Top Electric Guitarists for hire

These pro session guitarists will rock, shred, pluck, gently weep, or funky chunk on your songs at the best rates around

Guitarist/Producer - P B Anderson

Guitarist/Composer/Producer under the name Marshland Pete. Working from a home studio known as Chime Tone Studio.

Vocals, songwriting, lyrics - Josema Ganz

I am essencially a singer/songwriter specialized in the britpop movement and UK classic rockn and roll. I am willing to join or cooperate in musical projects.

Editing, Mixing & Mastering - El Barco Estudio

Guitar Sessionist. Bass Guitar Sessionist. Guitar Sessionist. Drums Tracks. Backing Tracks. Backing Vocals. Online Mixing & Mastering.

Producer, Performer, DJ - raiamanta

A music nerd. Plain and simple. Dropped a stable career as a college teacher to become a musician, and have been, since then, taking the job of polishing timbres and uncovering the pureness of sound in the best way I can. I take a lot of pride in the little things, and the job I deliver is a reflection of the way I see music - bliss, harmony.

Session Singer/Guitar/Mix - Phil Maher

Be Excellent to Each Other! I love making mixes sound massive a la the 80s! I love 80s production but also that super modern sound. I was booked to sing and play guitar the one and only Robert Downey Jnr's (AKA IRON MAN) 53rd birthday party!

Creative Guitarist/Bassist - Gates Guitar and Music

Guitarist and bass player teaching online lessons and helping you create to your best. Creative sound production and tone engineering.

Engineer/Producer/Musician - Chris The Southern Transplant

"It all starts and ends with the song." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My name is Chris Murray, I am the owner/operator of Southern Transplant ______________Recording in Nashville, TN and that is the motto with which I conduct my ______________life and my business.

Session guitarist and producer - Angel Duran

Stoked to be on here to work with new people. Always professional and very flexible to making sure we meet your musical needs!

Producer & Musician - Cactiisemia

I strive to bring my client's vision into reality, and have passion for every part of the music-making process

Music producer - Antoine

I'm recording and mixing song in many different genres. Don't hesitate to contact me here. I've already produced song with millions of streams on Spotify, and I also have my own project where I write, record, compose, and produced my songs.

Beatmaker, soundproducer. - Most music

Beatmaker, sound producer and music lover)

Remote mixing and production  - Danny McGuire

Scottish music lover, musician and producer living & working in London. Past lives in Amsterdam, Toronto and Brisbane. I produce and mix other artists that I find inspiring. I take a hybrid approach to mixing, adding a distinctive sonic character & vibe to the records I work on. Get in touch & let’s talk about your project.

Producer, Engineer, Musician - Jordy the Blond

"Working together with good friends Max Frost, LUCKY!, and many others, spanning continents and states, Jordy has become a formidable producer, engineer, and touring musician. Jordy has mixed Kamasi Washington, both on stage and recorded for ShoTime's "Homeland", toured with Twenty One Pilots as an audio engineer, and many more."

Guitarist/ Remote Mix & Master - Midnight $wami


I have over 14 years experience playing guitar and recording music, and previously worked Sweetwater as a Sales Engineer. I also have had the opportunity to work with famous artists such as Diana Ross, Trace Adkins, Gavin Degraw, and Jethro Tull doing live sound and lighting technical setup at Interlochen Center for the Arts.

Music Producer & Beatmaker - MatthewBeats

I am obsessed with music from a young age and it will only increase within time.

Remote production, mix, master - Leopolina Duranovic

AMC certification in Music production & Sound Engineering .I do everything from arrangements to mixing & mastering. Professional grade musicians available. Latest digital signal processing and vintage gear. Composing & Songwriting.

Singer Songwriter, Guitaring - Jeremy Serwer

Unskooled and and creative approach to making music. Concentration on hooks and style!

'Producer Engineer' - Eleusis

Listening to Grunge since I was a teenager trained my ears, then I trained my Production skills while making my own music and selling beats, now I wanna offer my expertise to make sure your song gets the sound it deserves!

Rnb Funk & Soul Producer - Ismatricule

I play the saxophone, the piano, the guitar, the talkbox, the keys, and I also mix my songs.

Music Producer - Paul Baggott

I have nearly fifty years experience writing, recording, mixing and producing music. My own music has been, and is being used by the BBC, CBeebies, Channel 4(UK), and many TV shows, ads and films internationally.

Musician, SongWriter, Sound Pr - AndyKashOne

Guitar Player

Music Producer and Mixer - Keith Harris

I'm a producer, mixer, multi-instrumentalist from Nashville.

Session Violin/Mandolin - Erik


I have experience with many styles of music and will take yours to the next level!

Producer, remote session work - RebbeSoul

Music producer of many genres, specializing in world music. Featured on the cover of Billboard magazine and on CNN International. Work all over the world using my remote, computer based studio, in permanent studios everywhere, and over the internet. Top production, arranging, programming, recording, and editing. How can I help you?

 - bronco studio

production , music recording & mixing . freelance.

mixer, producer, musician - Paul Gregory

Paul Gregory is a mix engineer, producer and musician from Newcastle Upon Tyne in the North East of England. He is a founding member of UK band Lanterns On The Lake Their 2020 album ‘Spook The Herd’, produced and mixed by Paul, was shortlisted for the 2020 Hyundai Mercury Prize.

