Top Electric Guitarists for hire

These pro session guitarists will rock, shred, pluck, gently weep, or funky chunk on your songs at the best rates around

Session Guitarist, Beat Maker - Vander Furlan

I have been a music instructor for 10 years and make riff recordings for your biggest new hit, or do the hottest beat for your vocals.

guitar/  Mixing/  - DubStern

HIGHT educated guitarist, jazz cat, easy rock player. Guy with good ears and tiny stile feel. Also do some mixing job. got i high level recording gear in my studio . working in Logic or Ableton. can read music as well as a text)

Maker Of Music Casseroles - Heath Allyn

A one-man music machine, start to finish. Wearer of many music hats. A musical milliner. Versatility is key. I've spent almost 40 years accruing as many tools in my tool box as possible. All genres and mediums. I've been told by many that I'm quite the breeder of ear-worms.

Session Guitarist - Peter Knoll

Versatile guitarist specialized in experimental music, sound scapes, film music

Session Guitarist - Richard Bryant

With 20 years of live shows and recording experience, I put my heart and soul into every music project I am involved in. I bring innovative sounds to your songs with a positive and enthusiastic attitude and I am passionate about collaborating!

Session Guitarist - Sam Woods

Hey gang! My name is Sam Woods and I am a professional guitar player based in Nashville, TN. I love working with other artists/musicians on their musical projects and would love to help however I can!

Brazilian Guitarist - Egon Donovan

Hey! Im Egon and I can put some colors in your music!

Session musician & songwriter - Luke Messimer

Need that extra touch on your new track? Whether it's multi-instrumentation, backing vocals, lead vocals, or production, I strive to bring that song in your head to life.

Music producer, composer. - SHIN

Music is one of the best way to promote a project

Electric Guitar  - Drew Enterline

I Love getting to do what I do, playing electric guitar. Whether onstage or in the studio, playing guitar has always been a passion of mine. Over the last 17 years I have played for so many different christian artists (CCM) as well as for so many different churches/venues.

Session Guitarist, Solo artist - Toomas Vanem

Hi, I am professional guitar player, session musician.

Songwriter&Session musician - Noel Mittmann

Songwriter and Session musician. In the file of session musicians at the Galaxy Studios.

Producing Mixing SessionGuitar - Greg LaMastro

Music is the best isn't it? Well I certainly think so!! Here at The Fort Studios in Fort Myers, Fl I strive to produce the best sounding recordings, capture the best performances including myself and mixing them for the world to hear.

Bringing you to the next level - Joe Fogarty

Session Guitarist | Mixing Engineer | Songwriter

Multi-Instrumentalist - Hidden Danger

Hard Rock Metal Multi-Instrumentalist, Guitar, Drums, Bass. Excellent songwriting and producing. Over 40 years live and studio experience.

Musico y Productor  - Luciano Spampinato

Músico y productor argentino. Con mas de 15 años de experiencia, Guitarrista, Bajista y Cantante en estilos como: Soul, Neosoul, Funk, Rock, Blues, Swing, Reggae entre otros. También grabo con guitarra acústica y ukelele. Voz Lead y armonías en coros Solos de Guitarra (improvisación), Bases Rítmicas, Jingles para Radio y TV.

Session Guitarist. Producer. - Juan Garcia

Hi! My name is Juan García, I`m a guitarist and music producer from Buenos Aires. I own a recording studio -mostly digital gear at the moment- and I´m looking foward to produce and record tracks for your own songwriting.

I record HQ electric guitar - Rifshan

I started playing electric 7 years ago, Since then I've collaborated with several local artists.

Pop/Rap Mixing Engineer - Sketchy

Been producing and mixing my own music for years now, started with rap production and now shifting to pop No big names on the credits.

Remote Mix & Production - Dom Coller

First Class Honours in Music Performance and Production. 10 plus years experience with producing, mixing and recording Electric Guitar professionally.

Producer, Atmos Mixer - Kaushik

Guitar Player / Producer / Mixing, Mastering Engineer / Atmos Engineer. Been teaching and working in the industry for over 8 years actively producing and mixing artists.

