Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with Gui Boratto

 - Dado Prisco Studios

Recording, mixing and Mastering Studio.

Music Production and Sound Engineering - Transmit Music Studio

Leo Leite is a Sound Engineer with 15 years of experience: Recording , Mixing and Mastering for music and post production jobs. His studio provides top notch analog and digital equipment tweaking at affordable prices.

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Recording Studio / Production - Gospa Studios

High class recording studio based in south Texas. Recording and mixing engineer.

Epic Brass and Guitar - HOBBS

Not every track demands emotion and power. When they do, nothing satisfies like a large brass section and epic guitar. My unique approach combines both to give music an intensity like no other.

Writer, Editor - jastinbusher

He is writer and editor. Justin Busher is from New York. He studies at NYU and work as freelance writer. His areas of interests are photography and sci-fi literature. He likes spend free time playing table games with his sister.

Session Bassist,Music producer - JayBassMusic

Multi-instrumentalist, BGV’s, music producer and sound engineer

Mixing & Mastering, Producer - Afro Beats

Every day I'm learning about music theory, music composing, or everything about music.

Writer, Producer, Creative  - Inner Chapter (Kevin J. Power)

I enjoy producing original music, creating a unique atmosphere and augmenting the songwriter's vision and instrumentation with refined rhythms, hooks and musical flourishes.

I am a Songwriter/Freestyler - TrapStarLayK

"Don't let people say your not good at what you do" Follow your passion and never look back at the Negative...Always look forward at the Positive! Only you are in control of your talents and many more.Keep your head up and shine bright for your Idols and one day YOU WILL BE THE IDOL TO LOOK UP TO!!.

Mixing / Recording/ Beatmaking - Ketzal - Mixing Engineer

Your song mixed like a pro at a lower price. That I willI do for you. I worked on studio based in Paris so I have the experience and the skill to make some edits mix and master your song. All you have to do is to send me your project on my email : julien.priam25@gmail.com and I will do the job.

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