mixer/producer/mastering  - Dave

Los Angeles


4x Grammy winner Dave Way has dozens of multi platinum credits and hits: MJ, Fiona Apple, Pink, Phoebe Bridgers, Weird Al, Ziggy Marley, Kesha, Paul McCartney, Foo Fighters, Jakob Dylan, Christina Aguilera, Prince, TLC, Spice Girls, Guy, and MANY more. “My broad experience and love of music helps me bring out what is unique in each project.”

Alt Rock || Pop || Indie ||  - Sean

Nashville/ Denver

Alt Rock || Pop || Indie ||

Skilled producer / songwriter / ghost-writer / audio engineer specializing in alt rock, pop, indie music genres with experience across country, dance, folk and rock genres.

Bass player - Jon

Los Angeles

Bass player

From the Who to Sheryl Crow, I've been fortunate enough to work with and learn from many legendary artists, musicians and producers in my years as a professional bassist in Los Angeles. Using what wisdom I've gained, I'd love to help make your music the best it can be.

Mix/Master/Keys/Vocals/Writing - Mike



Award winning singer, songwriter & keyboard player to the stars, with over 20 years of studio and live experience. Keyboardist for Miley Cyrus, The Chainsmokers and others. Topliner for many EDM acts. Extensive mixing and mastering experience. Will bring a big-budget, heartfelt, warm sound to your project, in any capacity you require!

The String Guy  - Joe


The String Guy

Record a string section for your project for the price of one musician!

Session Singer, Songwriter - Heather

Los Angeles

Session Singer, Songwriter

Sounds like Kelly Clarkson, P!nk and Dua Lipa. Known for American Idol & I Can See Your Voice FOX. Multi-genre Demo Vocalist & Background Singer and Songwriter. Hire me to record lead vocals /background harmonies and write topline/lyrics & melody. Alto 2-Sop 1. Would love to hear from you. Click the contact button above to get in touch.

Production, Mixing, Editing - Chris

Los Angeles

Production, Mixing, Editing

2 time Grammy nominated LA based Producer/Mixer. Major Label clients include Idina Menzel (Warner) and Pablo Alboran, Vanesa Martin (Warner Spain). I also have a lot of Indie label and no label clients. Let's make some music!

Mixing, Producing, Recording - Ross


Mixing, Producing, Recording

Grammy nominated, Mixer, Producer, Engineer, and Composer with over 20 years of professional experience.

Engineer, Produce & Mix - Joshua


Engineer, Produce & Mix

Joshua D. Niles is a Nashville, TN based record producer, engineer, and mixer who’s work, both major label and independent, has landed on Billboard, TV / Film, Radio, and topped iTunes and Spotify worldwide charts.

Producer, Bassist, Band Leader - Dominic


Producer, Bassist, Band Leader

Best know for his work as band leader for Jack White, Dominic works with the best of them while staying active in the indie scene.

Mixer / Producer - Kenneth


Mixer / Producer

Recording Engineer / Mixing Engineer / Producer for many years.

Mixing, Mastering, Production - Jeff


Mixing, Mastering, Production

Grammy Award winning Engineer Jeff Thomas has worked with such diverse bands as The Rolling Stones, Smashing Pumpkins, Metallica, Pennywise, Snoop Dogg, Dave Matthews Band, Rod Stewart, and many more. 6 Platinums and 1 Diamond Award. Let my experience to work for you!

Session drummer, producer, - Victor

Los Angeles

Session drummer, producer,

Played on many hit records. Send me your tracks.

Producer, Songwriter, Vocalist - Tony

Los Angeles

Producer, Songwriter, Vocalist

This is professional work from Grammy Award winning Producer, Singer Songwriter The Tony Rich Project. So quality is guaranteed.

Record producer/mixer - Lior


Record producer/mixer

A record producer and mixer out to change the way records are made and sound. Created Allen Stone's sound.

null - The


The Mastering Lab Hollywood is one of the first independent mastering facilities in the world. Now located in Ojai, CA, the Mastering Lab remains a revolutionary state-of-the-art company, having earned itself more Grammy nominations for engineering than any other mastering facility.

null - Matt

South Beach

After 25 years in the industry Matt has had the opportunity to work with some of the greats. Specializing in mixing and operating one of the most beautiful studios in the world.

null - Chris


Award-winning engineer Chris Fogel has left an indelible imprint on the recording industry with his contributions as a music producer, engineer, and mixer for film, television, and more. Recognized as an industry leader, Chris has been profiled in Mix, Billboard, Pro Sound News, Sound on Sound, EQ, and Surround Professional magazines.

null - Doug


I'm a producer/engineer/mixer and multi-instrumentalist. I'm based out of my studio in Pasadena Ca. I'm also available for online sessions. I play guitar, bass, mandolin and keys. I also write and arrange. I have recorded, produced and played with - Slash, Stone Temple Pilots, Scott Weiland, Sheryl Crow and many others.

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