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These pro session guitarists will rock, shred, pluck, gently weep, or funky chunk on your songs at the best rates around

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Singer,Songwriter,Producer - Duncan Former singer / songwriter / guitarist / producer / frontman of 'The Shining' voted top Glasgow band end of the 90's by Bass Breweries.Chart Topping Indie Artists, Most Played Indie Music, , Most Popular Indie Music. In the top ten Los Angeles indie charts during most of 2018.

Producer & Session Musician - Bamboo's Beats & Productions

Bamboo is an eclectic musician and producer who is sure to find a way to accommodate your specific needs - songwriting, instrumentals, beats, mixing, .. We will get it done.

"Music Producer"  - Bruno Cancino

Session Guitarist, Music Producer, Remote Mixing and Mastering

Session Guitarist,Mixing - David West

Session guitarist,many years experience playing and recording different styles of guitar music from traditional Andean,Jamaican,Blues,Funk and differente African styles on custom made electric and acoustic guitars and MIDI guitar.

Music composer & producer - Francisco Martinez

Latin Grammy nominated 2014 for best alternative album with the band Centavrvs, Bass & Guitar player, Lapsteel player, composer & producer from Mexico.

Pedal Steel Player - Jeremy King

Steel guitar player and session guitarist that has played on songs that have reached the top 10 on Americana and Christian charts. Also, the inventor of the Mando Steel that is produced by Eastwood (Airline) Guitars and the Rextone Lap Pal that I produce myself.

Session/Writing/Mix/Production - Ollie Thomas

Multi instrumentalist, platinum award winning musician. Featured on most of the UK's network channels and composition for a variety of projects including film, theatre, television, podcasts and advertising. Credits include: Laid Black, Ed Sheeran, Alonestar (Billboard #1, UK #1), Bars & Melody

 - One Watt Studio

We are an up and coming recording studio with mobile capabilities. Let us put the time and work into your project that it takes to create something great. We mix, master, and produce.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Ryan Baker

Hey, I am a freelance audio engineer and musician from New York. I studied and graduated from the Institute of Audio Research where I earned a certificate in Audio Production & Engineering and will be continuing my studies at SUNY Purchase College in the Fall.

Music Producer/Engineer - Benjamin Nelson Music

My name is Ben Nelson and I am currently learning how to properly record and produce music. I have a good understanding of Pro Tools, basic recording/mixing techniques, I am very confident in my songwriting ability, and I can play multiple instruments. I like all kinds of music but my favorite is rock.

Recording/Session Engineer  - Chris Shrift

My name is Chris Shrift and I can help out artists with whatever they are looking for. I can be a session musician, record, produce, mix and add some different touches to your music for you.

Mixing | Producing | Guitar - Kyle Cochran

My goal is to get the sound you've been searching for.

Session Guitarist - Alex Stockey

The great experience of live performances and guitar recordings.

Singer/Songwriter & Guitarist - Daniel Guzman

Professional vocalist, songwriter and guitarist with over 25 years of experience making music with Indie and Alternative bands.

Pedal Steel Guitarist - Ben Waligoske

As both a steel player and producer, I strive to help make every project I touch more interesting and sound better than it did before it came in. I really love working with artists and producers to find just the right hook, melody, texture, and layers to make every song the best it can be.

Recording Producing Mixing   - Jack Sheehan makes music

I am an American musician and Producer living in Spain. I play multiple instruments(Guitar, bass, piano, percussion) I Sing in multiple languages(English, Spanish, Portugues, Italiano, Français) I Record, Produce, and Mix. I can do any and all of this for you!

Musician,Producer & Songwriter - Moisés Plazola Espinosa

I am a passionate musician producer. Melodies are my strength. Produced "De quen chon" (Chicoché) covered by Caloncho. Was a part of the "Amarte Tour USA" 2018 Sharing the stage with Juanes and Mon Laferte. Participated in pre production of the Belanova album "Viaje al centro del corazón" (2018). Produced Caloncho & Sabino 2018-2019 live show.

