Top Film Composers for hire

These professional film composers have written soundtracks for top movies, tv shows, and productions

Composer for Film, TV & Media - Matt Stewart-Evans

Established contemporary classical composer with over 30 million streams worldwide. Releases on 1631 Recordings, Universal, 7k! and Bigo & Twigetti.

Songwriter/Producer - Aaron Ableman

Acclaimed singer-songwriter/producer/rapper/multi-instrumentalist who has written or produced award-winning ads, impact campaigns, albums, musicals, videos and cartoons + collaborated with Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Xiutezcatl, Maejor Music and many more!

Sound Designer, Music Composer - Titan Audio Group

Experts in maximizing the emotional connection with sound and music. Mixing and Mastering, Sound design and music composing. We create audio experiences for Video Games, Film, TV, Radio and Animations

Track Doctor  - Michael Zimmerman

Need an orchestral background, accompaniment or flourish? I will make your tracks sound like they were recorded by the LA Philharmonic at Carnegie Hall.

Songwriter and composer - Mariana Yomal

I'm a multiinstrumentist and a very versatile musician that can compose the music your project needs. I've made several audiologos and music for advertising and short films.

Orchestral Arrangement - TAISHUN

Active orchestral arranger in Hong Kong, including Traditional-Chinese instruments.

Composer and Orchestrator - Gregory Warren Blunt

You wont be disappointed. I work fast. I work high quality. Produced "How Amusing! A Quirky Arrangement for Brass Quintet." Orchestral and instrumental specialization.

Music Producer, Composer, DJ - Whyen

- Music Producer - (Film)Composer - Multiinstrumentalist - DJ - based in Berlin -

Producer and Songwrıter - Azel Bert

Songwriter/Composer/Producer +500 million stream Producer.

Singer, Songwriter, Composer.. - ✪ MILITIA VOX

★ I have worked w/ Rob Halford (Judas Priest), Twisted Sister, Cyndi Lauper, Living Colour, John Petrucci, Candlebox, L7, Nancy Sinatra, members of Guns N Roses, Bad Wolves, Type O + more. My voice is a Swiss army knife- I CAN CUT ANYTHING but I love rock, hard rock, metal, prog, goth/industrial, psychedelic, dark + spooky vibes the most.★

Colorful Electronic Music  - Granito

I make coloured dancing waves within the Techno and House realms but sometimes I hop into another electronic waveforms (industrial downtempo, dreamwave, instrumental hip-hop, IDM). My music has travelled from Mexico to New Zealand (without me unfortunately). I love to keep creative and growing.

Session Guitarist, EDM Mixing - Bradley Hutchings

Bradley Hutchings is a session guitarist and composer based in Neukölln (Berlin). He has worked with bands such as Malena Zavala and Francess Lion. Under his alias, Guava, Bradley released records on R&S and Rhythm Section. Amongst writing music for ad campaigns for Virgin Media and Huawei, he has also composed for Netflix spy-drama The Same Sky

Music Producer - Given The Humble G

I'm a Music Producer specializing in Hip Hop, Trap, R&B and Background Music or Jingles. I’m also a mixing and mastering engineer. I deliver forward thinking, creative production to my artists. I work closely with my clients to meet their every need and realize their vision for their project.

Sound design & original music - Sound Object

Sound design & original music for TV and radio commercials, cine movies, video games, art installations, theater shows, dance performances. Audio branding.

Music composer - Dragonfly Audio

Original musical composition and audio design for game, film, television and other media.

Composer / Dancer - Miljan Mitov

Makes video edit in theater show.

Hobby music composer - Luis Humanoide

Storytelling with music

electronic deep moods music - Jens Buchert

more than 35 album releases, over 500 compilations, since more than 25 years in the music business, a music veteran of Chillout, Downbeat, Ambient, Electronica and Trip Hop

Remote Recording and Mixing - Sarah Bernstein Music

Creative and proficient keys, composition, audio, and groove.