Funk & Pop Guitarist / Prod. - Fuzy

I'm Fuzy - Andres Simon, Berlin based Guitarist, Writer and Producer Playing for the song, Pocket! Genres: Funk, Pop, Rock, Soul, House, Working for Universal Production Music, as well as German and International Artists. Credits: Meresha, Neo Unleashed, HAFTBEFEHL, Hansa Studios,

Music Producer, Guitarist - federicoespasandin

Argentinian Guitar Player and Producer

Profesional Session Guitarist - Roldan Peña

I am a profesional guitar player, composer, arranger and producer with more than 30 years of recording and performing experience, also play bass, I play Salsa, Merengue, Rock, Funk, Jazz fluently, I have my own home studio.

I am a session guitarist - Panko Gelev

I am a session guitarist, but I also do recording, editing, mixing, and mastering tracks. I've been a guitarist for almost 17 years, but I also work as a music producer (recording instruments, editing, mixing, and mastering tracks).

producer, mixing - Yairek Sagredo

I specialize in producing and composing various genres of music (pop, rock, house, hip hop, funk, R&B, Soul).

Mixing and mastering engineer - Pablo Andres

My name is Pablo Andres, and I specialize in turning good music into great music.

Alt Rock Musician/Songwriter - Nathaniel Hobbs

Started playing music at 15 with piano and fell in love, after that I picked up guitar, bass, drums, and producing. I spend hours daily playing guitar and love every style. From Van Halen to Sublime, Beach House to Gang Starr, I can play it all. I love playing for other people's performances and recordings, matching sounds and vibes to create art!

Guitar Player and Composer - Hugo Ferreira

Hey! I'm Hugo and I'm a guitarist/composer, music producer and a audio engineer.I started off as self-taught guitarist playing and producing jazz and rock music. I got my education in jazz guitar at the ESMAE in Porto, Portugal. I have had experience in composing, recording and producing genres such as jazz, rock, pop, hip hop, etc.

Guitar/Lap Steel - Charlie Richards


Session/Touring Guitarist/Lap Steel Player.

Session Guitarist and Bassist - Diego Cebollero

Professional guitarist and composer from Argentina based in New York City. Recorded or performed with renowned reggae artists: Jesse Royal, Dexta Daps, Busy Signal, Hector "Roots" Lewis and Dre Island. I have 20 years of experience performing, recording, co-writing in a wide variety of genres.

Session Pedal Steel Guitarist  - Dave Hadley

Pedal Steel Guitar ~ Dobro ~ Guitar

Session Guitar, Producer - Linda Taylor

Musician, guitarist from "Whose Line Is It Anyway", and many others

 - Dwayne Lee

Recording Engineer/Music Producer and Multi Instrumentalist (Guitarist, Bassist, Drummer and some keyboards). Funk, RnB, Gospel, Rock and Dance/Pop.

Guitarist/producer - Sergio Zurawski

I am Sergio Zurawski, ex-Madredeus guitarist (electric & acoustic), sideman/session musician, composer, arranger, producer, born in 1959, in Sao Paulo (Brazil), professional musician since 1978, I also have been working in composing and producing soundtracks for films, TV, games and theater. I have recorded over 100 albums throughout my career.

Session Guitarist - Ian Litovich


Guitar player born and raised in Puerto Rico but working and living in NYC. Growing up listening to a wide variety of music including top 20 radio I developed a good ear to blend in to different styles and songs like a chameleon. Not focusing on ONE specific genre gave me the freedom to express myself all over the place. I can work with any style!

Session Guitarist / Arranger - JP Mourão

More than 20 years of studio experience, having played on hundreds of tracks recorded both in my native Brazil and in the US. Doing remote sessions since relocating to LA in 2010. My mission is to provide tracks of the utmost quality, always respecting and honoring the artists' vision.

Session Guitarist, Accompanist - Aaron Wheeler

I am a guitarist in the Boston area. I graduated in Berklee College of Music as a Performance Major. I am well versed in multiple styles of music, from Jazz to Hard Rock and Metal (and everything in between).

Guitar / Mix Engineer - Dave Cohen

I'm a stylistically diverse guitarist, vocalist, composer, and mix engineer.

Session Guitarist  - Logan Jacobi

Session/Tour Guitarist based out of Nashville, Tn.

Guitarist~Composer~Noisemaker - Zac Suskevich

Able to tackle everything, from the smoothest jazz imaginable to the harshest noise possible.

Mixing & Mastering - PeripheralPurity

Over 1000 views on my Youtube content in the last month.

