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i live the guitar - Tayyar Ahmet

intermediate-pro guitar player , taking live sections

Produce, Program, Record -

Im willing to make all your ideas possibles and all the sounds youre looking for. Music producer, Arrangements & Programming, Guitar&Bass Player.

Singer, Writer, Guitarist - Jacksn

My name is Jacksn! Im an artist and was recently discovered by the same people that discovered BlackBear. They have built a team around me and Jesse "Corp" Wilson wants to turn me into the "Tom Cruise of music." I really just need some spare cash before we start releasing music in the next year! Looking forward to working with all of you!:)

Songwriter and Producer - Kevin Bianchi

I am a songwriter and producer specializing in melody driven music. I have experiencing writing and producing a wide variety of styles and creative paths. I focus on the 'heart' of the song and weaving and integrating the individual pieces to best serve the song.

Composer, Producer, Guitarist - ABZ Audio

I'm a professional guitarist, composer, and producer. I specialize in music production with rock/classical elements. My main inspiration comes from film/media and metal music. Trained at Berklee and currently based in Boston, MA.

Songwriter/Musician/Producer - Charlie Sharp

Multi-instrumentalist here with almost 25 years of experience and a music degree that will ensure that I know exactly what’s right for your project!

Producer/Session Guitarist - Aden J

Rock And Pop Producer Based in London. Based in London I am the guitar player in British nu-metal band Heltorn and also an alt rock artist. After doing all the production for Heltorn and Aden J, I decided to bring my passion of producing to other people, in 2021. With a state of the art studio, I'll have you're tracks sound industry standard!

Session Guitarist/Producer - Kwaician

Quick turnaround, Ed Sheeran, John Mayer, Justin Bieber, acoustic or electric guitar, that's my specialty. I'm easy going and thorough, easily accessible and if I can't make your vision a reality I'll be frank about it. I've played in bands with amazing musicians, I specialize in time and feel of a track and I'm a full time gigging musician too.

Guitarist & Producer - Joost Scheltes

Multi-instrumentalist and producer for Synth Pop, Garage and Blues Rock!

Music Producer, Guitarist - federicoespasandin

Argentinian Guitar Player and Producer

Rock/Pop/Worldmusic Guitarist - Gabriel Brandao

Guitarist with over 13 years of experience, lots of experience with recording, composing & live performances.

Metal Guitarist, Producer - deathrevan

Metal Guitarist/Songwriter/Producer/Engineer in the Nashville area looking for work.

Session and Live Guitarist - Laurenz Karsten

Im a Berlin based studio/live guitarist. Playing electric and acoustic (nylonstring) guitar, i like the crazy sounding stuff and sound effects. One leg in Jazz and Pop, the other leg in electronic music. Working with Sebastian Studnitzky, Komfortrauschen, Sebastian Hackel, Calou and more

Session Guitarist / Producer - Josiah Kreidler


Guitarist on Chris Tomlin and Tommee Profitt's "The Maker and the Instrument" // Touring guitarist for Brother Bird // Producer for Wesleyan Worship Project and Awaken Worship Collective

Composer/Mastering/Guitarist - Lexintone

My name is Alex, originally from Italy and lived in Hollywood for the past 11 years, I'm a film & TV composer, mixing/mastering engineer and guitar player with music featured on tv networks worldwide including NBC, MTV, Syfy, Oxygen, Discovery, and worked with several platinum artists through the years. More credits on IMDB.

 - On reflexion studios

Tracking and mixing audio works

 - Nino Oxilia

Mexican-Italian new school freelance record producer, mixing engineer and session guitarist based in Mexico City with experience from Los Angeles, Ca. and Miami, Fl. but for hire all across the globe.

 - The Blues in Peril

I am a sound artist, multi-instrumental musician, experimental audio engineer, and film aesthete.

Mixing, Mastering, Recording - Mix, Master, Polish, Tweak.

I can mix, master, fix, repair, complete, bump up, max out, and polish your most precious asset. Your music. I work quickly, I work within budget and on time. I don't do Hip Hop, I don't do Techno, I don't do Country, I do Rock/Metal and Every Sub-genre thereof. If you need your work to sound better, I'm your guy.

