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Pianist / Producer / Composer - Biba Dupont

Hi! We are Biba Dupont, music producers, songwriters and piano players. We have 500k streams/month at Spotify (+10 Million past year) with our piano solo music (our music has been included on many Spotify's top editorial playlist as Peaceful Piano, Instrumental Study etc). If you need a piano layer, just drop us a line! Hope we could help you!

composer, orchestrator - Eric Klein

I am an internationally performed composer of orchestral and chamber music. My album The Myth of Tomorrow won Best Contemporary Classical Music Album at the Independent Music Awards in 2019.

Filmmaker - Benjamin O.

I will sully compose your film for free. I need experience.

Indian Flute,Mantra Chants - Bapu Padmanabha

National Film Award Winner for Best Music Composer Songs and Background Score for his Debut Feature Film which is presented by the President of India.

Music and Sound for Games - In Game Sound

Music producer/Beat Maker - Monsta Hitz Productions

I would love to be the one to contribute to your next big hit song!

Composer, Producer & Arranger - Rodrigo Caro Langwagen

I'm a composer and producer specialized in music for film, tv & games with 8 years of experience. I've written the music for the argentinian versions of MasterChef and Kitchen Nightmares. Love to work pop artists or rock bands writing orchestral arrangements or producing synth based tracks.

Music Producer - Sound of Magic

* For a limited time I am offering free full music production. I am originally from New York and want to create contacts and network with artists in Las Vegas as a build my new studio. I specialize in radio quality music (Pop, Hip Hop, Indi), I have been producing music for the past 10 years. Get your song produced for free! LIMITED.

Keyboards, Guitars, Production - Adam Wakeman

17 years and counting playing keyboards for the Prince of Darkness, Ozzy Osbourne and all live shows on keys and additional guitar with Black Sabbath since 2003. Also played keys with Travis, Annie Lennox, Will Young, Take That, Slash and many others. Recorded 8 albums and many tours with father Rick Wakeman.

Podcast Audio Engineer - Ryan Freeman

Webby-Award winner for Best Sound Design & Original Music in a Podcast. I'll give your voice that Professional Podcast sound you've been looking for. I'm offering to create you a custom preset made specifically to your voice in your program of choice - using only the programs stock plugins! You can now have an award-winning sound.

Producer, composer, arranger - Sync Daddy

I'm the CCO @ Sync Daddy - see credits below - if your project is good I will make sure it gets in the catalog for licensed placements - I produce, compose, arrange and pitch - all styles

Topline Latin Voice, Producer - Pepe Vales

🎤 Tenor Singer register & English, Spanish and Portuguese friendly

Experimental Violinist - Alina Maldonado

I am a awarded session violinist and composer. I make music for films, theater, and dance projects. I like thinking outside the box when making music.

Music producer and Songwriter - Biju Sharman

I am a Multi instrumentalist (Piano, Guitar,Violin,Flute and Harmonica) Music producer and Singer songwriter.

Music Producer - X-147 Productions

I am the producer that works one on one with the artist, the one who is blunt and honest about the sounds and mix. Together we can sculpt any sound my clients desire. Together we can push the boundaries of audio production.

Pianist & composer - Hugo Selles

Always open to create new things.

Leather jacket selling store - Jacketsinn

Customized leather jackets for Men and Women.

Mastering Engineer & Producer - Nikoda

Producer, DJ and Mastering Engineer from the United Kingdom

Composer/Songwriter - Ander Yarza

Melodic and armonic talented

music designer and beatmaker - Ra vega

I see sounds since i was little, i like composing new challenges every day, for me the world was made with music.

Cool bass 2 cool tracks !  - Grigory Voskoboynik

My focus - classical and modern jazz, funky, neo-soul with vocoder optionally, classical and baroque music. With great pleasure I will create and record the bass part or solo part of any difficulty. Old and new doublebasses ,4 and 5 str.( gut and steel strings), Fodera NYC, Marcus Miller by Sire, Ken Smith Burner 4,5,6 str.,Ukulele and Stick bass

Top Shelf Electric+Double Bass - Tromsness

Ahead of the beat? Behind the beat? On the beat? Simple and groovy? Melodic and technical?... I will give the song exactly what it needs. From Miles Davis to Iron Maiden and everything in between... except slap... I don't slap...

