Top Film Composers for hire

These professional film composers have written soundtracks for top movies, tv shows, and productions

Compose, Produce, Mix/Master - Carl J Sorenson

I'll help take your music to the next level! I've studied music production in Chicago and LA! I keep my prices affordable, as well.

Composer and Orchestrator - Keith Stacey

I'm a composer for film and video games. I also do orchestrations and orchestral mock ups for productions. Check me out at

 Ambient/Synth/Composition - CM Standing

Ambient/Synth/Composition .

Music Producer, Guitar player - Charls

Mexican music producer, guitar and bass player with more than 25 years of experience.

Music Producer - REVO

REVOlution is the best solution!

Film composition, sound design - Roee Bet - Composer

The sensitive combination of music, visual and emotion open for me the doors into the delicate world of media composition. Coming to serve a higher audience experience and to embrace the viewer with the film's emotional journey.

Composer, Producer, Engineer - Krisztian Som Krisztian Shom is an award-winning Hungarian music composer and producer. He has composed music and produced sound for over 100 productions with more than 1000 compositions in the past 25 years, including films, TV-series, music bands, commercials...etc. He's working for the Hungarian RTL at daily basis.

Film & VideoGame Composer/SFX - Jay Ordonez

EPIC that's what you want your project to be and that's why you're getting in contact with me!

soundtrack composer/producer - everdrigues

Ten years of experience

Film scoring, orchestration - Film composer

Experienced film composer. Staff composer for music libraries specialising in soundtrack tracks. Professional programmer/arranger for orchestral mock ups.

Composer and Producer - Emanuel Fitz

I make the music, mix or master you need for your song, podcast, brand, or game!

pianist, songwriter, singer - ineletner

Singer/ Songwriter / Pianist wanting to create music with others

Remote mixing/editing/scoring - LEGITIMATE SOUNDS

We have the resources to make sure your project sounds the best it can.

Music/sound design for media - Christopher Carter

High-quality music composition, production, sound design, and voiceover work, with a focus on the film and advertising industries. Run by a lifelong musician, multi-instrumentalist, and sound engineer with classical and contemporary training and international experience.

Composer/Studio Percussions - Nikhil koparde

With over 14 years of working experience for Bollywood movies & musicals, I would be happy to work on your project.

Film Composer, Original Scores - Nicholas Clark

If you're searching for dramatic scores with thematic elements vital to your story telling, I will deliver. In vein of James Horner, every arrangement I compose has meaning, purpose, and value to the aesthetics of your film. I own dozens of licensing rights to thousands of libraries. Hope this helps and please don't hesitate to negotiate with me!

Dark & Modern Film Scores   - m⌒g | Marc G

Your film is interesting, sharp, and stylish. You want music that compliments your film. I craft songs and soundscapes that build emotion and tension in new, interesting, and modern ways. My music is all about heightening your film's narrative by using techniques you've never heard of, on instruments you don't know about.

Composer for Film & TV - Gavin Manuel Music

Composer for Film & TV, Orchestrator, Arranger and Copyist. Composition credits include the award winning 'Out of Focus' by Mystic Lake Productions and 'Home' by Darius Norowzian in association with Goldstein Music. Orchestration credits include reconstructions for Tadlow Music and copyist services for numerous recording sessions across Europe.

Multi-Disciplinary Artist - Carly M V

Variety, Harmony, & Rationality is the essence of being seraphic. Artistically & tangibly excelling Virtually Anything Can be created

Music Producer,  - VSNX

Bachelor of Music Student at the Reid School of Music with experience producing film music.

Film Music Composer - Philip Eisenfeldt

Philip is known for his handcrafted, orchestral music productions for Film & TV.

Composing and Mixing for Film - Anthony Martin

My name is Anthony Martin, and I am a composer for film. It is my goal to help enhance the emotional impact of stories told through visual media. My largest point of inspiration has been the work of Hans Zimmer, and the power he can bring to the big screen.

