Top Electric Guitarists for hire

These pro session guitarists will rock, shred, pluck, gently weep, or funky chunk on your songs at the best rates around

Music Producer & Beatmaker - MatthewBeats

I am obsessed with music from a young age and it will only increase within time.

Write, Remote Producing - Daniel Leopold

I write cool songs and produce cool music. I can help you dig way deeper than surface level. Try something new.

Remote production, mix, master - Leopolina Duranovic

AMC certification in Music production & Sound Engineering .I do everything from arrangements to mixing & mastering. Professional grade musicians available. Latest digital signal processing and vintage gear. Composing & Songwriting.

Music Production - Permasonic Records

Permasonic Records is a boutique music production and recording studio serving the freshest talent out of Brooklyn and beyond. Our talented and experienced producers and engineers have worked with the likes of Skizzy Mars, Trapo, Saba, Danny Singh, Lucien Parker, Sosa Geek, Felly, Chaz French, Mikey Polo and many more.

Mix, Producer, SessionMusician - Víctor Rodríguez

Im a producer, session musician and mixer bassed in Spain.

Remote mixing and Mastering - Jean-Philippe Savard

Here’s the deal, If you have some tracks recorded already, if you don’t want to spend 50$-200$ per song, If you want a very good demo or don’t want something too polished, I’m your man. I’m here to work and learn with you and I'll try to get the result you are looking for. At 20$/song, nothing to loose and you'll be surprised by my work.

Metal focused, goal oriented - Jan Fabijan Tomičić

I do recording, mixing and mastering for my band SWORN TO DEATH and my own music which you can check out on this link: I have been doing this for only 2 years, so perhaps making demos would be more suitable but I'm ready to take on any task I get. Also I excell at mastering.

Guitar TAB's writer, musician - Arsen

I`m musician from Ukraine! I like to make guitar TAB's, write something for you, that you can't play by yourself!I have an experience in that on other freelance platforms. Also, I can record some music and guitar stuff on electric guitar or acoustic guitar. My profile will be filled with more information, but if you need guitar TAB's – write me!

Pop, Rock & Metal Mixing - Jaakko Luomanen

My aim is to bring more life & soul into artists music, and highlight its story. No for dullness - Yes for excitement!

Session Guitarist  - Gaz Beaumont

15 years in the music business, playing, touring & recording. Music BA. Guitar nerd & Tone junkie.

Pop/Rock Producer - Blair Condon

Hey! I'm a producer, engineer and musical director from sunny Brisbane, Queensland. I have over 10 years of musical experience, having been in touring acts around Australia, been played on Australian radio stations and own a recording studio in the Fortitude Valley here in Brisbane. I can't wait to be a part of your musical projects journey!

“Mix, edit, Master, Guitarist” - Aaron Stegall

Backline Tech and Engineer that has served artists such as Usher, Lizzo, Heart, Bill Magee, Ron Blair and more.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Matt Carter

My objective is to support the artist, honor the essence of the song, and elevate the music itself. Collaborating closely with artists, I strive to craft exceptional, expressive, and dynamic mixes & masters. My expertise lies in remote Mixing & Mastering, offering swift turnaround times without sacrificing quality.

Producer, Writer, Guitarist - Carl-Viktor Guttormsen


Carl-Viktor Guttormsen is one of the most sought after up-and-coming producers in Norway. He has earned two #1 singles in Norway and had both commercial and critical successes with artists including Astrid S, Emma Steinbakken, Bernhoft, Emelie Hollow, Emilie Adams, and Amanda Tenfjord. .

Engineer, Session Guitar/Bass - Brian Davis @ Tribesound

Hi! I have been recording artists for about 15 years. I am extremely proficient at mixing, tracking and editing. I also have some mastering chops and great gear to do so. Some styles I worked with have ranged from jazz, heavy metal, rock, hip hop, and documentary's. I currently work at a pro studio in West Chester PA.

Producer,Composer & Guitarrist - Francesco Generali

"The only secret is that there is music in the practice".

Satellite Studio Owner - Michael K. Lund

My name is Michael Lund and I am the founder of Dire Lion Music, a satellite recording and composing studio that works with clients across the globe. I have over a decade of experience in creating and producing music. I am a dedicated and passionate composer who has created music in nearly every genre and style possible.

