Top Electric Guitarists for hire

These pro session guitarists will rock, shred, pluck, gently weep, or funky chunk on your songs at the best rates around

Pro-guitarist, bass player - Stevie B

Howdy, Ya'll. Pro player with pro gear and pro attitude. Got those country chops, those funky licks, and that low end you need for your tracks. Quick turnaround, great results. Let me make you better.

Session Guitarist - Humans Etcetera

No need to fondle an old lamp to call this musical genie out, I'm right here on SoundBetter to offer my magic touch on any project you've got. I love subverting expectations and taking the paths less traveled to get there.

Session Guitarist/Producer     - Kasper Viggo Jensen

Professional touring guitarist and MD for Danny Worsnop, and recording artist.

Session Guitarist - Brice Colombier

French session guitarist, composer, arranger and producer.

session guitarrist & composer - 90frank

Musician for years, guitarrist, bassist, composer and lyrisist. Actually making music with Afternap where I play and compose and mix. Also I can play some syhnts.

Multi Instrumentalist/Producer - Chris Ketley

I am a one stop shop for guitar, bass, piano, keys, song arrangement, string arrangement & production elements. I'd love to work on your project & help you fill in all the missing musical or production elements. Whether it's just additional wet/dry stems for tracks/loops or building an entire track/production from scratch, I'd love to work with you

Producer, Session Musician - Geoffrey Keith

Can do bundle deals for discounted prices Ex: Guitar & Keys $100 Produce, Edit, & Mix $300 Or any combination you need, we can easily work out a price for you and your project

Guitar, Producing, Songwriting - Noslen

Songwriter & Session Guitarist (Rock, Pop, Heavymetal, Instrumental)

Guitar & Vocals Rock/Indie/Pop - Federal Hill Studios

I'm a rhythm and melody-driven guitarist + vocalist with credits on rock, folk and indy records. Making the harsh beautiful is the main objective.

Session Guitarist / / Producer - Miguel Gessaghi

-Professional Guitar Player (10 years exp) -Composer (10 years exp) -Producer (6 years exp) -Arranger (6 years exp)

Session Guitarist, Bass BVs - Murdock Swales

Elevate your tracks with the perfect guitar parts! Any style, any genre. Composing/arranging also available.

music producer, guitarrist -

Im willing to make all your ideas possibles and all the sounds youre looking for.

Session Guitarist, Composer - Tom Jordan

Professional guitarist and songwriter, specialising in RnB, soul, neo-soul & hip-hop amongst a variety of other styles.

Session Guitarist - Creative-Music

Professional recording musician from The Netherlands.

Beat Boxing - ShaunaGarcia

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Session Guitarist/Producer - Phil Lo Presti

Session Guitarist/Producer. Hello fellow musicians! I am a seasoned guitarist who provides session work for many prestigious studios. I currently perform with some of the greatest musicians on the planet and can provide you with remote tracking from my state-of-the art facility. Tell me what you need, and I will deliver!

Session Guitarist - Matteo Moro


Songwriter&Session musician - Noel Mittmann

Songwriter and Session musician. In the file of session musicians at the Galaxy Studios.

Session Guitarist, Producer - Tim Wielenga

Rock, Punk, Hip Hop, Alternative production and mixing

Producer, Atmos Mixer - Kaushik

Guitar Player / Producer / Mixing, Mastering Engineer / Atmos Engineer. Been teaching and working in the industry for over 8 years actively producing and mixing artists.

Session Guitarist - Lisa Marie

London-based session guitarist and music tutor. BA (Hons) Popular Music Performance Guitar

Session and Live Guitarist - Laurenz Karsten

Im a Berlin based studio/live guitarist. Playing electric and acoustic (nylonstring) guitar, i like the crazy sounding stuff and sound effects. One leg in Jazz and Pop, the other leg in electronic music. Working with Sebastian Studnitzky, Komfortrauschen, Sebastian Hackel, Calou and more

Session musician and Producer - Poliedricsimo

My name is Simo and I'm a producer, composer and Guitar player, bass player, ukulele and keyboard player.I have more than 20 years of recording studio experience as audio engineer, guitar player and composer for media. Since 2000 I'm Touring live with many Italian artists in different roles. I'm owner of Entropia Studios recording studio.

