Top Electric Guitarists for hire

These pro session guitarists will rock, shred, pluck, gently weep, or funky chunk on your songs at the best rates around

Producer and Instrumentalist  - Alex Rein

Gold Record certified | 400,000,000 streams | Producer | Multi-Instrumentalist. My ultimate goal is to help bring your vision to life.

Organic Soulful Producer - Joe Marson


Need an authentic male soul, rock, singer/songwriter voice? I'm your guy. My voice can be heard in Marvel properties (Deadpool, Daredevil, Jessica Jones) as well of tons of shows on Netflix, FX, ABC, NBC snd more.

Guitarist, Producer, Engineer - Roman Kostiuk


Professional studio recorded guitars from strumming to fingerstyle (acoustic, electric, nylon, steel, bass, ukulele) in such genres as indie rock, pop rock, acoustic music, rock, indie, folk, funk.

Beat Maker - BNAMusic88

"California born. DMV raised. Prodigy Mutl-instrumentalist. Hip Hop producer. Brooks Anderson had been making music since the age of 11. Through his career as a musician, he has won much praise through the D.C., Maryland and Virginia area as a guitar player in the Gogo Band, REACTION BAND. He has played shows with Nicki Minaj and Project Pat.

Studio/Live Guitarist  - Johanns Steiner

Johanns Steiner is a Live/Studio Session Guitarist, Latin Grammy Award Winning, Laras Member. Johanns has over 15 years Experience as a Session Guitarist, Nominated to ARPA Awards.

Guitarist, Song Writer, Poet - oska

Writing & Music is what I live for. Eschew moderation.

Slide guitar, Mixing Engineer - Kevin

The only place on earth where you can get something Good, Fast, and Cheap. I have zero Grammys to my knowledge, I don't have Spotify so not sure on the plays number either. But I rip on guitar and have good ears and I will make your music sound great for an affordable price.

Recordind Studio - IV Metal Foundry

We forge a different kind of metal.

Session Bass Guitarist -

I am currently primarily working the UK Jazz/Funk scene, playing In venues such as the 606 Jazz Club In Chelsea on a regular basis. I work In many different bands, performing a wide range of styles and repertoire. I can handle almost anything the client throws at me. I like to rock a young/trendy/modern look and I'm a great hang.

Creative Session Recording - Active Light Session Work

At Active Light Productions we specialize in composing and recording parts, sounds, and textures for musicians all over the World. We put our full passion in to being creative and innovative on every project we track for.

rock producer, guitarist - Max Quaini

Rock song producer for high-end music libraries - lead guitar player ready for your next guitar solo, just check me out and gimme a try!

Music Producer, Guitarist - ristridi

As guitarist of German Black Metal Band Agathodaimon, as a YouTuber since over 10 years and a student of music production, I can help you make your music sound the way you want it to. I specialize in rock and metal production. However, if you are in need of a session guitarist, I can also help you out!

Mixer, Producer, Guitarist  - Charlie Underhill

Mixing engineering specialising in Indie | Indie Rock | Indie Pop. Credits include : WILD |

Interactive Music Producer - Kenny Greg

-Guitarist -Bassist -Programming -Rapper -Singer -Mastering -Anime Lover

Producer, Guitarist and Singer - Gustavo Marson Battistini

Hi, my name is Gustavo and I'm an artist from Brazil. I am a guitarist and singer with a various background in latin, brazilian music, jazz and pop/rock songs. As a producer, I've worked with people from all over the world, like Brazil, United States, Nepal, China, United Kingdom and helped them achieve marvelous results.

Pedal Steel, Slide, Dobro - Jeremy King

Steel guitar player and session guitarist that has played on songs that have reached the top 10 on Americana and Christian charts. Also, the inventor of the Mando Steel that is produced by Eastwood (Airline) Guitars and the Rextone Lap Pal that I produce myself.

Valve Guitar Track Re-amping - Premier Re-amping

I specialise in electric guitar re-amping with a special emphasis on Valve tone and quality using all valve processing (including valve effects). With the quality of simulation and modeling amps I aim to offer authentic valve tone unmatched by amp simulation and modeling amps. My skills offer an unrivalled quality to compliment your music.

Session Musician - Michael Herlihy

I will help you tack your tracks to the next level!

Bass, Guitar, etc. - Kaylee Stenberg

Bass and Guitar credits include Ella Luna, Squid & the Elephant, Bex, and b0dies. Versatile in genres and will complete track to satisfaction. :)

Session Guitar Player/Producer - Hoorshad

Hello, my name is Hoorshad, and I'm a session guitarist and producer who wants to assist you in making a beautiful record. On numerous music platforms, I've supplied high-quality online music production and guitar tracks. Let's develop something fantastic together and bring your ideas to reality.

Vocalist, Composer, Topliner - Dawn Koyote

Hey there! My name is Dawn Koyote and I'm from Long Beach CA. I've been a professional vocalist, and songwriter for over 13 years and have been blessed to share studios and stages with artists like Snoop Dogg, YG, Lizzo, James Blake and Janelle Monae. I have a strong and versatile voice and I've worked on hundreds of songs across multiple genres.