Session Guitarist & Arranger  - DUEFUNK

I am an electric guitarist and arranger

Session Guitarist, Audio Engin - Lev Productions

My name is David Porter Creator of Lev Productions i am a Musician and audio engineer. Have been playing music for the past 15 years now, Creating atmospheric ambient soundtrack songs, as well as different genres. Studying audio engineering at SAE Melbourne Doing a bachelor degree.

Recording studio - RIPIO


Singer-Songwriter,GuitarPlayer - Andre Chaves

I'm a singer and song writer, born in Portugal and now living in the UK. Looking for opportunities to play and sing.

Music Producer/Engineer - J Mayhem

Music is my passion and the center of all i go for.

Session Guitarist, Producer - Makonai

Make all kinds of noise and inspire.

Singer & Songwriter  - Mattia Lever

'I can create success'

Guitarist, Composer & Arranger - Dillon Home


I am a musician based in London specialising in Guitar, Composition and Arranging.

Studio for singer/songwriters - Rubber Room Productions

We are a full production recording studio providing singer songwriters with the missing elements for their songs.

Mixing, Mastering, Guitar/Bass - Brandon Williams

I like to make music that feels good. Whether that means it's surgical and clean or pumping with compression and distortion; whatever makes your music feel good, I am excited to find and execute for you.

Audio Editor/Session Player - Dan Ashcom

My name's Dan and I'm a session guitarist, bassist and producer. I'd be happy to help with your next track or album, whether it be recording, mixing or doing those mundane tasks in sound editing that need to get done.

Session trombone, producer - lau.schachmann

Add a bright tight brass section to your music in less than what you think. Produce and sound professional any sketch song you have

Producer, Mixer, Songwriter,  - Rich Andruska

Get to the hooks and you'll go to the bank.

Songwriter, Music producer - Eric Lubadel --- Songwriting, Guitar, Music

Mixing, recording and fun! - Johannes Carlsson

Music producer, songwriter, mixing engineer, guitarist and drummer from Sweden. Would love to mix your songs! I'm currently working on my bachelor's degree in Music production, and just want to start working!

Whatever You Need - Casian Moore

I write sad songs people can dance to. Music is what I love to do, but it's not what I do for a living. I'm looking for any opportunity to build my resume and break into the industry. I hope to work with you in the near future!

Recording Studio and Label - Guava Records

The studio at Guava Records is a unique space for musicians serious about making great records + beautiful videos. Located just north of New York

Music Producer, Guitarist  - Suat Armağan

Mainly focused on music production, including studio services

Producer - Guitarist - Mixer - Topher Wright

Let's work!! Whether you need sweet guitar melodies, knockin' drum programming, or help with the mix. I'll work hard to bring your vision to life! I specialize in Pop and while bringing elements of Trap, Funk, Blues, Hip-Hop, Rock, and RnB together to build your next hit :)

Session Musician (Multi) - Louis Younge

I'm a pro session multi-instrumentalist, playing violin, keys, guitar and alto saxophone.

Producer, Arranger, Guitarist - Larry Campbell

Multi-instrumentalist, three-time Grammy-winning producer, Larry has played or recorded with Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Levon Helm, Roseanne Cash, kd lang, Keith Richards, David Bromberg, Hot Tuna, Willie Nelson, Phil Lesh, Bob Weir, Jackson Browne and more.

Producer, Rapper - Midaciide

Mixing and instrumental tracks - Will Tipping

I play guitar, saxophone, and piano. I have been writing music with my band for about three years now. I write mostly pop / synth-pop type of songs. I have a passion for mixing and mastering my own songs as well as others.

Co-Producing and Collaboration - The Violet Angel

I work with solo artists or small bands to co-produce and co-write original songs, music for film and tv, and music videos.

Remote production. - Emmett Redding Production

I will work with you to add a personal touch to your music. I have a diverse musical background and a passion for great sound. Lets make some hits!

Baixista, guitarrista base - Marcel Tiné

Sou musico a mais de 15 anos, com experiência na noite paulistana, fazendo voz e violão e com bandas covers e autorais

Write, Remote Producing - Daniel Leopold

I write cool songs and produce cool music. I can help you dig way deeper than surface level. Try something new.

Artist, Producer, Songwriter - K.Czupkowski

Korneliusz Czupkowski professionally known as K.Czupkowski. Artist, producer and songwriter. Founder of KZC Records

drums, guitar, bass, vocals. - Stephen Andrew

multi-instrumentalist who has 20 years experience in playing in multiple bands over the years. let me help you take your song to the next level. I will treat your song like my own.

Session musician, Lyricist  - Sea Prata

Hi! I am Sea and would love to meet you. I am an enthusiastic musician. I have worked with several artists supporting their art through guitar playing, singing and composing. Feel free to reach out!

Sing and play a guitar - risticx

I am a singer and a guitar player, and a producer and songwriter with more than 10M views on YouTube.

Session Guitarist/Songwriter - Kienan W. R. Dietrich

Signed pop-rock songwriter with 120k monthly listeners, a combined 2 million+ plays, and a sunny disposition. Music, lyrics, top-lines, or guitar for your next project!

Songwriter, Audio Engineer - Elijah Newman

I am songwriter/audio engineer with sync placements on CBS, FX, and commercials. For Rock and Roll, you have come to the right place!

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