Session Musician/Producer - Jeremy Reed

I am a guitarist and music producer living in Houston, TX. I’d love to work on your project!

Session Guitarist,Producer - Slamx777

Guitarist of Rae Sremmurd-Rock N Roll Hall of Fame.

Session guitarist - Paul Aitken. Guitar.

Locally grown, artisanal, hand-made, organic, renewable, craft stunt-guitar playing.

Session guitarist, Composer - Barry Coates

Music has been my life for over 50 years and playing, composing, & sound design are my specialties.

Session Guitarist - Reinier Klaassen

I'm a session guitarist capable of recording studio quality guitar tracks in my home studio. I have worked with some well respected musicians such as Bert Heerink (Vandenberg), Tom van den Heuvel (berklee graduate), and John Brooklyn (Abbey Road institute student extraordinaire). I am known for my flexibility when it comes to guitar sounds.

Session Guitarist - Steve Bull

I want to craft lead guitar solos and background lead or rhythm guitar that fit your melodies remotely using file sharing. I sent 3 seperate guitar tracks to this artist, one for the solo and 1 each for the verse and chorus and let him decide where he wanted what. He held me out til 2:50 which I thought worked nicely. Link in description.

Session Guitarist  - Gabriel Obregon

Recording and live guitarist with fluent ideas for pop, rock, funk and soul. I’m proficient in acoustic and electric guitar with an emphasis in Latin Pop music. Credits include: Carlos Vives, Bacilos, Morat, Yera, Lalo Ebratt, among others.

Creative Solos and Guitar Work - Lui

I limit the amount of work I take on to focus on projects I really dig. I create unique and creative guitar work at a SUPER affordable price. Send me a message with your work, I'd love to hear it!

Session Guitarist / Producer - Matt Reviere

Hey there, I'm Matt. I'm a professional guitarist based in Nashville currently touring with Grammy award winning artist, Carrie Underwood.

guitarist/singer/producer - David Neil Crabtree

I'm an experienced guitar player and singer UK blues band the Mentulls and UK country singer Hayley Mckay. I have produced some of Hayley's music. Recent gigs - A New Day Festival, Country to Country festival (O2 Arena, London) and the Sage, Gateshead as well as shows in Luxembourg and Holland. I perform solo and have my own studio running Logic.

Songwriter/Session Guitarist - Mike Silvestri

Written over 200 songs in my life, including 15 for NBC's Dateline, 10 songs released on albums as a recording artist, and just over 1000 live performances. Work with a true LA professional at a great time. Since I'm new to Soundbetter, I'm willing to give a deep discount in efforts to gain work, and reviews due to my great work!

Multi Instrumentalist/Producer - Chris Ketley

I am a one stop shop for guitar, bass, piano, keys, song arrangement, string arrangement & production elements. I'd love to work on your project & help you fill in all the missing musical or production elements. Whether it's just additional wet/dry stems for tracks/loops or building an entire track/production from scratch, I'd love to work with you

Session Guitarist - Mick Jansen

Hi, my name is Mick Jansen and I am from the Netherlands. I consider myself to be an all-round guitar player with an above-average skillset. I have published my own written songs to Spotify and therefore I have lots of experience recording my parts in a studio setting. I am also a student at the conservatory of Utrecht (Jazz&Pop).

Singer-Songwriter - Eric McCloskey

Let's build a song together

E-bow guitar player - Carlos Bolivar

I will record a beautiful Ebow guitar for your song! A nice melody, texture or atmosphere that will help your music to be unique...

Session guitarist/bassist, mix - Current

Multi-instrumentalist, sound engineer and producer, solo artist and composer with 3 solo albums, and 2 band albums released.

Guitarist, Music Producer - Ayberk Güngör

My unique specialization is mimicing someone's playing pretty accurately and transcribing what I hear quite instantaneously.

Session Guitarist, Mastering - Andrés Ayala

Guitarist offering session recording and mastering services.

Frame the vocal with character - Robinson Sartorius

I think like a producer. My guitar tracks are hooky, stereo arranged, in best sound quality, have character and most important, they frame the vocals!

Session Guitarist, Songwriter - Dan Diluvio

I'm a guitar player 10 years ago in one of the current important Hardcore Punk bands in Medellin City called Antexedentez, and currently playing in Cornullah a new Deathcore / Modern Deathmetal band.

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