LIVE DRUM TRACKS - Brian Weinberg Music

I've been playing drums for close to 30 years and performing for 25. I love drumming to all styles of music. My goal when recording is to give the music a living, breathing sound from the drums. Modern recording technology is great and has its advantages, but it also has the risk of dehumanizing the music. I strive to always sound human!

Session Guitarist, Audio Engin - Lev Productions

My name is David Porter Creator of Lev Productions i am a Musician and audio engineer. Have been playing music for the past 15 years now, Creating atmospheric ambient soundtrack songs, as well as different genres. Studying audio engineering at SAE Melbourne Doing a bachelor degree.

Recording studio - RIPIO


Music Producer,Session Bassist - Kareem Hossam

Its all about creating a different sound for each project that has an idea to project. Imagine ur own familiar type of music fused with other styles that comes from different parts of the world...interesting ha !?

Mixing, Mastering, Producing - Studio Moderato

My name is David Stanmore from Studio Moderato, and I am a young producer, musician, mixing and mastering engineer from Serbia. I will mix and master your songs, record guitars, drums, bass for almost any genre you want me to.

Session Musician and Producer. - Cymon Anthony

Hello! I've been writing and performing for over a decade with experience in a multitude of genres, styles and instruments. I can provide a plethora of writing, session recording and production services ranging from ghostwriting to mastering. I specialize in Indie Rock/Pop, Neo-Funk, SynthPop and Alternative but can do pretty much anything!

Session Guitarist - Sonja Röhrig

I'm a session Guitarist, loving my acoustic Guitar, but also playing electric and western. I'm teaching guitar and are free for all projects. I'm classicaly trained, but playing everything between classic, folk and hard rock, recording at home studio.

Producer, Songwriter, Guitar - Larry Anthony

Emerging from the vibrant nightlife of Chicago, Larry Anthony’s thought provoking pop is taking him from starry-eyed songwriter to non-stop touring artist//producer.

Mix Engineer, Producer - Patrick Goodenough

Experienced Mix Engineer. Studied under George Clinton.

Am I your Drummer? - Johan Ludvig Rask

Hi! I´m Johan and I´m a Session Drummer and a producer with great passion for sound and style. I´ve been working as an online/remote, local and touring drummer since 2011. I have great flexibility in different genres. The focus is ALWAYS to find the right sound and feel that makes your music better. Am I your Drummer? Let´s find out!

Produce, Compose, M&M - Talus Talus

I've spent years curating my sound library, synths, and instruments in the beautiful name of quality. I am distinct in my level of detail and take no shortcuts. There is no ego in music, you have to just keep going until you discover what the music wants to be, in its truest form. Let's do this.

Record Maker. - Taylor Locke

I am your fluid collaborator. Sometimes you walk in with a fully-formed vision, and I just try to get the butterfly in the jar. Other days you're searching, and you need me to crawl into the trenches with you, to discover the most exciting and unique way to present you.

Songwriter, Music producer - Eric Lubadel --- Songwriting, Guitar, Music

Producer, Mixer, Writer - Christoph Hessler

award winning producer, mixing engineer, songwriter and musician focused on rock, alternative and indie

Whatever You Need - Casian Moore

I write sad songs people can dance to. Music is what I love to do, but it's not what I do for a living. I'm looking for any opportunity to build my resume and break into the industry. I hope to work with you in the near future!

Songwriter, Singer, Guitarists - Cory Young

I've been on TV I've been on Spotify Editorials. I love singing, writing songs, and playing guitar lets work!

Music Producer, Composer - Vaasudevam

Independant one man band. - Oscar Robinson

Let me embellish your sound.

Classical Session Guitarist - Jackson Roberg

International Award-Winning Classical/Jazz Guitar Performer and Arranger.

Drummer  - Dom Santoro

Award-winning Drummer, tracking drums and percussion with professional quality for multiple genres of music at Siete Barbas studio in Barcelona, Spain. Currently the drummer for Doom Metal band Ikarie and Math Rock band Flames of Foe.

Multi-instrumentalist⏐Producer - Mateo Crespo

Mateo Crespo is part human part animal. Ecuadorian with a Costa Rican spirit. Part Native American and part psychedelic adventurer. And he will always be a gentleman.

