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Composition & Recording - Mixed Machine

Drama belongs in the film, not the process. I'm here to compose the right soundtrack for your project. I'm direct, communicative, and responsive. Multiple styles, voice overs, name it, I'll get it done for you.

Musician, Composer - Radmir Kamalov

Musician, Composer, Teacher, Сonsultant

Music Producer  - Youssef Abbas

Music is not what I make, It's who I am.

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Producer/Composer/Studio - Harrison Perks

Top-rated Producer, Songwriter, and Composer. Owner of HP Music.

Music Producer & Composer - Marcos Arevalo

The highest quality and most accurate soundtrack or song you can get.

Composer and Orchestrator - Gregory Warren Blunt

You wont be disappointed. I work fast. I work high quality. Produced "How Amusing! A Quirky Arrangement for Brass Quintet." Orchestral and instrumental specialization.

Orchestrator Arranger Composer - Anthony Weeden

Highly experienced orchestrator/conductor for award-winning film scores by Jóhann Jóhannsson (Arrival, Sicario, The Theory of Everything - Golden Globe winning score - studio album Orphan), Michael Price/David Arnold (Sherlock, Dracula - BBC), Dustin O'Halloran/Volker Bertelmann (The Old Guard - Netlfix). Regularly conducts all major UK orchestras.

Producer, Composer,  - Kallie Marie

If it makes noise I'll put a mic in front of it. If it needs music I will write some for it. If you need a producer and your songs need disciplining.. I am your answer.

Music Producer/Audio Engineer - AsparTateSounds

Jialei Lee - 5 PIECES LOVE STORY: FX, Foley, and Complete surround mix. (2017) Merril Miller - Murals. Album production (2016) AsparTateRecords - IRIS, les chanson du printemps, Album production(2015)

Producer / Remixer - Audiemus

2 Times #1 Sales-Charts in Austria as Remixer-Duo (DJ Andy Garcia & Virtua Boy). Intros for some of the biggest Clubs in Austria. SAE-Vienna Audio Engineer Graduate 1998

Lyrics writer, music producer, - Sydiom

I produce epic music soundscapes for soundtracks. I achieved a certain fame as a music producer in South Africa with top DJs asking to be able to perform alongside me. (Now based in the UK). I have a great knack for prose and have written lyrics for songwriters and pros for advertising companies for over two decades.

Session Monkey/Producer - Olly Farrell

Composer-producer-songwriter and session musician. Solo project called "The Apes of Genius".

Music Composer - Remi

My most attractive features and also constant goals are to move and surprise the audience in order to keep them engaged and provide the best experience.

Lead Guitarist - Cliff Hozhuetter

melodic sad guitar lines or full compositions

Music producer, sound design - Superpose Studio

I'm music producer, sound designer. I make music for artists, brands and films

Composer and songwriter - Joe Wakeford

Joe Wakeford writes music for artists, film & TV and is from Surrey, UK. He graduated from the Academy of Contemporary Music in 1998. He works with lyricist Lars E. Carlsson.

Music Producer, Song-Writer - Parmi

Brazilian Flavour, Pop Music millions of plays on youtube and Spotify.

Track Doctor  - Michael Zimmerman

Need an orchestral background, accompaniment or flourish? I will make your tracks sound like they were recorded by the LA Philharmonic at Carnegie Hall.

Music Producer - Anglesin

Music Production, Sound Design and Film Scoring

Recording Engineer, Producer - Raven LaMargo

Need to Record a Session, or need Production Work with Professional Quality?

Composer, Producer, Pianist - Mozart Louis

Hi My Name is Mozart Louis (Yes, Mozart is my real name) and I am a Composer / Producer. I compose many different genres include Classical, Hip Hop, Cinematic, World Music, Game Audio and much much more. I've worked with several local artist and artists from France, Canada etc. Lets create something magical ✨

Producer/Writer/Classical Gtr - Pablo Sebastian

From charted songs, to Coke commercials, I write/produce artful music that gets placed without selling out. Whether you need help finding your sound, message, or writing a song that is profitable without selling out, I'm here to help. I am also a classical guitarist when I'm not making pop, if you need some nylon string on your track lmk.

Music Producer - Jonathan Maiocco

I create high-quality music quickly and efficiently.

