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Konnekted Studios is a multi-purpose space dedicated to the Audio & Creative Industries. With a high-end, full-service recording studio in the heart of Amman, plus an international network of specialists in over fifty countries, and state of the art equipment, Konnekted provides the perfect environment for turning your big ideas into reality .

We make big ideas into a reality with a lean and keen approach.
Being 'full-service' means we have in-house Production, Editing and Sound Design,
that excel in our disciplines. Have this all work under one roof, gives us the flexibility to adapt to every changing conditions, and offer our client great value.

While nothing makes your mouth water like beautifully shot images, only sound and music makes your spine tingle and your heart beat faster.
Ask anyone what gives them goosebumps, and they will tell you it's a beautiful melody, the way suspense builds in a scene, or a climatic ending.
Konnekted Studios is home to a fantastic sound design temple.

At Konnekted Studios, the edit suites, ready to handle any volume of projects, we feel that by achieving the highest possible emotional impact, sound editing is part of the main process.
So if it's not up to Konnekted standards, it won't leave the studio until it is.

Contact me through the green button above and let's get to work.

Terms Of Service

Contact us for any further info at contact@konnektedstudios.com

Gear Highlights
  • Artists & Bands recording space
  • High Quality studio equipment
  • Professional Studio DAW
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