Top Electric Guitarists for hire

These pro session guitarists will rock, shred, pluck, gently weep, or funky chunk on your songs at the best rates around

session guitarist, cover songs - logan


Vocals, songwriting, lyrics - Josema Ganz

I am essencially a singer/songwriter specialized in the britpop movement and UK classic rockn and roll. I am willing to join or cooperate in musical projects.

Producer,Songwriter,keyboards  - QUEMAXX2020RW


music producer - kayks studio

The magic touch. Creativity. At levels of excessive involvement in the work of creation new melodies, songs, arrangements, mixing and final mastering in certain specific projects, either because the group or artist offered creative freedom.

Music Producer - MarqueeMoon


Marquee Moon, self taught multi-instrumentalist music producer. In less than 24hs learned how to Dj and performed the Warm Up set for the headliner of Party in the Paddock Festival, Lilly Allen. Currently earned a scholarship to study Audio engineering at SAE in Byron Bay, Australia. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, currently living in Australia.

Songwriter - Apollo Hyder

Writer of songs that have depth, wit and humour.

Producer & Musician - Cactiisemia

I strive to bring my client's vision into reality, and have passion for every part of the music-making process

Session Musician, Engineer - Alex Somer

Producer/Session Musician in the heart of Appalachia looking to bring classic rock and blues back.

Expert acoustic guitarist  - Dæmon

Hybrid, alternate, finger picking expertise. Any style - electric or acoustic

Remote Mixing and Mastering - Remedy Records

Professional Mixing and Mastering Services at Remedy Records! Rock, Country, Alternative, Blue Grass, Punk Rock, and Hip Hop

EDM & Pop Producers / Mixers - OZIA

We are OZIA, a Pop & EDM duo. We offer production and mixing for artists. More specifically in Pop, Future Pop, Future Bass, Melodic dubstep and House. Together we can bring your musical idea or song to the next level. We are a versatile duo with of us being a drummer and the other one a guitar player.

session guitars, production, m - rajm


Reggae, Blues Music Producer - Dion

Music is my Life!

Mix Engineer & Guitarist - Sal Inserra

Studio and Live Mix Engineer and Guitarist who can provide high quality mixes and tracks for your songs.

Singer, songwriter, guitarist - Ömür

Killer lyrics, heart-melting voice.

All Round Singer, Guitarist - Ian Gunning

Versatile vocalist/guitarist for any and all projects. Whether rock, pop or country, I'll bring the track to life with professional recordings.

Songwriter, Audio Engineer - Elijah Newman

I am songwriter/audio engineer with sync placements on CBS, FX, and commercials. For Rock and Roll, you have come to the right place!

Guitar/Drums/Bass/Lap Steel - Ethan Luck


I have a passion for writing and recording music. I'd love to be able to add the parts you're looking for to your song or album!

 - Sharif Music

Studio Guitar Hip Hop Pop

Producer,Composer & Guitarrist - Francesco Generali

"The only secret is that there is music in the practice".

Songwriter and composer - D&D Project

Professional musician, guitar and pass player, composer and arranger, recording and mixing.

Producer, Session Guitarist - Sharief Hobley

I've toured world-wide with some amazing artists ie; Chocolate Genius, The Jazzyfatnastees, Jaguar Wright, Vivian Green, John Legend, Rufus Wainwright, Liam Bailey, & many more. Played on grammy Winning songs for John Legend including 'So High' & Alicia Keys' 'You Don't Know My Name', & many more.

Singer-Songwriter,GuitarPlayer - Andre Chaves

I'm a singer and song writer, born in Portugal and now living in the UK. Looking for opportunities to play and sing.

Session Guitarist, Producer - Makonai

Make all kinds of noise and inspire.

Producer, Vocals, Instrumental - Kyle Hoefer

Multi-instrumentalist producer and vocalist. Extensive work with a large range of genres and instruments allows me to better take your ideas and turn them in to the product you desire. Past accomplishments include 2 EP's written, produced, mixed, and mastered front to back.