Composer + Pianist - Pedro Bernardez

Hi there, visitor; I’m Pedro, an LA-based, Berklee-trained composer specializing in comedic music in a Ragtime, Jazz and Light Classical vein. My projects of choice are comedies, historical documentaries and stories with a positive message.

Producer, engineer, beat-maker - Alphonse_Music

I make basses deep, drums knock, guitar sheen, 808's boom. I make sounds sound better!

Guitarist/ProduceComposeMix - PJ9K

a Multi-instrumentalist composer who can add any kind of production to your stuff. I just finished composing the score to my first feature film “Bully”(2018). I’m primarily a rock guitarist but am also a songwriter, producer and mixing engineer.

Sound Engineer and Composer - Paolo Eusepi

I work as Sound Engineer for many bands both in studio and live, but i also work as Sound Designer and Composer for Films, Commercials and Videogames. All of my references, portfolio and cv can be found on

Sound Design, Audio Editing - Jasper van Dijk

Jasper is a sound designer, composer, and producer currently living in Los Angeles, CA. Always aiming to create unique and memorable experiences in the realm of film, video games, and interactive mediums while staying true to the message and creative narrative.

Film Score orchestration  - Jianguo Wan

I'm a composer,Orchestrator,songwriter,producer

Music producer - Mathieu Moaan Exis

industrial cinematic instrumental.

Audio for Videos, BrandMusic - NOT 'NAM Sounds

Music & Sound Design Production for Films, Advertising, TV, VideoGames & Branding

Arranger, Composer, Engraver - Cristiano Calaresu

Arranger, Film Composer, Orchestrator, Sibelius Master – Two words to sum up my work: precision and passion. I have been working as a music consultant, composer and engraver since 2007. The accuracy of my scores led me to become the go-to arranger, orchestrator and engraver for musicians in Italy and abroad.

Sound design & original music - Sound Object

Sound design & original music for TV and radio commercials, cine movies, video games, art installations, theater shows, dance performances. Audio branding.

Create Epic/Cinematic Music - CHROMOSOMES

Chromsomes is the production duo made up of Chase Kuker & Ryan D. Wood. Their latest achievements are in movie trailer placements that include Stranger Things 2 (Comic Con) trailer, War For the Planet of The Apes Tv Spot, Bright Trailer 1, Power Rangers Trailer with Halsey singing Walk The Line, and Rememory Trailer.

Violinist - Film/TV Composer - Emily Gelineau

Trained at Berklee College of Music, Emily is a professional session violinist and top-notch composer for your TV/Film/Documentary/Media project. Educated in all genres, I have performed/recorded on Violin with and for Justin Timberlake, Thomas Newman, Harry- Gregson Williams, Aoife O'Donovan, and many more.

Drummer~Composer~Sound Design - Callum Lee Gow

Trained and experienced musician and engineer, I am ready to help your project. Offering services of session percussion work, and Media Composition and Sound Design.

Sound Designer - Soundform Studio

Highly skilled in all aspects of sound design & audio engineering. I am willing to work at a very low price to develop my portfolio. I Will work with you to get the result you require from initial concept to final finished project.

Composer for Film, TV & Media - Matt Stewart-Evans

Established contemporary classical composer with over 30 million streams worldwide. Releases on 1631 Recordings, Universal, 7k! and Bigo & Twigetti.

Music Producer  - Mamiboys

Hey there. I’m Krisheno, music producer from the music duo, Mamiboys. If you are a vocalist looking for a music producer for your next track, I’m happy to work together. Currently I’m producing beats for the music duo Mamiboys and had worked together with Kollywood producers such as Harris Jayaraj, Srikanth Deva and international short films.

Composer/Mixing engineer - Tyler L

Hey guys, I’m a Berlin based music producer, composer and sound designer. For the last 10 years I'm creating music for my own musical projects and also for my clients mostly from fashion, advertising and film industries. Feel free to contact me if you need a score for your project or if you want your own tracks to be mixed by me.

Composer/Producer - MuzikEmo

Soundtrack composer, songwriting, production, recording, mastering

Music composer - Dragonfly Audio

Original musical composition and audio design for game, film, television and other media.

