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I'm Samu, songwriter for Tantalize. I can create guitar, synth & piano tracks for you song. I can also work as a co-producer bringing my own ideas to the table.

Tantalize is the name of a collaborative recording project from Finland helmed by producer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Samu Puuronen. It began in 2015 and has been releasing unique original music ever since. Tantalize has a strong rock/metal component but takes a no-genres approach to songwriting. Puuronen has a background in classical piano and his musicality allows him to mix his metal with many outside influences. He displays a deep grasp of modern pop and melodic rock that creates striking contrasts with his heavy guitars.

Puuronen handles the keys, guitars, and partly songwriting/producin duties for Tantalize and collaborates with outside artists on the rest. This adds to the ever-shifting soundscape of his tracks. The goal is pouring out real emotion into songs that are dark, gritty, upbeat, driving, and melodic. There are songs to dance to, cry to, and bang your head to. Puuronen is currently seeking to expand the band into a live unit and get these songs in front of the music fans of the world. Tantalize is his method of turning his personal darkness into positive creativity. Listeners into intense modern rock with a thinking man’s edge need to find this music today.

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16 Reviews

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  1. Review by Steve Kolakowsky
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    Great songwriter & talented engineer. Excellent communications. Pleasure to work with. Looking forward to working with Samu again in the future.

  2. Review by Igor Korzhov
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    As always, a pleasure to work with Samu.
    In addition to my previous reviews, I'd like to mention that he works in different genres, which is great.
    Always interesting what's coming next :) and he keeps it fresh

  3. Review by Elliot James
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    Fantastic talent and excellent communicator! would love to work together again : )

  4. Review by Igor Korzhov
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    As always, Samu is a pleasure to work with. He knows what he wants, gives clear explanations and mix comments. Valuates time and work fast.
    I'm looking forward for more cooperations.

  5. Review by Nate Barnes
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    Samu is an absolute pleasure to work with. His material is awesome and his communication is clear and timely. I've done a few tracks with him now and really enjoy working with him, highly recommended!

  6. Review by Sunnie Williams
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    It was a total pleasure working with Samu again! What an amazing songwriter. He is also very thorough about his vision is very helpful! It was lovely working with you again Samu! Until next time.

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    I had a beautiful experience working with Samu and mastering his music. His mix was excellent so the mastering process was a breeze. Samu communicated his needs clearly and courteously. A real professional. I hope to be working for him again someday.

  8. Review by Igor Korzhov
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    Just finished mixing another song for Samu. It's a pleasure to work with him. He knows what he wants, clearly explains what to do and what to achieve. Files he provided are all performed and recorded very well. No need for extra editing.
    I'm looking forward to more songs from Samu. One of the best clients I worked with.

  9. Review by Nate Barnes
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    Samu was a pleasure to work with, I really enjoyed his track and he is a great communicator. Would gladly work with him again, highly recommended!

  10. Review by Taylor H.

    Working with Samu was a great experience! He is a talented musician and will provide a high-quality of professionalism to whatever you need!

  11. Review by Joe Dickey
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    Samu was a pleasure to work with! He was clear in communicating his musical vision for his song and handled everything like a pro! Hope to work with him again soon!

  12. Review by Sunnie Williams
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    I had an awesome time working with Mr. Puuronen! He was very encouraging and communicative. Would definitely work with him again.

  13. Review by Jeanne Albin
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    It was such a pleasure to work with Samu!
    Really interesting track, great communication (precise and quick answers). Clearly, Samu cares about his work very much! He was also really nice and polite, which is always appreciated. I really hope we'll be able to work together again in the future!

  14. Review by Igor Korzhov

    Just finished mixing another song for Samu. It's a pleasure to work with him. He knows what he wants, clearly explains what to do and what to achieve. Files he provided are all performed and recorded very well. No need for extra editing.
    I'm looking forward to more songs from Samu. One of the best clients I worked with.

  15. Review by Tyson Yen

    Samu recently approached me to sing on a track for his awesome project Tantalize. Not only was he a pleasure to work with, the music just plain rocked! Huge production, great artistic vision. Very Pro!

  16. Review by Igor Korzhov

    I was mixing a couple of tracks for Samu. All provided tracks were well played and professionally arranged. The whole process was smooth because he knew what he wanted to achieve and communication was fast and productive. One of the best people to collaborate with.