Music producer, remote mixing, - VarLu

Guitar player and music producer Ableton Live user

Guitarist | Mixing | Producer - Vance Fite

Hi. I'm Vance. I'm a guitarist, singer, mixer, and producer and I freaking love music. I love playing it on stages and creating it with amazing people. If you're looking to create something dope, I want to be a part of it.

Produce, Compose, M&M - Talus Talus

I've spent years curating my sound library, synths, and instruments in the beautiful name of quality. I am distinct in my level of detail and take no shortcuts. There is no ego in music, you have to just keep going until you discover what the music wants to be, in its truest form. Let's do this.

Mixing, recording and fun! - Johannes Carlsson

Music producer, songwriter, mixing engineer, guitarist and drummer from Sweden. Would love to mix your songs! I'm currently working on my bachelor's degree in Music production, and just want to start working!

Topliner • Singer • Producer - Brock


I am a producer, singer, and songwriter from LA who specializes in Pop, EDM, Top40 and K-Pop. I've been producing and writing for past 13 years am confident I can take your music to the next level!

Recording Studio, Session Work - Fuzz Ball Studios

I'm here to help you realize your ideas. Mixing suite. Ready to track bass, drums, guitar and vocals from my studio. I also write in a variety of genres. Particularly interested in working with rock/indie/alternative artist but am open to most projects.

Mixing Engineer  - Jackson Varner

I'm a Mixing Engineer who is prepared to put everything into your project. Just send me your Project, and have it mixed by someone who actually went to school for recording arts and sound design.

Music Producer, Sess. Vox/Gtr - Trevor James Tillery

I'm a producer, artist, songwriter, and a session guitarist / vocalist. I've been working in the music industry for over a decade. My own music has been successful - from being premiered on Zane Lowe's Beats 1 radio, New Music Friday and several other Spotify playlist features, songs featured on TV shows. Looking for like minded artists to produce.

Mixing, Mastering, Guitarwork - Mike Murphy

I will make your songs sound worlds better than before! I can also track guitars and drums for you. I have access to over 200 amps and cabs and some of the best drum sample libraries out there.

Session Singer/Guitar/Mix - Phil Maher

Be Excellent to Each Other! I love making mixes sound massive a la the 80s! I love 80s production but also that super modern sound. I was booked to sing and play guitar the one and only Robert Downey Jnr's (AKA IRON MAN) 53rd birthday party!

Rock Mastering Engineer - Joey Michel

I am a science and sound freak. Working with singing bowls, binaural beats to achieve the closest reality I can to what is "pure sound". This is derived from how we perceive music and the overtone series. I use this knowledge with saturation, and compression to empathically fill your music with confidence and at the same time pull the listener in.

Mixing / Mastering - Drew Heaton

I've mixed and mastered hundreds of songs, several of which have charted on the Mediabase Top 40 Hot AC singles. I specialize in the alternative and heavy rock genres, as well as indie genres. My mix room is acoustically treated so it's a perfect mixing and mastering environment.

Audio Engineer/Guitarist - Bryan Mayrovitz

Audio engineer

Mixing and instrumental tracks - Will Tipping

I play guitar, saxophone, and piano. I have been writing music with my band for about three years now. I write mostly pop / synth-pop type of songs. I have a passion for mixing and mastering my own songs as well as others.

Music Producer, Topline Writer - Tim Boyce - Producer

Please refer to sidebar Soundcloud audio samples. The genre I work best in is dance music with an organic feel eg. with real instruments. Making music of this style has required me to acquire the following skills, in order of proficiency: 1) Electronic Production 2) Lyric / topline writing 3) Guitar player 4) Bass player 5) Keyboard player

Guitar player/Mixer/producer - Deivi_dB

Music producer, recording-mixing engineer and guitar player. I have a recording studio specialized in recording guitars, the first one in Mexico. With more than ten years of experience and 5 focused in recording guitars we offer a world class studio with competitive prices.

singer/songwriter - Tadhg Cullen

Songwriting is my passion, poetry is my goal, musicality is my priority.