 - On reflexion studios

Tracking and mixing audio works

 - Vlad Avy

I am a Canadian record producer and engineer based in Toronto, providing professional mixing and mastering services. I come from a diverse background of film & animation scoring and sound-design, as well as a decade of experience in both playing and recording live music.

Basic Mixing and Mastering - DeadWeight Productions

My Name is Jamie McKay, I am starting up my own Mixing project to go along my One-Man Music Project named "DeadWeight".

Producer arranger/ Guitarist - Esteban Colmenares

Hey there! My name is Esteban I'm a guitarist and producer arranger. I have been creating music in several genres like EDM, R&B Hard Rock, Blues and Jazz in professional environments for over a decade.

Guitar, Bass, Tracking, Mixing - Gage Markey

Creativity through simplicity - let's create! My passions are playing, recording, & mixing and I'll help where I can with any project that comes my way. I am a pupil of the blues, vintage rock and soul artists & producers but I love constructing new and unique-sounding material.

Guitarist Producer Audio Mixer - Hugo Basualdo

Musician, Producer and Mixing Engineer based in Miami, Florida. Since 2005 working in the music industry. Lot of experience working in Studios both in the US and Argentina, and with clients from all over the world. 20 years of experience tracking guitars for artists, producing songs for singer-songwriters and mixing professional tracks!

Guitars | Drums | Bass | Piano - Session Musician

Musician multi-instrumentalist and pro recording studio owner, I've played in many pop, rock, funk and metal bands, as bassist, guitarist, drummer or pianist and worked with worldwide talented artists with different universes. I have the experience and the gear to record a masterpiece at the guitar, the bass, thhe drums and/or the piano.

Session Guitarist - Brent March

UK session guitarist, composer and producer. I reside from my rural countryside studio, but I've been lucky enough to travel to some of the worlds biggest recording studios, and work with some of the most talented people in the industry (see below). My playing has featured on records, film soundtracks, advertisements as well as live settings.

Session guitarist and producer - Sam

I'm a creative session guitarist, also music producer. 20+ years of experience.

Session Guitarist - Marco Monciatta

Genre: Progressive Rock, Classic Rock, Blues, Ambient & Classical. Main Gears: Fender Stratocaster Custom Shop, Fender Telecaster Custom Shop, Gibson Les Paul, Fender Lap Steel Guitar, Dobro, Fender Jazz Bass, fender Precision Bass Fretless, Yamaha Classical, 12 & Folk Guitar. Fender Supertwin Reverb (& many others), Various Pedal Effects.

Producer, Guitarist, Topliner - gads6y

gads6y (Alex Gadoury) is a producer & artist from Toronto, Canada. Gadoury's darkly crooning vocals combine with slick guitar riffs, creating a sound that is both dark & seductive. An experienced collaborator, Gadoury has worked as a producer, songwriter & guitarist with artists such as: Will Ryte, yxshi, Miette Hope and NOA.

Session Guitarist, Songwriter - Giuseppe Negri

Guitar and bass player, I collaborate with Ibanez Italia and study at the Saint Louis College Of Music, my main genre is Metal (best at Progressive, Death, Thrash) but keen to play Rock, Funk, Jazz Rock and Pop. Why choose me? Well I have more patience than anybody else, try me.

Session Guitarist,Producer - Ji R

Music...Music........Music All Day long Session Guitarist,Arranger,Composer,Producer,Mix-Mastering,

Guitar, bass, mixing, backing - Jon Sudbury

Session guitars, bass, drum programming, remote mixing

Session Guitarist , songwriter - Alexander Patterson

This over the top psychedelic guitarist is ready to lay the deepest pocket on your track and bring you into a musical galaxy you've never visited with celestial guitar sounds you thought didn't exist.

Producer, Session Musician - Bryndon Cook

Multi Instrumentalist of Starchild & The New Romantic, producer & singer/songwriter. Credits with Solange, Blood Orange & others. Available and easy to work with.