Pop/Alternative Producer - Will DesMarais

I'm a one-stop shop for all your music needs from the first idea to the final product.

Producer, Guitarist, Composer - Rico

I am an accomplished singer songwriter producer. Proficient guitarist

session guitars, production, m - rajm


Session Guitarist and Vocalist - Lucy Mead

Multi-faceted musician, specialised in session events and production.

Professional Music Producer, G - Biswajit Das

Transform Your Music with Professional Production, Captivating Guitar, and Flawless Mix/Master Engineering

Guitarist, composer - Anthony

I am a professional classical and electric guitar player. I have a professional musical education. I have many concerts behind me. I write my own music: instrumental compositions, songs, orchestrations. I am recording and mixing tracks.

Dave Grohl Enthusiast - Rowdy Rufus

Influenced by Dave Grohl, Trent Reznor and Jack White, the variety of mighty vibes from Rowdy Rufus combine the sounds of all three legendary musicians.

Singer, songwriter, guitarist - Ömür

Killer lyrics, heart-melting voice.

Guitar/Drums/Bass/Lap Steel - Ethan Luck


I have a passion for writing and recording music. I'd love to be able to add the parts you're looking for to your song or album!

Recording Studio, Engineer, - Music Production/Mixing so Organic you could eat it... by KD

The goal of my world in audio is to create the most organic/rhythmic/ experience with whatever material I am given. I specialize in taking digital edge off of organic performances, letting the performer shine through. Placing you in a moment

'Session guitarist' 'producer' - Tom Wills

Online session guitarist/bass player available with professional recording equipment and years of playing/recording experience to record guitar/bass tracks for your songs via the internet!! ,,Guitarist of 11 years ,Specializes in Rock, Metal, Extreme Metal, Pop and Blues ,Efficient at lead playing aswell as Rhythm playing ,Slap and pop bass playing available! ,Highly affordable and professional service ,Worked with some huge names in the metal world such as Nile and Chris Clancy (Ex-Mutiny Within) ,Also available for live gigs anywhere in the UK! ,,Visit for more info and samples of my guitar playing!

Mixing & Session Musician - Joe Jackson

Mixing Engineer at Holt Studios. Session Drummer, Guitarist, Bassist.

Music Producer/Guitarist       - Beat Fatigue

Beat Fatigue is a 27 year old music producer, guitarist and DJ

Guitarist Mixer Producer - Paco Mamouni

I am a session guitarist based in Montreal who does live and studio work. I will help you achieve your goals for your project, and make sure that your song sounds current and modern.

Mixing Engineer, Audio Editor  - Alex Burke

Hi, I'm Alex. My personal ethos revolves around getting the most out of the resources available to you to create something full of character and bespoke to the artist. I have an extremely eclectic knowledge of music which I will utilise to find ways to enhance.....

Session guitarist/bassist - Jake Rivet

My name is Jacob Rivet, I'm studying at the New School Center for Media for Digital Recording arts, I've been playing Bass since i was 8 years old(11 Years) and guitar since i was 10 years old (9 years), and I currently am working part time as a live sound engineer.

Session Bass Guitarist - Alex Blythe

I'm Alex and I play a wide range of styles and instruments, including Bass Guitar, Saxophone, Piano and Drums. I also Record, Mix and Master any style track to a high standard, and pride myself in communication, enjoyment and professionalism. I also have the ability to do remote work from my home set up.

Producer, Mixing Engineer - Cade Roberts

Hey! My name is Cade Roberts and I have helped hundreds of artists across the nation turn their rough demos into full song productions completely online!

Music Producer, Songwriter - Arif Hodzic

Producer, Songwriter and Artist that's recorded in world class studios with Rockstar legends from Hollywood, CA to the south of France.

Session drummer, recording - ArtSal

I am a professional drummer, I have a studio and the tools needed to record drums very fast. I play many styles of music. I also have sight reading abillities so if you have scores send them to me.

Mixing engineer, bassist - Kevin MacKinnon

Bassist and Writer/Producer  - Josh Wolfsohn

Tasteful Bass Tracking Tailor Made Songs and Instrumentals Competent Mixes and Masters

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