Session Guitarist  - Dave Giraldo

I own a recording studio that specializes in recording electric and acoustic guitars using top notch gear.

Remote mixing & Musician  - Neal Van*Multi-Instrumentalist

Hi my name is Neal Van and thanks for viewing my profile. I’m a multi-Instrumentalist/Arranger/Producer/Mixer/Songwriter with over 40 years of band and recording experience. I am open-minded; take direction well and am able to provide nearly any instrumental tracks to any song within my skill set on each instrument.

Session Guitarist - Danilo Mak

Hi! I am a Freelance, all round Session Guitarist from the Netherlands. I've played the guitar for 10 years now within different styles and bands both live and in the studio. I have studied and played for different genres as Jazz, Pop, Rock and also Singer Songwriter.

Producer/Composer/Guitars - Aiken Music

Hello! My name is Aaron Lee Aiken, and I'm a Music Producer, Film Composer and Session guitarist based in LA! I gotten the privilege to perform with some amazing artists, produce records with some brilliant minds, and work on a variety of short films and placements, for which I have received a handful of awards and nominations. Let's work!

Online Session Guitarist - Cloud Guitarist

I'm a budget online session guitarist for songwriters, bands & composers.

Session guitarist. Producer. - Ash Music

I'm a guitarist, a songwriter, a composer.

Session guitarist - Jared Weed

Heavy metal guitar player, looking to tour full time, and contribute as much as I can to the musical universe.

Session Guitarist - Alex Whitcomb

I'm a guitarist that has toured with several prominent rock bands, including Dance Gavin Dance & Icarus The Owl

Producer/Engineer/Guitarist - Josh Thatcher


Excellent work ethic and good vibes.

Guitar Producer - Santiago Napoli

Absolute Guitar Nerd. Recorded over 30+ albums.

Session Guitarist / Producer  - Adam Sniegowski

As a session guitarist I love adding hooks and textures that help bring a song to life. Ambient guitars and melody hooks are one of my specialties. I've spent the last decade in the studio and on the road (MISTY EDWARDS, BETHEL MUSIC, AUDREY ASSAD, ect) and love helping artists get the sounds they are hearing in their head on tape.

Session Guitarist, Producer - Fred Stallcup

I've played guitar and sang Backing vocals on songs that went to #2, #1, and #1 on the Texas chart. I produced, played, and sang on "Pray for Me" which went #1 on the Powersource Inspirational chart, was Nominated for a Dove Award, and won ICMA mainstream group of the year.

Session Guitar, Audio Engineer - Jeff Caines Audio

Session guitar player as well as an educated and credited Audio Engineer for Film and Visual Media. Jeff has played live for many artists in the Country and Pop Genres as well as done live sound, Sound for Film and even Studio design. A one stop shop for your band or films needs.

session guitarist - Andrew Drew

i wipe my own ass

Session Guitarist - Wolfgang Hefele

I play your Guitar Parts

Session Guitarist - Pedro Mejia


Guitarist for Becky G, Feid, Bomby, Jbalvin, session and tour. Recorded for Maluma, Manuel Turismo, Feid, Dalmata, Sebastian Yatra, Ventino.

Session guitarist - Paul Aitken. Guitar.

Locally grown, artisanal, hand-made, organic, renewable, craft stunt-guitar playing.

Songriter and session guitar - Nick Crowley

I write, record and produce music by myself. Mostly metal. Founder of KARASIQUE metal band

Session Guitarist, Songwriter  - Dave K. - Guitarist/Songwriter

Once practiced guitar for 300 hours in one month. Studied B.A. (Hons) Music at Kingston University, London UK for a year. I can write your song lyrics.

Record Rock/Funk/Prog Guitar  - Altin Gjoni

I'm a professional Guitar Player with 8 years of experience working as a Freelance Session Musician and Live Performing Artist. My specialties are Guitar Tones, funk & rock rhythm and simple fills that SERVE THE SONG!