Producer, Mixer, Musician - Wade Wenrick

I specialize in producing, mixing, and playing instruments for worship and country music. I offer full productions, demo productions, mixes, editing, and guitar/bass/keys/drum/vocal sessions.

Guitarist, MD - Steve Down

Steve is a passionate, creative professional guitarist from Bristol, England. His expertise has lead him to a wealth of experience in the industry with artists such as Joss Stone, Jeff Beck, Tebey, Beverley Knight and Nitin Sawhney.

EDM producer and guitarrist - Alessandro

I'm a music producer and an Audio Engineer in the making. I'm able to produce any kind of style or music genre, but I stand out in the production of EDM.

 rock psych prog indie mixing  - Mind Ecology

Lets make some trippy shit

making techno music - BAAL.SRILANKA

It is fair to say not many discover their passions quite as early as BAAL. It wasn’t long into his teenage years before he’d develop an insatiable thirst for crate digging — flipping through record after record picking out the dancefloor gems that would further ignite his passion for music.

Song Producer/Guitarist/Beats - producer / artist / songwriter

Let's make some magic! Multi-Instrumentlist / Producer / Songwriter with credits w/ Netflix starred 2LiveBre and many more!

beautiful beats and live inst - eitam

i make very good music only.

Mixing-Engineer / Producer - VVESSEL AUDIO

Mixing audio with attitude for artists who want to sound unique. I like to work closely with artists/bands and I'm able to bring their visions to life. I'm versitile when it comes to mixing. All I care about it infusing songs with more emotion and make them sound like they're supposed to sound, always according to the artists wishes.

Mastering, mixing, guitar rec - Evin Hudson

I'm a sound engineer, guitar/bass/drum player. Making music for almost ten years.

Recording and Mixing Studio  - Toca da Cotia

My name is Igor Bilheri from Brazil.

Mix and master - OCD Mixing

Let me polish your sound!

Mixing engineer, bassist - Kevin MacKinnon

Music producer - mix & master  - Nico Canzoniero

I love to bring the fitting mood to every musical idea requires.

Mixing, Producer, Guitarist - Daniel Music Producer

Im a music producer with 4 years of experience with independent alt-rock bands, folk and pop bands. I used to play in a rock band and tour around Latin America. I did 3 albums with that band in different studios. I left the band to focus just in music production and mixing.

Music Producer (Media-Ads-TV) - John Lee

Custom Music for Digi-Media, Adverts, TV, Radio, Web and Artists.

Production Guitar Keys Mixing  - Tony Lowe

Produced and played Guitar and Keyboards on many albums. Production includes David Cross and Robert Fripp, Simon Townshend, ESP Project, Chris Gray, Bram Stoker, Toyah, amongst others. Guitarist with Roger Daltrey, Julian Lennon, Simon Townshend, Modern English, Toyah, Pet Shop Boys, ESP. Creative Director at Sunn Creative record label.

Organic indie/pop PROD/MIXING - Mikael Landen

Being a perfectionist with a special love for imperfections, you can be confident in receiving a well balanced, but alive and breathing production/mix. Mixed since 2007. I always aim for my mixes to serve the song rather than surgical sound improvements. I have mostly worked with lo-fi pop, pop, folk, indie and hip-hop

Session Vocalist & Guitarist - Matt Schneider

Soulful, accessible approach to vocals & guitar. My focus is to create music that helps your message and vision reach listeners ears with the highest level of distinction, resonance, and character possible.

Whatever You Need - Casian Moore

I write sad songs people can dance to. Music is what I love to do, but it's not what I do for a living. I'm looking for any opportunity to build my resume and break into the industry. I hope to work with you in the near future!

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