Interview with Samu Puuronen

  1. Q: What advice do you have for a customer looking to hire a provider like you?

  2. A: Listen to the music I have released to get an idea what I can offer.

  3. Q: If you were on a desert island and could take just 5 pieces of gear, what would they be?

  4. A: Biggest pair of Genelec-speakers I could find, my guitar & keyboard, generator & PC.

  5. Q: What was your career path? How long have you been doing this?

  6. A: I first started playing piano when I was 7. I played classical music for years. When I was 15 I picked up an electric guitar. I went to a vocational college to study music. It almost killed my passion for music. I quit & took a break. Then I got back into music - this time focusing on my own music. Since then I've been creating my own music.

  7. Q: Which artist would you like to work with and why?

  8. A: Even though I admire the body of work of many famous musicians, I would love to collaborate with less known artists. They are out there. The world has not heard of them yet. But they have it in them.

  9. Q: How would you describe your style?

  10. A: I reckon my music is pretty melodic, ranging from very soft to heavy metal.

  11. Q: Analog or digital and why?

  12. A: Digital for now. Because it's affordable & easy to use. I am a songwriter, first and foremost. I appreciate things that work smoothly.

  13. Q: Can you share one music production tip?

  14. A: Music is a passion, a love. Find what you love doing & keep working on it. More than anything, be patient.

  15. Q: Tell us about a project you worked on you are especially proud of and why. What was your role?

  16. A: Tantalize is my musical journey. I am proud to have listened to my own voice & what I love to do. The journey is only in the beginning.

  17. Q: What are you working on at the moment?

  18. A: New Tantalize songs. I'm also thinking the next move with my musical path. To find a live band to play with from somewhere in the world would be so nice. I'd also be willing to move for my music.

  19. Q: Is there anyone on SoundBetter you know and would recommend to your clients?

  20. A: Yes! Tyson Yen & Sunnie Williams are great vocalists from L.A.! Igor Korzhov is a fantastic mixing engineer, especially for rock & heavy metal.

  21. Q: What type of music do you usually work on?

  22. A: It ranges from hard rock/heavy metal to classical. As long as I love the music and the song, it doesn't matter what the genre is. It never has mattered, it never will.

  23. Q: What's your strongest skill?

  24. A: Creating songs for my band Tantalize. I compose, write lyrics, play guitar, keys & sometimes bass.

  25. Q: Tell us about your studio setup.

  26. A: Focusrite audio interface, ESP Eclipse II Evertune, Korg synthesizer & Roland digital piano

  27. Q: What other musicians or music production professionals inspire you?

  28. A: Tuomas Holopainen, Nightwish, Ghost, Rammstein, Mastodon, In Flames, Tim Finn, Neil Finn, Howard Shore, Hans Zimmer, Eminem, Yelawolf + many more.

Tantalize - Night

I was the Guitarist, keyboardist, producer & lyricist in this production

Terms Of Service

1 revision. Turn-around time ranges from 2 days to a week - depending on the project. I will deliver high-quality .wav-files. Delivering in dry-signal (guitars) is possible. 24bit / 48khz.

Gear Highlights
  • Guitar: ESP Eclipse
  • Audiointerface: Focusrite
  • Synhesizer: Korg
  • Digital piano: Roland digital piano
  • DAW Reaper
  • Guitar amps: Positive Grid Bias
  • Drums: EZDrummer 2
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  • New single out June 30thJun 25, 2017

    New single by Tantalize is out next Friday. We made a great song with Soundbetter-users Sunnie Williams, Nate Barnes, Joe Dickey, Igor Korzhov & Kramer.

    When it's out it'll be everywhere; Spotify, ITunes, Amazon, Youtube etc.

  • Now looking for a mastering engineer for our 4th song.Jun 12, 2017

  • Tantalize Song 4 - MixingJun 10, 2017

    The mixing for our 4th single is almost finished. Next week will be all about mastering.

    New song will be out in July.

  • Tantalize Song 4 recordingsMay 24, 2017

    Vocals, drums, basses, guitars, piano & synths are now recorded for the next song.

    Next step, mixing.

  • 4th songMay 09, 2017

    4th song from Tantalize currently on production.

    Currently looking for a vocalist, bassist & a mixing engineer.