Producer/Composer - Jon Licht

I am a producer and composer who has had music featured in numerous TV shows and feature films. Most notably I wrote and produced music for 8 seasons of Showtime's Dexter. I have also produced several full length albums, EPs and songs for a variety of artists.

Composer & Music Producer - SCORE SQUAD

We have created music for the biggest brands in different industries such as Nike, Mercedes, Ubisoft, JBL, Samsung, Hugo Boss and supported them during the process in terms of audio branding, sound design, mixing and mastering.

Producer, Composer, Performer - Ankit Suri

Producer, composer, multi-instrumentalist and session musician. Available to produce, arrange or play on any of your tracks. You can find more of my work at Composed and produced for feature films to independent artists.

Beat Maker / Producer - J. Juva

I'm a sound recordist, beat-maker and producer. Pitch me a style and I'll compose you a beat.

composer/multi-instrumentalist - Graham Palmer

I play bass in the ska/punk/reggae/jazz band Mad Caddies. We've been touring the world for 25 years and it's still a blast. While at home I do session bass, keyboards, vocals, and production out of my studio in the Santa Barbara area. I have composed for both Mad Caddies and a wide range of pop/rock artists and independent films.

Songwriter / Content Creator - Sérgio Custódio

27 years old artist producer Services: Beatmaking/Songwriting/Soundtracks(movies/ads/ambient) Mixing Piano and Keys, Guitar, Rap Lyrics and Ghostwriting in Portugueses, English,Spainish,Italian *Artwork / Graphic Design / Visuals(image fx, video fx) Video Editor

Session musician & Composer - Ash Withey

Experienced session keyboard/piano, electric bassist, male vocalist and composer for over 15 years.

Sound Designer, Mix Engineer - Joe Todoa

I write music for movies and video games, I also edit, mix and master tracks. I've tried beatmaking a number of times, but 100% of the time I do chill-hop instead of trap :D I have experience in recording music for mobile apps and commercials.

Session Guitarist, Multi-instr - Davide Sanna

I play acoustic and electric guitars, and several other string instruments. I compose music and write songs and produced several albums. I can add different flavours to your recordings or just play straight rock, blues or folk guitar.

Mixer / Producer / Composer - Daniel de Noil

I am full time audio engineer and music composer from Germany with over 10 years experience in the music industry. I studied at the "SAE Institute" and "Deutsche Pop Akademie" in Cologne.

Producer, songwriter, composer - Dean Korso

I'm a songwriter, producer, and composer with over 15 years of experience, ready to help you with every step of the production process - from pre-production to mixing and mastering. I worked side by side with some of the greatest names in recording business, such as: Jimmy Douglass, Tim Palmer, Mark Needham, AU5, Chris Gehringer, Jay Messina, KSHMR

Producer/Composer/Engineer - Nico

Your project is my project. Your dream is my inspiration. Your success is my success. I serve on the board of governors of the Grammys in DC. I am an award-winning score composer. (HBO/Discovery/TLC/ The Travel Channel) But it really doesn't mean anything if you don't like what I do. So listen first and then let's talk about your project.

Engineer & Music Composer - Sam Smith

Penn State graduate with a Bachelor's degree in Communications and a minor in Music Technologies

Music Production - Orbit Production

Orbit Production is a Music, Sound Design and post production studio. We specialize in Music and sound for TV, Film and Video in general. We speak fluent French, German and English.

Music Producer, Sound Engineer - Vishwesh Vaidya

A music maker with 'Sound' knowledge of how audio works!

Unique Music Composer - Timothy Ackermann

A creative and enthusiastic composer with a unique compositional style, I am eager to get involved in projects that give me the opportunity to do what I do best: to create original musical compositions in a variety of different genres. I am a driven and committed individual, that is able to work under pressure.

Music Producer - Logan Ortiz

I like to make beautiful beats with nice chord progressions and have influence from a lot of different genres.