Producer / Songwriter - Bino

Newly started producer with fresh and new ideas

Film and Game Composer - Timothy Cox

Orchestral scores for Film/TV and games

Producer/Composer/Songwriter - Elias Edlund

Somewhere in the middle of an award-winning songwriter, self-produced folk artist, studio owner, up-and-coming film composer. Let’s talk!

Music producer, composer - Filip Cristinoiu

I have been producing music, sound design, foley, audio restoration, mixing and mastering for more than 10 years – basically everything that involves audio production and post for any project that needs audio support.

Music Producer  - Fab Martini

I am Fab Martini, multi-genre music producer and sound designer, founder of Rocket Audio and Sephiroth Beats. I compose music for moving images and produce beats for artists. I can play and record piano and synthesizers.

Music Producer  - Youssef Abbas

Music is not what I make, It's who I am.

Saxophonist, Composer  - Italo Crudele

Classically trained saxophonist, with particular inclination for the soprano sax, over the years he has expanded his field of study to jazz language and consequently to improvisation He has been part of numerous ensembles in both the classical and modern fields, and has performed in concerts in various musical contexts, in Italy and abroad

create sound enviroments - Rafael Bresciani

Through the use of a mix of technics, from computer music, classical composition, live instrumentation, field recording and also some auto-generative data, I work on creating sound environments that not only (sometimes literally) talks with us but also connects with our inner selves and provoke our senses to respond in creative manners.

Keyboard Orchestrater - Dayton Barry

Mentored by an audio engineer who works mainly with Atlantic Records, I can add a vast range of realistic instruments to your song. I have access to thousands of libraries used by top producers in the music as well as movie industry. My works have brought me all around the world, and I've been nominated for a Juno award.

Composer, Vocal,Orchestrator - Cheryl

I am a composer and pianist basically in New York City, US. I write music for films and animation, documentary. Text me if you need a singer, songwriter, or music producer.

Make Movie Scores or Beats - Ryan Preisendorf

A young and unique composer that can create pieces ranging from orchestral music to pop ballad beats.

Monkey with many skills - Fimreite

Composer of orchestral music al pieces, producer of jazz, editor of podcast.

I play Sax, I create, I enjoy. - Sacha Bro

World saxophonist. All genres, including and mixing Jazz and that old blue thing called Tango. If it don´t bring out the emotion of your song, it doesn´t work. Let me help you create something beautiful.

Music Producer + Composer - D_S_C

Hello. I am a Music Producer, Composer and Sound Designer. I work from my own home studio based in N.Ireland, but I frequently travel throughout the U.K. I am currently taking commissions for Producing, composing film scores, Sound Design and Mixing and Mastering services. Feel free to say hello if you are needing any of the above. D

Music Director/Singer/Producer - Manna

I am a professional and dedicated Music director, Singer, Songwriter, and Music Producer. 6 years experience in Singing, Music Directing, Music Producing, Mastering, Film Scoring and Song Writing. As a versatile singer and producer, I believe I can make your song sound the way you have been picturing it.

Sound Designer and Composer - Matt Part Sound

I work by the motto - 'people understand what they see, but they feel what they hear.'

Producer/Composer - Tim Gunter

Producer/Composer with experience working in pop, EDM, and hip-hop as well as composing for Film/TV

Production and mixing - Hudson Mercury Studios

Music production and mixing in all genres. Film and game scoring. No egos, no bullsh*t. Whatever your project needs, we can make, from a pop track to an orchestra. Opened for Christian Aguilera, Santana, Oasis, and many more.

composer-piano-songwriting - Nate Shaffer

With years of improvisation, composition, performance in different corners of the industry, Nate's music is both heartfelt and erudite. From jazz-fusion to musical theatre, Bach to Indie, he has wowed audiences around the globe. As a pianist, multi-instrumentalist, he can bring you the ideal product to help you create the song of your dreams.

Composer - Amy Summers

British composer based in London. Experiences in a wide range of creative settings, including sound design, choral music, dance and film.

