Eternal Midnight was established in Madrid in 2007, and has created has s solid reputation for hundreds and hundreds of projects mastered over the years, the recognition of many internationally renowned artists, constant innovation and breaking new ground, something that gives us the unique opportunity to offer our experience, and objectivity

Stereo & 5.1 Mastering
Hi Res Audio Mastering
Live mastering
Vinyl Mastering
Stem Mastering
Remastering & Audio Restoration

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My credits include

Gear highlights

  • Lipinski 2.1
  • Weiss dyn mk3
  • Weiss EQ1
  • Crane Song Ibis EQ customized
  • Crane son HEDD
  • Crane song Avocet
  • Waves Maxxbcl hardware customized
  • Waves Maxxbcl
  • Avalon 747 Customized
  • Eternal Midnight Ananke compresor

Genres I specialize in

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Revisions & preview of the mastering included

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