Session Violinist, Strings - Inspirational Violin

I can create and record great violin melodies to make your song stand out and deliver within two days or less. I can also arrange and record string sections to add depth and character to your project. I can also sing ethereal melodies and harmonies to add a choir effect.

Bespoke Composer & Producer - Dom Howard Music

Award-winning Bespoke Composition & Production with London studio.

Composer - Samir Elías Aldana Sayím

1. Songwriter Music and Lyrics for Tumbacatre Orchestra, La Piscina Cósmica Orchestra, La Negra Grande de Colombia, Symphonic Orchestra of Cundinamarca University, Big-Band 2. Three Composition awards for performing arts from the Ministry of Culture of Colombia 3. Composition Award at the Joropo International Tournament 4. Music for documentaries.

Sound Design, Surround Mixing - SILVERWOLF Studios

We are a company dedicated to providing Post-Production and Sound Design services for Audio and sound design for cinema, TV, Web, Video Games and more. We have a team highly trained in Feature Films, Short Films, Commercials, Series.

Audio & Sound Music Production - Einklang Studio

30 years of experience in music business

Bassist, Arranger, Composer - Charlie_R_ Hartley bass

Taking care of the low end of your music!

Writer, Producer, Guitarist - Marcel Vonesch

Writer, Producer, Guitarist Music for Film, Video, Games, VR Projekte

Music Producer   - Leo Salom

I'll bring your vision to life.

Multiplatinum Music Producer - Lou Produ

Musical Genius

Modern music production - Jean-Stéphane Garbe @ 254sound

254sound is the expert solution to all your sound and musical needs. We keep creativity alive through collaborations within the film, fashion and music industries.

Sound Design and Composition - Brian Perez

I will make creative audio for your project. Find everything I have done here:

Producer, Arranger, Violinist - Alastair Caplin

Critically acclaimed Producer, Mixing and Mastering Engineer, Arranger and Orchestrator and Session Musician Violinist with a huge amount of credits. Based in own London studio with top-spec Pro Tools rig. Successful live musician for 15 years playing worldwide with an open and experienced mind in studio application.

Composer, Music Producer - J.D. Curry

Specialization in dark atmospheric tracks compared to more traditional scores.

Composer, Songwriter, Singer - Funny Face

22 years old Media composer - with a Lo-Fi, electronic and vocal production style. Lo-Fi Bohemian Folk Singer Songwriter.

Music Producer & Sound Design - Abhik Chatterjee

I have been working for TV & corporate jingles, for a long while; over a decade now. I have an awesome team, including lyricists, genuine English vocalists, sound engineers and recording studios. I feel confidant about this if it suits you. Please feel free to ask me anything regarding this project.

Producer - Engineer - Composer - Kiah Gossner

Engineer/Producer - Studios 301 - Australias largest recording facility (SYD) - Mixmasters Studio - Awarded 'Best Studio' at the SA Music Awards. Bachelor of Music - Session Bass player. Composer for Film, Theatre.

Producer, Mixer, Songwriter - Danny Lapidus


Hi I'm Danny. I'm a Producer & Mixer based in Brooklyn, New York. I want to help you make your music shine! I have delivered top quality mixes and remote production to satisfied clients all over the world. Together, we can take your music to the next level. Let’s make something amazing!!

Keys, Composing, Orchestrating - Ruben Wijga Music Production


Composer, arranger, multi-instrumentalist, (digital) orchestrator, producer.

Producer | Remixer | Composer - Matteo Campanelli

I am a producer who loves to range between various genres, from Techno to Pop music. I'm also a remixer. If you want a soundtrack i'm ready to create one for you.

Music Producer, Remote Mixing  - Marco Occhio

I'm a producer, sound designer and mixing engineer in Cremona, Italy.

Music Producer - Emanuel Fitz

“Where words leave off, music begins.” – Heinrich Heine

Composer + Music Producer - Charles Barton Music

I will craft a work of art true to your style and expectations that allows my experience and artistic flare to shine. I can, but am not limited to, record each instrument live, maintaining an organic and vibrant integrity to my work. I can work in a wide range of styles including electronic, hip hop, jazz, and cinematic.

Session Piano & Keyboards - Diego Zapatero



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