Bedroom recording specialist - Pasta Music

I'm not good at selling myself, I'm good at music. At least that's what I believe.

Remote Producer/Guitar/Singer - Jenny Dang

A passionate deep diver in sounds that bend the norm, I view music as a form of expression and connection. It is a universal language that seeks to unite and elevate people to different emotional spaces. There is a lot of distraction and direction out in the world that may or may not make sense, why not let the music within you bridge that gap?

Mixing Engineer, Guitarist - Tommy Vasta

I can create great professional mixes for a price anyone can afford. I can also assist in the writing / programming process.

Music Producer / Guitarrist - Isaac Solanas

Having worked in different generes I analyzed what stands out in every one of them, allowing me to apply the strong production points of of one genere to the other to make it more exciting.

Sound sage, sound advice! - Mino Peric

If you’re looking for a sound sage who delivers sound advice, get in touch!

Recording, Mixing, Production - D.I.S. Sound & Image

In the North-West of Denmark, in the peacefull island of Mors, a musical analog heart meets a complex digital mind. A pure analog audio path is fed and managed by computerized precision.

Music Producer - Felix Albers

Musician and Producer. If you need a Voice for your House Track or HipHop Hook. A Beat. A great Mix & Mastering. Or just a nice Guitar for your Beat. Contact me.

producing and mixing  - James Sacco

I work with software to create unique sounds and styles of music. I can produce, mix, master and overall improve the quality of your sound.

I'm a music producer - Kintu Canela

I'm a R&B/Pop music producer and a session guitarist.

Concept to release: All things - Don Mercer

I can mix and/or master your tunes, flesh out a basic idea into a full production, add instrumentation (guitar, bass, synth, quality midi-drum samples, sing) ... I write a song every week - a studio junkie.

Session Musician, Producer - Caleb White

Experienced multi-instrumentalist specializing in indie rock/folk, and modern praise and worship.

Guitarist, Music Producer - Ed Varez

I can record professional sounding electric guitar, acoustic guitar, classical guitar and Piano. I can also tune your vocals, write lyrics in spanish and english. Produce your song, in different genres including, Pop, Rock, R&B, Singer-Songwriter, Latin, and more.

Session Bassist and Guitarist - Ryan Mortimer

Experienced Bass Player, Guitarist and recording engineer with over 15+ years experience. Working across multiple genres, I prefer to work within Post-Hardcore, Metal, Heavy Rock & Indie genres.

Session Guitarist, Producer. - Ludovick Ellyson

The guitarist, producer you're searching for!

Mix Engineer & Studio Musician - James Harmer

I do Mix Engineer Work and Studio Musician Work as a Guitarist and Drummer. My main focus right now is on Mixing, and in that regard it is on Professional and Competitive Quality.

Producer/Multi-Instrumentalist - Hamish Cook

I can produce music in many different styles. Guitar, Bass, Realistic and Affordable Drums.

Session Guitarist, Tracks - Agustín Rivera

Guitarist specialized in tango, Session guitarist, I create tracks

Drummer, Producer - Emerge Dora

drums that slap

music producer, remote mixing - Yota Dora

Electronic music producer, electric guitar (rock, metal)

Singer-songwriter & Guitarist - Snow

Music that leaves something, somewhere in your heart.

Session Drummer & Riff Writer - Will

Drummer/Writer for Brighton Alt-Pop group, Orchards with an ear for for complex yet musical drum parts, and spacey, quirky riffs.

Mix, Session Guitarist - Kristian Knudsen

Studying the art of sound. High level of musical knowledge, musicianship & theory.

Make bass,guitar,drums,beats - felipandule

I specialize in electric bass, guitar and synths but I also make beats. I love working with different kinds of music and I am not very experienced buy I am looking to get there.

Producer. Composer. Musician. - Benjamin Hoel

Playing any instrument that falls into my hands and building on poeples ideas. I also have a few of my own.