Composer, Songwriter, Producer - LarsDeutsch

360 music service (Co-) writing, artist development and production with a built in licensing outlet for your songs. Custom scores / audio post for your film project Music licensing

Music Prod. Mixing & Mastering - Ocean Village Music

Creating music for today's modern media platforms!

Music Composers - Remy Barjolin

In 2018, he collaborated with a screenwriter for the project NOLANE, a detective series, to create the whole soundtrack.

Production and mixing - Hudson Mercury Studios

Music production and mixing in all genres. Film and game scoring. No egos, no bullsh*t. Whatever your project needs, we can make, from a pop track to an orchestra. Opened for Christian Aguilera, Santana, Oasis, and many more.

Music Producer & Engineer - The Hidden Mountain

Milan-based production & engineering studio specialized in sound design and electronic music. Active for over 10 years. Credits & collaborations include Vaal, Octavian & Future, DJ Tennis, These New Puritans, Ludovico Einaudi, Maenad Veyl, Years of Denial, Avatism & more.

Producer, Remote Mixing & Mast - Pilha / Dj Urso Pardrado

An Producer/Beatmaker/Sound Designer & Engeneer/Photographer/Digital Designer with 6 years of experience of working alone and collaborating. With one album on the streets, various collaborative projects already made and getting prepared for release.

Remote Recording and Mixing - Sarah Bernstein Music

Creative and proficient keys, composition, audio, and groove.

Music producer and composer - StMikey

After a harsh life of violence and tragedy, there has been a build up of unexpressed emotions. Taking them to the screen as an actor and to music as a composer was an ideal solution. I hope you guys enjoy my work, it's all that matters to me.

Music Producer |  Storyteller - Matthew Wood

Hi I'm Matt and i'm a music producer, composer, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter. Over the years I have written music for film, advertising, video & artists. My biggest accomplishment is producing the charting debut album for alternative act MyLyricalMind. I love creating music that tells a story an has an emotional edge.

Composer / Dancer - Miljan Mitov

Makes video edit in theater show.

Ecommerce marketing - Ecom Galaxy

A galaxy of E-com businesses, under one community

Music Producer & Composer - Sebastien Vanhove

Music is essential to all of us, but having the most appropriate composition for your project is the key!

Electronic Composer - Yu Miyashita

Electronic Composer / Audio Engineer / Label Gardener

Commercial, Soundtracks, Piano - Dima Mykytyn

My name is Dmytro Mykytyn, I am a professional composer, pianist, and co-founder of SFS video production company. I compose a lot of various music, including commercial tracks, piano music, orchestral music, soundtracks, music for films, TV shows, and theater. Also, I am a professional pianist with more than 19 years of experience.

Game/Movie Music & SoundDesign - Melna

Welcome to my profile. I'm Melna, from France. I provide electronic music for games, videos or movies. Trained audio engineer, I can also do mixing and mastering.

Singer-songwriter, Musician - David Rockery

Singer-songwriter, composer, producer, musician, mixing and mastering engineer and owner of DROP Studio based in Czech Republic. Placement in the first position of the Czech Music Charts of several radio. Collaborate on projects for... Czech Hockey team "Kometa Brno", "Hockey Fans Tournament 2020" and others...

I Can Do Nearly Everything - Rawad A. Massih


20 yrs experience. composed,arranged,recorded and produced tens of songs with various styles, Metal/Rock, Ethnic/Oriental/Fusion, SynthWave/Electronica, Orchestrated Epic instrumentals, Guitar solos instrumentals. i have my own pro studio, i can record (nearly any instrument including "ethnic" ones), mix and master. i can be an all in one solution.

Music Producer - Anne Dorko

Music producer, songwriter, composer.

Sound Designer - Composer - Francisco Rios

Sound Designer – Composer with an audible tendency towards sonic exploration. For me, hard work, experience and research shape an ideal equation that leads to a great performance.

Composer,Producer - Marco

I work mainly in Techno, Electronic, Pop, Modern Classical, Soundtrack. Working as solo artist and as Techno side of Spalamp. I worked with artists in a wide range of styles such as Hannes Bieger (Techno Artist and Mixing engineer) Sebastian Plano (Grammy Award nomination, Cello player) Maurizio (Johann Johannsson & Dustin O’Halloran)

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