Session Guitarist,Producer - Ji R

Music...Music........Music All Day long Session Guitarist,Arranger,Composer,Producer,Mix-Mastering,

Session Guitarist - Steve Bull

I want to craft lead guitar solos and background lead or rhythm guitar that fit your melodies remotely using file sharing. I sent 3 seperate guitar tracks to this artist, one for the solo and 1 each for the verse and chorus and let him decide where he wanted what. He held me out til 2:50 which I thought worked nicely. Link in description.

Sound engineer, Mix & Master - DC Records Italy

DC is David Costa, an editor, artist and professional sound engineer from Trentino, Italy. The DC label has now more than 70 productions of all musical genres, with the quality of the best instrumentation and 15 years of experience in the arrangements, recording, mixing and mastering.

Session Guitarist - Iliyan Kalinov

Rock n' Rollin' guitar player who jammed with Steel Panther!

Guitarist,Bassist,Singer - Sean Sheridan

I'm a guitarist/bassist/singer/engineer/producer. I can add your written parts or you can give me free rein and anything goes! I have played everything from jazz(the music close to my heart) to punk rock with Lost Generation. I've shared the stage with John Taylor of Duran Duran, Surf God Dick Dale and Handsome Dick Manitoba and the Dictators.

Songwriter, session guitarist. - David Reynders

The first song I learnt to play was Sweet Child O' Mine. From there, it's been rockin' and rolling all life long. It's all or nothing, darling.

Writer/Musician - Graham Laderman

I'm a songwriter, musician, and producer. I work in Logic and Ableton, and can work with a variety of styles of music. I also front pop-rock band 'Hardcastle.'

Session Guitarist/Producer     - Kasper Viggo Jensen

Professional touring guitarist and MD for Danny Worsnop, and recording artist.

Hard Rock Singer & Guitarist - Joshua Fredric Smith

My Latest Produced Release "The Void" (Remixes): In addition I have extensive experience in The Film & TV - Music Video World . additional links : IMDB

Guitarist, bassist, songwriter - Pete Gitlin

I'm a guitarist, bassist and songwriter specializing in smooth jazz influenced by pop. My CD "Amplify" was reviewed as "the Sgt. Pepper of smooth jazz" by

Mixer, Guitarist, Producer - Luke Padfield

Over 15 years' experience as a touring guitarist, as well as production work on multiple albums in famous studios such as Rockfield and Abbey Road

Remote Session Vibe Creator - Scottie Mills

My passion is getting it right. Every song, artist, and project have unique elements and I like to discover and accentuate them.

Music Producer, Recorder - Anthony Denny

If you need help taking your music to the next level you found the right listing here.

Guitarist, Producer, Mix/Edit - JefeArts

I'm a music lover, been learning many instruments trough last 25 years, starting with guitars, drums and singing. Bass guitar just from time to time, a bit of piano...also I've been studing singing through all my life, a bit of theater acting, and I'm a voice actor. I would like to help improve any passionate and hard worked project.

Producer & Session Guitarist - Charles Hibberd

Highly professional & experienced session guitarist. I've toured the UK & Europe extensively alongside acts such as LANY & Saint Raymond. Played multiple major UK festivals. Participated in writing sessions with names such as Bernard Butler (Suede) & Rou Reynolds (Enter Shikari). Self taught producer working daily in my home studio in West London.

Guitarist, Music Producer - Ayberk Güngör

My unique specialization is mimicing someone's playing pretty accurately and transcribing what I hear quite instantaneously.

Guitarist,Producer, Songwriter - Robo H

..Vintage vibe with tasty modern flavor..Toured USA and Europe with Steven Adler, opened up for Slash, recorded with Gilby Clarke, producing with Cerise Moon

Guitarist / Composer/ Arranger - Martin Iaies

Guitarist, both Electric and Acoustic/Classical. Jazz is my speciality, but also play other styles. Composer and arranger, for both small and large ensembles. Also producer.

Session Guitarist & Lyricist - Ben D.

Songsmith & Professional Recording Artist with over two decades of experience coast to coast.

SynthPop Producer - PERM

Original SynthPop Composer

Mixing and mastering engineer  - Sound Gate Studios

I will mix and master your song, cover or whatever you want!

Session Guitarist, Producer - Tim Wielenga

Rock, Punk, Hip Hop, Alternative production and mixing

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