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Session Guitarist or Producer - Léo

I have been playing guitar for 18 years now. I graduated the Musicians Institute in Hollywood. I am also a producer, always eager to learn and collaborate with other artists. If you have a written song, maybe i can help you producing and arranging it ?

Music Producer, Remote Mixing - Fabio Rizzo

Palermo-based music producer, sound engineer, guitar player. Owner and co-founder of Indigo Music studio. A&R at 800A Records

Whatever You Need - Casian Moore

I write sad songs people can dance to. Music is what I love to do, but it's not what I do for a living. I'm looking for any opportunity to build my resume and break into the industry. I hope to work with you in the near future!

Songwriter / Guitar - Tom Haven

Guitarist and songwriter, writing songs about overcoming and winning. Offering electric and acoustic guitar, bass guitar and songwriting skills. I want to help your music say the things you can’t find the words for.

Mixing & Mastering, Producer, - SIR CALEY JR

Mixing engineer, Producer. Guitarist

Ambient New Age Music Producer - Bryan Wisda

Billboard Charting New Age Artist

Flute Session.FLstudio.Covers - Alexandria Elmore

Flautist who makes beats, movie music, writes songs, plays guitar and piano, and loves to sing and create beautiful harmonies. Many different influences. Self-produced, background in music theory, a lot of experience performing solo and with other acts. One film score and 3 independent albums under my belt.

Gtr player-arranger-composer - Francisco De Rosa

I'm an Argentinian guitar player, specialized in Gypsy Jazz music. Fifth year student of the Bachelor of Popular Music, composer and arranger.

Remote mixing and production  - Danny McGuire

Scottish music lover, musician and producer living & working in London. Past lives in Amsterdam, Toronto and Brisbane. I produce and mix other artists that I find inspiring. I take a hybrid approach to mixing, adding a distinctive sonic character & vibe to the records I work on. Get in touch & let’s talk about your project.

Fretless Bass, Guitar and Uke - Claudio Perini

Bassist and Guitarist from Rome Italy, specialized in Fretless Bass, Electric Guitar and Ukulele. I work as a session musician (Bass, Fretless Bass, Electric Guitar, Ukulele) for Film Scoring (SKY, RAI, MEDIASET, Flipper Music).

Music Producer/Musician - Andy Kay

Having Worked in the music industry for more than a decade, and having ventured in Metal, Hardcore, and Electronic music, and sharing the stage with international acts, I can provide you with a lot of compositions, sound design and a lot more to write your own music and share it to the world.

Synth,Guitar,Production - Maglav Studio


Greetings! This is Maglav Studio (former Erans Production) located in Tokyo,Japan. We can make record base on your demo & needs. :D We offer services in several languages including Japanese, English, Chinese and Cantonese.

'Session guitarist' 'producer' - Tom Wills

Online session guitarist/bass player available with professional recording equipment and years of playing/recording experience to record guitar/bass tracks for your songs via the internet!! ,,Guitarist of 11 years ,Specializes in Rock, Metal, Extreme Metal, Pop and Blues ,Efficient at lead playing aswell as Rhythm playing ,Slap and pop bass playing available! ,Highly affordable and professional service ,Worked with some huge names in the metal world such as Nile and Chris Clancy (Ex-Mutiny Within) ,Also available for live gigs anywhere in the UK! ,,Visit for more info and samples of my guitar playing!


Chester Rezzano has recorded, mixed and mastered a great variety of artists with the same dedication and profesional skills over the last 15 years. Musicality is the keyword when you listen to his works.

Singer, Beat-Box, Acoustic  - Taylor Alexander

Hey! I'm Taylor. I've been in a serious relationship with music since I was a teenager. Looking forward to adding my soulful, versatile, fresh flavors to your tracks or projects! There's nothing more fun to me than creating an awesome song, diligently and efficiently.

Produce. Engineer. Guitar. - Joel Weldon Willis

I have been making music with some great Artists in the Southeast for 16 years.

Guitarist Mixer Producer - Paco Mamouni

I am a session guitarist based in Montreal who does live and studio work. I will help you achieve your goals for your project, and make sure that your song sounds current and modern.

Producer, vocalist, guitarist. - Bryan Ramage

Award winning Loud music production specialist. Producer, Editing, Mixing and Mastering. Session Vocalist, Guitarist, Bassist.

Creative music producer  - Ricky James

In these dark times of musical stagnation,we need a hero !