Composer, and Orchestrator - Leonardo Zorzi

Composer, Professional Orchestrator, and multi-instrumentalist based in Stoke-On-Trent, United Kingdom. Leonardo has experience with real orchestras, and collaborated with musicians from more than 25 countries.

mixing, music production - Epic Beard Records

Hi everyone, my name's Nickita, I am currently based in St. Petersburg, Russia, I work here as a recording, mixing and mastering engineer, and I also provide the services of remote mixing and mastering, arrangement and original music composition.

Remote Mixing, Composer - Audio Sugar

AUDIO SUGAR is a professional, online mixing studio located in West Sussex, featuring the best digital tools. Music is our passion and we focus on making a professional sound in an intimate setting. The studio is owned and run by Russell Scott-Johnson; a film and media composer and pro muso.

Orchestral Composer  - Ben Gibbs


Orchestral score for audio & visual media. I produce everything in my own studio. Place your order and I will deliver.

Producer / Engineer - Joshua "jah jah" Tesfamariam

Music producer, Film / Tv / Game Composer, Mixing Engineer, Mastering Engineer.

Songwriting, producing, mixing - Christopher Galovan


Swedish/American songwriter, composer, multi-instrumentalist, producer and mixing engineer.

Producer / Mixer / Mastering - Francesco Fabris

Sound artist, composer and musician working on projects involving sound design, modular synths performances, production, recording, mixing and mastering.

Music producer, Score composer - Agent 47

I have releases on major streaming platforms like Spotify, Beatport etc. through various labels and compilations I've been featured in. I have also worked with artists from labels such as Abora and Only Trance Records. One stop solution for your production needs

Session Flutist, Film Composer - Kä Neunhoffer

Experienced flutist with a history in studio orchestral session playing.

music producer - kayks studio

The magic touch. Creativity. At levels of excessive involvement in the work of creation new melodies, songs, arrangements, mixing and final mastering in certain specific projects, either because the group or artist offered creative freedom.

'Producer, Songwriter, Singer' - Chris Hierro

Hi, I'm Chris Hierro a songwriter, producer, singer and keyboardist based out of New York. I work in all genres (except polka I think).

Sound Designer - Composer - Francisco Rios

Sound Designer – Composer with an audible tendency towards sonic exploration. For me, hard work, experience and research shape an ideal equation that leads to a great performance.

Game Music Producer  - TEAM TABLEABLE

A Game Music & Soundtrack Producer with lots of experience.

Composer, Cellist, Bassist - Dan Overholt

I'm the son of a Luthier and a Composer from Wichita, KS. Need a composer who will craft a piece of music to fit your vision, then produce it for you using only instruments handcrafted by himself and his father in their home workshop? I'm your man.

Pianist / Composer - Björn Gottschall

I can write dreamy, melancholic, classical like solo piano pieces for your films or ads. I am a serious and reliable hard worker - but you can also have a lot of fun with me 😀

Composer (Classical Music) - Siobhan Cassidy Robinson

I am a well rounded composer and freelancer. Classically trained thirteen years on cello, I’m currently studying at a top music conservatory to be a film composer. My best genres are classical, instrumental, and pop.

Producer, Composer,  - Kallie Marie

If it makes noise I'll put a mic in front of it. If it needs music I will write some for it. If you need a producer and your songs need disciplining.. I am your answer.

Producer/Song writer - CBC

Beat maker. Producer (Gospel, RnB-Soul, Pop, Jazz, House)

Music Producer Session Drummer - ETO

Africa born American Music Producer, Composer, Sound Sculptor, Genius cover song creator. Proud and blessed to have worked several and landed several placements on MTV, MTV2, BET, AMC and many more. Looking for an original hit song for album or film? Right here - Best kept secret.

Session Guitarist,Producer - Ji R

Music...Music........Music All Day long Session Guitarist,Arranger,Composer,Producer,Mix-Mastering,

Music Producer - Jonathan Maiocco

Let's create something fun we can't stop listening to. :)

Music Producer  - Mamiboys

Hey there. I’m Krisheno, music producer from the music duo, Mamiboys. If you are a vocalist looking for a music producer for your next track, I’m happy to work together. Currently I’m producing beats for the music duo Mamiboys and had worked together with Kollywood producers such as Harris Jayaraj, Srikanth Deva and international short films.

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