

Composing, Producing, Mixing.

Composer, Songwriter, Producer - LVC Music

Tracks and music for visuals

Music for Media of All Kinds! - A.J. Stewart


Remote Mixing & Sound Design - Ted White

Ted is a music producer, mixing engineer and sound designer whose credits span across the music, tv and the film industry. Ted's ability to compose music and mix across multiple genres has allowed him to work with some of the largest household names such as; Dua Lipa, Samsung, Nivea, Esteē Lauder, Stella McCartney among many others.

Music Producer, Mastering Eng. - Anuj Gupta

Producer, Mixing and Mastering - BeauDamian

Winner Buma Award for Best Original Composition in Trailer 2018.

Film Composer, Sound Recordist - Jacob Eliett

I’m a composer, conductor, and music producer. I create customized music & sound for games, films, and all multimedia platforms. I pretty much do anything sound and music-related. In addition, I am a sound designer, sound recordist, boom operator, production sound mixer, and post audio editor. Send me an email through the 'Contact' button above.

composer modular synth guru - Dudadius

I've been a scoring composer for branded content for...a long time. Music in the Super Bowl and numerous awards. Ran a 25-person tri-coastal shop for 16 years. Now focusing on long-form scoring and recording/performing electronic music (modular synth oriented) as Dudadius. Played Synthplex and Moogfest festivals this year.

Movie and Game Composer - Yusuf Karaoglu

Hey, Gustav here. I'm a composer and I have my own studio. Working on Ableton which gives me a chance to create soundtracks for games and movies. Much more interested in electronic, cinematic, orchestral, choral, musical and contemporary music etc.

Composer, Singer, Songwriter - Amy Gordon

Do you need a custom soundtrack for a project? Do you need a custom choral composition or arrangement? Do you need an original song with personalized lyrics? Do you need a remote session singer who can record Alto parts and blend with other singers for choral projects? Then please reach out! I would love to talk about your exciting project!

Film Composer/ Arranger - Marc Ridgeway

I am a film composer. and music arranger. I'm listed on IMDB, and have scored a number of different types of films, such as Westerns, Civil War-era, comedy, and dramatic films.

Musician,  Producer, Composer - Dimitrios P. Astrantinis

One stop shop for all things cinematic, dark & intricately electronic.

Film Composer, Original Scores - Nicholas Clark

If you're searching for dramatic scores with thematic elements vital to your story telling, I will deliver. In vein of James Horner, every arrangement I compose has meaning, purpose, and value to the aesthetics of your film. I own dozens of licensing rights to thousands of libraries. Hope this helps and please don't hesitate to negotiate with me!

Film Composer / Music Writer - Guillermo Martinez Music

I am an experienced Media Composer based in London, UK, with several music pieces placed on TV, Film, Video Games, Documentaries, etc, please let me know how can I help you with your current or future projects.

Composer For  Film and TV - Stephen Gallagher

Music Composition for film, television and media. Stephen wrote 'Blunt The Knives' for Peter Jackson's 'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey' and has composed music for every size of production; Hollywood blockbusters to indie documentaries. He has worked with Peter Jackson, Brian Eno, Ed Sheeran and Nick Cave.

Composer/Sound designer - Lucía Guerrero

Composer, sound designer, pianist, and singer looking for inspiring work.

Composer,Producer,Soundtracker - Aurélien "AUREL" MARINI

I am a french Music Composer and audio producer, I'm used to creating soundtracks for movies, video games, shows and TV. I'm producing every kind of music for artists and projects since 2004 in my own studio.

Producer, Composer, Mixing Eng - Collo Awata

Experimenting with sounds of different textures to get desired results.

Media Composer - emstepp18

I'm a film composer who has experience with nearly every type of ensemble. I also perform on both the piano and French horn.

Composer/Studio Percussions - Nikhil koparde

With over 14 years of working experience for Bollywood movies & musicals, I would be happy to work on your project.

Session Saz player - Abdallah Abozekry

I'm a professional Saz player based in Paris, France since 2015, worked with musicians such as Naseer Shamma, Fabrizio Cassol, Kamilya Joubran, Charbel Rouhana, Fathy Salama(Grammy winner). Also member of Trio Abozekrys, Zamakan, Arab oud house Orcherstra.

Music Composer & Producer - Miquel Pardo

Hi, my name is Miquel Pardo, and I'm going to compose any kind of music for you !!! I want to be your music composer ! For me, the most important thing is to give you a very good music, with the best quality, and price.

film composer, music producer - Resin

Music composer and producer available for hire

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