Remote Recording & Mixing - Jacob Williams

I have a studio at Revolver Recordings in Los Angeles and lots of *gasp* real instruments! Between myself and my small team of co-creators we have the gear and musical ability to do pretty much anything you need. We make real, live records from start to finish for ourselves; we'd like to help you do the same.

Guitarist | Mixing | Producer - Vance Fite

Hi. I'm Vance. I'm a guitarist, singer, mixer, and producer and I freaking love music. I love playing it on stages and creating it with amazing people. If you're looking to create something dope, I want to be a part of it.

Indie Pop Producer - Ive

I’m a music producer and composer. I feel passioned of deep and minimalistic sounds. I prefer to compose indie-pop, indie-rock, electronic and acoustic music.

Guitarist/Producer - P B Anderson

Guitarist/Composer/Producer under the name Marshland Pete. Working from a home studio known as Chime Tone Studio.

Music Producer - Cameron Warren

An all around producer / vocalist and multi instrumentalist who is signed to Tileyard Music and has been working with the likes of Red Triangle, Sam Preston, Dan Caplen along with Christopher. Singles with Stealth and Mic Lowry as well as a forthcoming single with Lost Frequencies. Recently supported Sam Tompkins during his UK tour.

Music Producer, Songwriter - Chris McKenna

Offering instrumental beats, from multiple genres to select from.

Mixing, Mastering, Artist. - Weston

I'm a professional audio engineer in Nashville TN working out of a commercial studio and a home studio. I've also been a vocalist, guitar, and bass player for 15 years.

Producer, Guitarist,Mix&Master - vibin

Producing - Giriboy - I4P.KR Guitar Session - Giriboy - The Burden - FR:EDEN - if you cant' fall asleep Original Release vibin - ready, perfect vibin - i tried vibin - are you okay Advertise Scoring - Scoring for Teddy Bear Museum advertisement song - Composed and Produced CM song for KOICA

Guitarrist, Producer, Mixing - Matias Gatti

Soy guitarrista y productor principal en mi estudio de mezcla y grabación. Además de las guitarras, ¿necesita otro instrumento o instrumentista en particular? Siempre estoy en contacto con varios multiinstrumentistas y podría ponerme en contacto con ellos para hacer una grabación en mi estudio. ¡Esperamos tener noticias tuyas!

Songwriter/Producer/Guitarist - Daniel Lerner

If you're looking for a clean and creative approach to your song's production; a dynamic, complex and tasteful guitar performance; a pop/rock/R&B/folk songwriter to collaborate with, let's get in touch!

Remixes & Session Guitarist - ShenFM

With a degree in music, and producing multiple artists for Universal Records, I focus on remixing artist's tracks and providing artists with guitar recordings for their singles.

Session Guitarist, Songwriter - Joaco Bustillo

I'm a singer/songwriter, professionally formed and I would love to record guitar for your music ! :)

Pedal Steel Session Player - Whit Wright

I look forward to playing on your songs.

Songwriter/Producer - Kevin Campbell

What's up guys! I'm a songwriter/producer located in Nashville, TN. I write songs, make demos, and play instruments. Let's make some music!

 - Andy Zuckerman (The Institute Of Noise)

The Institute of Noise is a music production company specializing in composing for Film/TV/Commercials, songwriting, producing, mixing and artist development.

Mixing, Mastering & Reamping - RW Audio

Hey there! My Name is Rene, i'm 23 and a Audio Nerd.

Mixing & Mastering - Santini Sound

Hello! I am a songwriter, guitarist, vocalist, and post production engineer/artist! I have been working on reputation with clients across the country and have grown very passionate about mixing and mastering peoples' music. I find it very rewarding to extract all the emotion from a song and achieve natural balance, polish, and vibe.

Singer-Songwriter,GuitarPlayer - Andre Chaves

I'm a singer and song writer, born in Portugal and now living in the UK. Looking for opportunities to play and sing.

Bass 4 Singer/Songwriters - Richard Spano-Bass/Gtr

Responsible, Reliable, Mature, able to travel, Experienced Bassist and rhythm guitarist, some keyboards. Majority of experience composing my own bass parts backing Original Singer/Songwriters nationally. Extensive experience in sound system operation and audio engineering as well. Toured with Australian guitarist Tommy Emmanuel national USA Tours

Audio Engineer; Producer - JtG bEATZ

I am JtG Beatz. My goals at the moment are seeking projects to work on to build a more varied experience, networking and portfolio building/credits. I received my Specialist Certificate in "Music Production and Mastering" from Berklee College of Music in 2011.