Composition, Mix & Mastering - Tijany Bacci

I am Tijany Bacci, a score composer specialised in advertising campaigns. I live in Neuchâtel in the french speaking part of Switzerland. I've dedicated my life to music since 2006 with the constant need to experiment and bring my sound to the next level. Thanks to my fully equipped studio, I produce and mix music for commercials, movies and any w

Singer, Songwriter, Producer. - Koo

I am a Singer, Songwriter, Topline, Producer, Mix & Master Engineer. I have been actively working in the Music Industry for 10 years and have had multiple successful label releases. I can assist you with vocals, all written by myself, I have industry standard professional recording equipment, I also produce, sound design & can mix and master!

Film Composer, Producer, Mixer - Corbin Hayes

I am a media composer, producer and mix engineer based in Los Angeles, CA. My approach to scoring and producing is defined by my love for sound manipulation/experimentation with new genres and orchestral music. Clients include: Walt Disney Animation, Walt Disney Imagineering, Pixar Animation Studios, HBO, Univision.

Vocalist • Composer • Producer - Liran Hasson

I'm giving you the whole package. Versatile lead singing + BG vox / voiceover in hebrew/english, recorded with high quality gear.

Music Production, Sound Design - Gareth Worthy

Music For Picture | Sound Design | Audio Post Production Services

Composer, Mixer, Producer - Tristan Barton


Australia Based Composer, specialising in composition for film and commercial advertising.

Visual Media Composer - Frametone

Unique, passionate and professional sounding work for any kind of visual project.

Music for Media of All Kinds! - A.J. Stewart

Composer for visual media. From epic action cues to lush romantic themes.

composer modular synth guru - Dudadius

I've been a scoring composer for branded content for...a long time. Music in the Super Bowl and numerous awards. Ran a 25-person tri-coastal shop for 16 years. Now focusing on long-form scoring and recording/performing electronic music (modular synth oriented) as Dudadius. Played Synthplex and Moogfest festivals this year.

Mix, Produce, Compose, Record - Ice On Titan (Josh Benash)

Ice On Titan studio is operated by former Kiss Kiss frontman Josh Benash in NY's Hudson Valley. Josh has toured with The Pogues, Thursday, The Atari's, Murder By Death, The Dear Hunter, and many more. Here in the woods the lax atmosphere allows for creativity to truly flourish. Josh also scores music for film, television, and video games.

Songwriter - QueenOfTheInkPen

Hello to all who may read this! Although I have not yet made a familiar name for myself, I have become known as a recognizable talent in Los Angeles. I've written not only for myself, but for those who have come to me for collaboration purposes. My own personal EP is titled "Ninety5" and can be found by searching "Milaniaa Monroe" on iTunes.

Composer, Songwriter, Producer - LVC Music

Tracks and music for visuals

Composer for Film and Media - Salil Bhayani

I am an international film and media composer looking to collaborate with film makers and media content producers. I have worked on various award winning films and TV series, and I am looking to work with passionate individuals.

Composer, Producer Sounddesign - SchultiMusic

I love making music and sound for film and games and i am looking forward to create handcrafted new music for your future projects!

Composer/Producer/Engineer - M A A M

M A A M is a Los Angeles based composer, producer, engineer, and multi-instrumentalist from Tulsa, OK. His work often uses synth based drones, vocal loops, and minimalist piano motifs to fuse together post-rock, ambient, and r&b textures.

Composer/Producer/Engineer - Jake Bass

A Detroit-based composer and producer, Jake was born into the trade, fashioning his sound by playing drums, piano, guitar and bass, all by ear, starting at eight years old. By 15, he founded his production and publishing company, Boca J Music, and he was already catching the eyes and ears of the Detroit music scene.

Film composer - Yoshimitsu Takano

Film score by orchestral sounds. This is the BEST genre of me.

