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Southern Recording Club is a modern vintage high-end production and recording studio. Affordable rates, a truly vibey environment. Housed in a detached property, set within a semi-rural position in South London(UK) A totally inspiring environment along with all the necessary technical tools with a country side feel.

Southern recording Club control room features a classic end of ’70 American studio setup:
the MCI JH636 is the centre piece of the studio, partnered with it’s very own MCI JH24, 24 tracks 2” Tape Machine, definitely the best sounding machine of all times.
Custom and hand made orientated outboard gear including 50’ RCA Tube Preamps and an EMI Opto Compressor as well as DBX and a classic mic collection.
Digital conversion is handed over to the bullet proof Lynx Aurora, with a totally transparent
mastering grade AD/DA .
A comprehensive collection of vintage instruments include a 1967 M100 Hammond Organ and Leslie 147 Tube Amplifier, a brand new Double Bass, 1930 Bentley Baby Grand Piano, 1969 Super Bass Marshall Head which we mainly use for guitar, a Vox mini tube combo rated at 4W max! A 4×12 guitar speaker cabinet and available collection of Vintage Gibson and Fender guitars.

The studio has connected live rooms so they can be used for instrument tracking or live in studio performance.
We record straight onto ProTools or Tape or both.

Southern Recording Club is certainly a place of creation where we strive to offer the most friendly and warm welcome to bands and artists to make them comfortable and inspired to their music.

Would love to hear from you. Click the contact button above to get in touch.

Gear Highlights
  • Custom MCI JH636
  • MCI JH24 24track/2"
  • Quested H208 mains
  • Genelec 8030
  • Classic mic collection
  • vintage and custom outboard
  • Hammond M100+Leaslie 147(1967both)
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