3D Visualist & Motion Designer

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Let's be real - packaging is everything. Let me wrap it up for you. Well it's not really 'everything', but hey, I'm a visual artist, I have to say that.

Good morning!
My name is Paul & I've been working as a visual artist in the music industry for the past 3 years.
The music industry has been shifted almost exclusively online & the importance of a digital image has never been greater. So let's create one for you!

I got a bachelor degree the old fashioned way in graphic design & went on to pick up 3D work after that.
After that I worked for a couple of agencies in different fields, but always got back to working with local artists.
So far i've mostly worked with Electronic/Techno acts, simply because that is the music i listen to most often. But I'd love to work for an artist in an absolutely different genre

If my work looks interesting to you & you're working on a project that might need some graphics, feel free to hit me up!

Would love to hear from you. Click the contact button above to get in touch.

Terms Of Service

I'll give you 1 Revision & take a max of 2 weeks for delivery. Several Edits for Social Media are included in the price. Express delivery can of course be negotiated (unless I'm on vacation).

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