Recording Studio, Mixing - Andreas Sahén

Hi! My name is Andreas, im 20 years old and live in Sweden. I record and mix bands. Im a guitarist and singer. Im also a screamer. I usually do metal/deathcore music, but testing something new would be cool!

Music Producer/Engineer - J Mayhem

Music is my passion and the center of all i go for.

Producer, Session Guitarist - Dima Zhyrnov

Music Producer, Session Guitarist, Synth-Pop, EDM, Hip-Hop, Rock, Jazz

Music producer / Guitarist. - Matthias Ka

I'm an Electro / Deep House composer but I'm able to adapt my productions if necessary (House and Tech House). Guitarist, I've discovered the electronic music in 1995. As producer, I use to work as ghost, for DJs. I've participated in numerous compilations Deep House and Underground around the world.

Production-Mixes-Guitar tracks - Ido Goldberg

Originally from Israel, I've been playing guitar professionally for 15 years. Producing, mixing and composing for film for the past four years. As a music producer, mixing engineer and Guitar player it is my mission is to translate your vision into music and make sure that your emotional intention and story are reflected in my work.

Audio Editor/Session Player - Dan Ashcom

My name's Dan and I'm a session guitarist, bassist and producer. I'd be happy to help with your next track or album, whether it be recording, mixing or doing those mundane tasks in sound editing that need to get done.

Session Musician, Songwriter - Simon De.

Hi There! My name is Simon. I’m session musician and songwriter/producer. I have been writing and producing my own music for several years and recently started collaborating with different artists in Germany and Switzerland. In 2016.

Music Producer, - David John Lynch

Producer David John Lynch "Diamond" has become well known over the last 25 years in the Recording Industry for his talents in being able to mould a basic song or music idea into a Marketable Sound. His Directing skills are especially useful in maximizing studio time making it more economical. Worked with 10cc on "Dreadlock Holliday" Re-mix.

Record Maker. - Taylor Locke

I am your fluid collaborator. Sometimes you walk in with a fully-formed vision, and I just try to get the butterfly in the jar. Other days you're searching, and you need me to crawl into the trenches with you, to discover the most exciting and unique way to present you.

Topliner • Singer • Producer - Brock


I am a producer, singer, and songwriter from LA who specializes in Pop, EDM, Top40 and K-Pop. I've been producing and writing for past 13 years am confident I can take your music to the next level!

Guitar, mixing & mastering - Cuarto Estudio

Recording: We have recorded vocals for songs of "INNA", "FARRUCO" and many more, we have also recorded Guitars for "JUAN MAGÁN", "DAVID BISBAL" and many more. And we have mixed and mastered countless commercial songs, of all musical styles, mostly focused on the urban and Latin genre.

Songwriter, Singer, Guitarists - Cory Young

I've been on TV I've been on Spotify Editorials. I love singing, writing songs, and playing guitar lets work!

SoundDesign/RecordProduction - LUГ

Semi-Electronic-One-Man-Sound-Lab ; also known as Kowloon Broadcast Tower

Singer, guitarist, songwriter  - Bob Forte

"Music is made to be shared", and I can't wait to work with you!!!

Producer, Performer, DJ - raiamanta

A music nerd. Plain and simple. Dropped a stable career as a college teacher to become a musician, and have been, since then, taking the job of polishing timbres and uncovering the pureness of sound in the best way I can. I take a lot of pride in the little things, and the job I deliver is a reflection of the way I see music - bliss, harmony.

Producing, Session Guitar - Samm Mayrseidl

20-year-old multi-faceted music industry professional, with a history as both a musician and a manager. Able to complete most roles within a musical context.

Remote Mix Engineer For Rock - Land of Loud Studios

Land of Loud Studios Atlanta, GA You want butt-kicking, skull-crushing, head-banging power out of your music? You want your drums pounding, your bass pulsing, your guitars thundering and screaming and your vocals soaring? Of course you do! We all do! Well look no further. the Land of Loud !!!

I offer mixing help - Curtis Romano

I am an inspiring producer who wants to pursue a career in the music field with a strong concentration towards audio mixing for other artists songs / music. I am 22 years old and constantly thrive to learn more and work towards being the best audio / mixing engineer I can be. I joined this site in hopes of doing just that.

Music Producer, Singer, Dj - Spitfire Beatz

Hi, I am Giuseppe and I was born in Alghero in the 1987. From an early age I had a passion for music to which I devoted myself to study guitar singing in several bands, study audio engineering and music production. I am also the owner of an italian communication agency, Underskin Media, we make video production, photo services and graphic design.

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