Music for Visual Arts - Sebastian Pecznik

Argentinian Berlin based composer Sebastian Pecznik is a Concert Guitarist and pluck instrument specialist Ronroco Charango Ukulele, you name it, you have it. As an orchestrator he has created the Mancini sound for Dark Comedies to the Hollywood Strings for many European Productions. Heart & Dedication + unique skills make up for a great recipe

Composer for Media/Artist - Suzanne Choi

My work ranges from composing advertisements/films, accompanying on piano, providing piano/vocals for commercial music, to producing my own music or anyone's music

Music Composer & Producer - Miquel Pardo

Hi, my name is Miquel Pardo, and I'm going to compose any kind of music for you !!! I want to be your music composer ! For me, the most important thing is to give you a very good music, with the best quality, and price.

Composer,Producer,Soundtracker - Aurélien "AUREL" MARINI

I am a french Music Composer and audio producer, I'm used to creating soundtracks for movies, video games, shows and TV. I'm producing every kind of music for artists and projects since 2004 in my own studio.

Music Producer and composer - jazzmaster

Composer for classical, film and popular music. Sound designer and mixing engineer. Podcast audio production specialist.

Music and Media Productions - Kavanah Productions

Kavanah Productions is your one-stop-shop for music and sound for Theatre, Circus, Dance, and Media.

Composer, Producer, Songwriter - Z.J.K.

Removing roadblocks and filling in gaps for artists to make their vision a reality and bring their music into the world - it's what I do.

Composer and Sound Designer - Aleksander Kaczmarek

Creative composer and sound designer ready to make your project stand out!

Film Composer / Producer  - Gavin Geddes

If you want a soundtrack that is more than those generic one-size-fits-all tracks you can get off a royalty free website, I'm your guy. From synth driven soundscapes to folk jingles to horror music, I've done it all. There's nothing more satisfying to me than watching the director when the music cues hit just right.

composer / producer  - Simon Lundsgaard

Dedicated and open-minded music creator with aesthetic flexibility and great ideas

Film Composer, Producer, Foley - Lore Bangerz

Genre-bending music composer, producer, sound designer & songwriter with 10 years experience. I'm looking to work with artists who want to haven and step outside the box and filmmakers in the horror, sci-fi and fantasy genres. I'd love the opportunity to design sound for VR/video game projects.

Songwriter, pianist, singer - Matilda Gratte

Singer, songwriter, pianist and Producer based in Stockholm, Sweden with a Diploma in Songwriting from Berklee College of Music in Boston.

Recording and Audio Production - Eddie Grupper

I'll help you add unique flair and arrangement to your music. Services include melody and chord creation, musical arrangement, recording, mixing and post production, as well as voice, piano, guitar and backup harmony performance.

Music Production, film scoring - JJ Music Studio

Active composer for film, video games, mobile games, drama, documentary, youtube, advertisement etc.

Music production studio - Rhodri Llewellyn John

Professional-grade music and audio for the film, television, music, and games industries.

Media Composer Film TV Games - Matthew Jones

I'm certain I can help you get that right sound with 10 years experience in composition, recording, mixing and mastering

Music Producer, Mastering Eng. - Anuj Gupta

Composer for Film, Score Prod. - Marcello De Francisci

I am a film composer, scoring-mastering engineer for the film and trailer industry and also work with World Music artists to develop albums and single tracks. I am very specific about getting the best possible sounding results and always expedite my work on time. It has to be an easy and flowing experience for everyone involved.

Composer - Noah Damus

I am a believer in that music will enhance any experience, from watching a movie, reading a book, playing a sport etc. and when composing, I love to dive into the details and themes of whatever I'm writing about and bring it out in the music.

Producer, Composer, Mixing Eng - Collo Awata

Experimenting with sounds of different textures to get desired results.

Music Composer - Niraj Shakya

- Music Composer can give ethnic Nepalese (Himalayan) folkish flavour as well as rock/ metal spice

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