Steven Scott

Recording and Mixing Engineer

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Steven is a seasoned recording and audio engineer known for bringing positive vibes to every session. He has a strong focus on high quality audio and respect for the artist's vision. Steven also has the ability to work quickly, and is the go-to guy for many who desire a fast turnaround time.

As a Music Producer and Audio Engineer, Steven has been making records for more than a decade. Most recently, he has been a Multimedia Producer for the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus, traveling the country conducting music, film, and photography workshops for students, A-list celebrities, and corporate sponsors. Steven holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Technology. After 15+ years in the industry, Steven has worked with numerous artists, recording studios, music venues, and production houses, honing and expanding his skills in audio and multimedia production, and helping to bring people's dreams and visions to life.

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