Contemporary Producer & Mixer - Manny




Contemporary Producer & Mixer

You demand nothing but the best from your music. Trust an engineer that demands the same amount of excellence from himself.

Mixing Engineer Music Producer - Anthony



Los Angeles

Mixing Engineer Music Producer

A 20 year music business acumen, four-time Grammy Award winning Mix Engineer/ Producer Anthony Kilhoffer has worked for visionary artist such as. Kanye West, Travis Scott, John Legend, Kid Cudi, Michael Jackson, Jay Z, Vince Staples, Zayn Malik, Madonna, Skepta, DJ Khaled, Pusha T, Meek Mill, Rels B, John Butler, Sheck Wes, Lil Peep, Audrey Mika

Mixing & Mastering - David



New York

Mixing & Mastering

My goal in every mix or master is to make sure that the best qualities are brought out of the music and that the artist is ecstatic!

Producer & Mixing Engineer - Kris



New York

Producer & Mixing Engineer

Everyday I get to work with producers and engineers that are outputting at the highest level of our industry. Now I'm here to do the same with you. I'm here to make great music, and so are you. Let's get to work!

Music Production - Ismael

Los Angeles

Music Production

Profesional Music Producer Artist and specialized in hip hop

I make people sound better!  - Official

Boca Raton

I make people sound better!

Producer | Song-Writer | Audio Engineer | Music Consultant

Mixer - Jeremie



Los Angeles


Mix engineer with experience working on major-label records in a wide variety of genres and a Canadian who isn't afraid of low end. Let's chat.

Mix/Produce For A-List Artists - GeeflowLLC

New York

Mix/Produce For A-List Artists

My goal is to make every song be the best that it can be. Music is my life and I take pride in my work. I have years of experience working with talented artist. Mixing, mastering and producing. I find my hands in just about all aspects of the music creation process.

VocProducer, Recording, Mixing - Matty

Los Angeles

VocProducer, Recording, Mixing

Matty J has a passion for creating original songs that help reflect and better understand the human condition, whether it be struggle or joy.

Mixing Engineer - Sauce



Los Angeles

Mixing Engineer

19X Platinum Grammy Nominated Take your career in music to the next level! A professional mix will push your sound over the edge. Your fans will be more engaged and that means more streams! Whenever my name is attached to something I treat it with the highest priority. LET'S GET TO WORK!

Remote Mixing & Mastering  - Xalent

New York

Remote Mixing & Mastering

Pro Audio Engineer Specializing in Hip Hop & R&B affordable prices, industry quality, & fast turn around time.The work i have been apart of doing has been on billboard charts and received RIAA certification so if you are in the NYC area and you want to book a session or for those that have a home setup and want an industry mix & master contact me

Music Producer & Songwriter - Posta


Music Producer & Songwriter

Probably have one of the most diverse production catalogs to date.

Mixing & Mastering - R_McLean_MiX

Los Angeles

Mixing & Mastering

Record Mix FeeL - My goal as a mixer is to nurture and embellish the emotional content of your music.

Mixing Engineer - Patrizio



Los Angeles

Mixing Engineer

Im a 1 of a kind recording and mixing engineer.. Im currently working as Chris Browns Mixing and Tracking engineer... check my instagram for credits !!

Mix Engineer - David

Los Angeles

Mix Engineer

Grammy Nominated / Multi-Platinum Award Winning Mixer.

Pro Songwriter Grammy & BBMAS - Stephen

Los Angeles

Pro Songwriter Grammy & BBMAS

Grammy Award , Billboard music award , America Music Awards , Video Music Award Winner. I’ve reached top 10 of Billboard Hot 100 multiple times.

Recording, Mixing, Production - Dakari



Los Angeles

Recording, Mixing, Production

Multi-Platinum Producer & Recording/Mix Engineer for G-Eazy. "When It's Dark Out," mixed entirely by Dakari, including 8x Platinum single "Me Myself & I" & "Drifting" (ft. Chris Brown & Tory Lanez); "The Beautiful & Damned," production/co-production on 15 of the 20 songs including "Him & I" (ft. Halsey), "Sober," and "The Plan.”

Rec/Mix/Mastering Engineer - Alexander




Rec/Mix/Mastering Engineer

Recording, Mixing, & Mastering Engineer based in the deserts of Phoenix, Arizona! After working as a head engineer at Serenity West & Sound Factory Studios in Los Angles, i've taken the talents I've learned working along side some of the the biggest names in the music industry and opened up the studio doors the rest of the world.

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