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sound designer graduated from the Trebas Institute in Montreal. I specialize in post-production, mixing, and sound effects but I also have a passion for music, I play guitar and piano, and my pleasure is to create ambience for video and logo intros. Mechanic and computer scientist by trade, I am comfortable solving complex problems.

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What can I do for you?
I can create a sound universe around all your projects.
intro, jingle, atmosphere, presentation, LOGO.
Diploma in sound design. I specialize in postproduction and am passionate about sound effects.

I need...
1: your video of: logo, video intro, presentation or any other video so you want to add a sound or effect.
2: what style or vibe you want to give your video. What sound direction do you want.
3: any other relevant instruction

I can create a sound universe for you around your animation, logo or internet intro.
sound design involves wrapping a video with an atmosphere using sound effects, musical composition and effect usage techniques. I can create any sound you want, integrate them into your video, and of course mix perfectly.

I offer you a complete audio file to mix with your original audio file (I do not clean your file, see other offer) containing a sound design imagined by me from your video
possibility of longer contract on request.

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Gear Highlights
  • i have a professional portable home studio with itech hardware and software
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