Session Guitarist - Yeongeun Oh

K-pop Guitarist

Guitar/Recording/Producing - Parks Recording

As a man of many talents I thrive on diversifying what I do and always yearning to be creative with others. I am the guitar tech for The Band Camino and in that I have found that no genre needs a limit. Having me play guitar or produce on a track means you can get anything you want, from a rock solo to a modern dance track.

Session Guitarist - Ryan Stead

Need to take your tracks to the next level? I've recorded on countless top 40 songs across many genres. Can cover very creative-complex options to the simplest hook lines all in one session.

Session Guitarist, Arranger - Lorenzo Flammia

I've been playing gigs with other people and recording for almost ten years now. Hit me up if you think I can help with your recording!

guitar/  Mixing/  - DubStern

HIGHT educated guitarist, jazz cat, easy rock player. Guy with good ears and tiny stile feel. Also do some mixing job. got i high level recording gear in my studio . working in Logic or Ableton. can read music as well as a text)

Session Guitarist - Adrian Dehn

| Electric Guitar | Acoustic Guitar | Steel Guitar | Authentic guitar tones supporting the vibe of your track! Delivering everything from funky single note lines and timeless acoustic pickin' to ambient pedal steel guitar pads. Worked on Pop, Singer/Songwriter, Rock, TV, movie and commercial music sessions.

Singer-Songwriter, Guitarist - Sara Cruz

I am a singer-songwriter and guitarist from Portugal. I have been writing songs since I was 12, have recorded 2 solo EP's as an independent artist and have played hundreds of solo live shows.

Guitarrista  - Tchuca Elison


session guitar/mixing engineer - Caleb

I'm both a musician and a production engineer.

Guitarrist; Composer - Augusto Pazos

I'm always excited about making music, and jamming with other musicians. I wrote a couple of songs for other artists that you can listen to on spotify! @augustopazos beats :

Session Guitarist & Lyricist - Ben D.

Songsmith & Professional Recording Artist with over two decades of experience coast to coast.

Poli Instrumentalist, Producer - Edoardo Casini

"My Free contents are your Paid contents"

Producing Mixing SessionGuitar - Greg LaMastro

Music is the best isn't it? Well I certainly think so!! Here at The Fort Studios in Fort Myers, Fl I strive to produce the best sounding recordings, capture the best performances including myself and mixing them for the world to hear.

SynthPop Producer - PERM

Original SynthPop Composer

Power chord specialist. (punk) - Gregory

Recorded albums for countless labels and toured 2 continents since the early 1990s. Reliable. Power chords are my specialty. Very tight picking technique. Professional sound. Only punk rock. Specialty: from 1980s to today. Email me for info and catalog. Price depends on project. Will negotiate price on long term projects.

Session Guitarist - Tyson Hahn

LA based heavy metal guitarist with classical guitar training and 30+ years playing experience.

I record HQ electric guitar - Rifshan

I started playing electric 7 years ago, Since then I've collaborated with several local artists.

Engenheiro de mixagem. Vocal. - Guilherme Fiore

Engenheiro de mixagem e masterização. Profissional da música a ais de 20 anos.

Funk & Pop Guitarist / Prod. - Fuzy

I'm Fuzy - Andres Simon, Berlin based Guitarist, Writer and Producer Playing for the song, Pocket! Genres: Funk, Pop, Rock, Soul, House, Working for Universal Production Music, as well as German and International Artists. Credits: Meresha, Neo Unleashed, HAFTBEFEHL, Hansa Studios,

Brazilian Guitar | Producer - Gabriel Sarmento

I can help you with Brazilian rythms and language as a Guitarrist, Bass Playar, percussionist, producer and arranger.

Session Guitarist / Composer - Steven Jenny

I'm a producer-composer and guitarist with over twenty years experience playing and learning from top guitar teachers from around the country. I hold a degree in Music with high distinction from the University of Virginia. I have created and played on genres including pop, funk, rock, R&B, electronic, and film composition.

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