Guitarist/Engineer/Producer - Jose Orea SNR Recording Studio

Hi! My Name is Jose and I´m a Musicians Institute graduate, guitarist/producer/engineer out of Mexico. I own a recording studio and do all types of audio work from recording, mixing, mastering and post. I also teach audio engineering at Mexico´s top university ITESM.

Remote Mixing - Romain Berger

Available for remote mixing. Specialized in metal and rock

Recording and Mix Engineer - Noah Frazee

Experienced engineer, singer/songwriter/musician, and producer based out of Nashville, TN.

Singer/Musician/Composer - Adrian Banuelos

I’m an energetic, motivated, and caring individual who wants to adapt my artistic, creative, and thespian talents to new challenging projects that continually inspire and push my capabilities.

home studio musician  - gunurrainn

You want something different and progressive ... I make my own collaborate and enhance .... I have a fairly decent pair of ears on me and an imagination you cannot imagine ... Try me for free initially and if you like we can so be ..... Visit sites that feature my work at :-

Mixing/Composing/Guitar - Matthias Grube

Experienced Rock engineer. Co-Producer of DAT ADAM's Cyberrock EP (1,5million plays on Spotify). Played at Rock am Ring, Juicy Beats, Rock im Park and other big events in front of thousands of people. Rock/Blues/Jazz/Pop guitar player. Creative and ambitious in composing. Taking every project serious - no matter how "big".

Guitarist - Niko Mcknight

I've spent many years in studios (and on stages) around the world playing guitar for some of music's most loved and recognized artists. From TLC and Brian McKnight to Luca Hanni and Ray J. I've also done sound work for Adidas.

Session Guitarist - Gabe

I specialize in composing and recording guitar parts for a wide range of genres.

guitarrista de sesión - Migue

Estudie música en Buenos Aires Argentina, fundando y participando en varios proyectos de rock, blues, pop y jazz. mi estilo se define mas por corrientes jazzeras pero puedo acomodarme al estilo de tu preferencia. participe en varios festivales de rock blues y jazz de mi ciudad acompañando y dirigiendo proyectos.

Session Guitarist - Michael Baugh

Favourite achievement: Hans Zimmer commented on my work. Most unusual instrument I play: Fretless Guitar. I am a signed artist (soloist guitar player) and work with the best players in the world, GRAMMY award winners and GRAMMY nominees on a regular basis.

Session guitarist - Crosswins

I am a guitarist who has come back to playing guitar later in life and who now does song writing and some tracking too.

 - George Fraser

Currently studying a degree in music production at the Academy of contemporary music in Guildford. At the moment I am recording / producing & mixing a variety of projects which stem from solo artists, to Psychedelicrock bands.

Bass/Guitar Player, Producer  - Laucha The Kid

Award winning musician, engineer and producer from Argentina Recorded over 200 songs 22 years old Music is my life

Producer, Songwriter, Musician - Chris P.


I'm a music producer, songwriter/musician with 9 years of experience working in song creation process and audio engineering. I have produced/engineered works for Kevin Gates, America's Got Talent, and more. I do professional quality services in the areas of songwriting, music & audio production, audio editing, sound design for television & film.

Acoustic Guitar Mixologist - Wayne Janssen

I am a melody maker. I truly enjoy creating memorable melodies that evoke, transcend and paint robust and beautiful soundscapes.

Songwriter & Studio Musician - Joe Taylor

I'm a great and passionate songwriter/guitarist with an endless flow of ideas that will never disappoint.

Lyricist, Singer, Guitarist - Josh Di Tomasso

I've been playing guitar for seven years while writing lyrics. I am in a band called Past The Verge as the lead guitarist and clean singer. My band has played for bands such as Gideon, Obey the Brave, Ghost Key, and Aversions Crown. We are also sponsored by the clothing brand "Barren Souls."

Musician, Producer, Engineer - Didier


Hello! my name is Didier and having a bachelor of music, with a concentration in recording, engineering and producing, I am ready to provide my contribution to the world of music.

Vocals, Guitar, Rap, Lite Prod - Harry Ho

I have years of experience leading worship for teens, young adults, and adults. I play guitar, rap, sing, and do some light production on my own music.

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