Remote Rock Mixing - Matias Suarez

Mixing Engineer looking for a job

Producer, Guitarist - Daniel Vildósola

Daniel Vildósola, an emerging producer and virtuoso on guitar and pedal steel, boasts top-tier credits with acts like HÆLOS, Willow Kayne, and The Overland. His innovative sound, a fusion of genres with an offbeat allure, sets him apart in the music landscape.

Audio Engineer - Nick C

I'm a audio engineer in the process of building a portfolio.

 - McBrayer Mastering

McBrayer Mastering offers professional and commercially viable mastering services at an affordable price.

 - George Fraser

Currently studying a degree in music production at the Academy of contemporary music in Guildford. At the moment I am recording / producing & mixing a variety of projects which stem from solo artists, to Psychedelicrock bands.

Music Producer/Engineer - Benjamin Nelson Music

My name is Ben Nelson and I am currently learning how to properly record and produce music. I have a good understanding of Pro Tools, basic recording/mixing techniques, I am very confident in my songwriting ability, and I can play multiple instruments. I like all kinds of music but my favorite is rock.

Guitarist/Engineer/Producer - Jose Orea SNR Recording Studio

Hi! My Name is Jose and I´m a Musicians Institute graduate, guitarist/producer/engineer out of Mexico. I own a recording studio and do all types of audio work from recording, mixing, mastering and post. I also teach audio engineering at Mexico´s top university ITESM.

Singer, Guitar, Voice Over - Jacob Blount

Years on the road playing guitar with Christian artist Rush of Fools, 4 years classic vocal training, Brett Manning Vocal Technique trained.

Pop producer/Session Guitarist - Max Mitchell

Hi! I'm an experienced and professional Producer, Audio Engineer, Mixing/Mastering Engineer and Songwriter located on the Gold Coast in Australia. I specialise in creating a custom and unique sound for the artists I work with. My work has been featured on MTV, Spinning Records, Majestic Casual, New Music Fridays and many more editorial playlists.

Singer - Utku Kırksekizoğlu

Seasoned singer with a versatile musical background. Proficient at vocals, guitar and bass. Intense composing and arranging abilities. Keen on creating concepts and developing projects.

Producer/Mixing/Guitarist - Joseph Piergallini

Based out of Phoenix, Arizona I am a Producer. Mixing Engineer. Instrumentalist. Song Writer. Vocalist. Lets work together and bring your music to life!

Concept to release: All things - Don Mercer

I can mix and/or master your tunes, flesh out a basic idea into a full production, add instrumentation (guitar, bass, synth, quality midi-drum samples, sing) ... I write a song every week - a studio junkie.

Guitarist - Niko Mcknight

I've spent many years in studios (and on stages) around the world playing guitar for some of music's most loved and recognized artists. From TLC and Brian McKnight to Luca Hanni and Ray J. I've also done sound work for Adidas.

Guitars Galore - Joey R.

Hit me up for some beautiful plucked strings Electric, Acoustic, Classical, Mandolin I am a skilled guitarist but mainly work as a composer/producer so I know how to provide great sounding tracks!

Session Drummer & Riff Writer - Will

Drummer/Writer for Brighton Alt-Pop group, Orchards with an ear for for complex yet musical drum parts, and spacey, quirky riffs.

Session Musician - Utility - Shaun Richardson

Hey, I'm Shaun Richardson! I'm a utility musician based out of Nashville, TN! I love getting to work on projects of all genres, and finding the right part for any song on a variety of instruments! Let's work on something together!

Producer, Mixing, & Mastering - Kendall Fowler

Hi! My name is Kendall Fowler I am a Producer, Mix Engineer, Mastering Engineer, and Multi-Instumentalist based in Nashville, Tennessee. I have a passion for bringing artist’s music to life. I love taking something from a simple voice-memo/demo into a full world of production and ultimately serving your vision as the artist. I have amassed over 30

Mixing/Mastering/Guitarist - reject

Mixing/Mastering Credits: Lil Morty, 044 ROSE, Thrill Pill, вышел покурить, D.MASTA, i61, blago white, 20TOKENS, Ошибся Номером

Any Genre Session Pianist  - Nicholas Josef Thornton

I am a musician who has been playing piano for twelve years now, guitar for two years and violin for 10 years or so and I would like to get out there and get a name for myself. I make beats as well, and I am always excited to work with new people. My goal is to get at least one song of mine on international radio.

Professional Transcriber  - Dylan Erdei

I’m a professional musician, guitarist, composer and transcriber. I've been playing since i was 10 years old and then I specialized during high school in Musical Production and I've studied at the most prestigious jazz career in Argentina (at the Conservatorio Superior Manuel de Falla) with many of the countrys most renowned musicians and teachers.

Versatile Music Creator - Emiliano Luna

Musician, Producer, Session Guitarrist, Sound Engineer and Sound Designer.

Session Bassist and Producer  - Ryz Skys

Full time professional touring and session bassist specializing in funk, rock, psychedelic, soul, R&B, blues & electronic music. In addition to bass guitar I also play synth bass, guitar, drums, sing, and am a producer, and recording engineer. I performed over 150 live shows in 2022 with a variety of different artists and musical styles.

Percussionist, Producer Disco - Darren Somerville

Multi instrumentalist specialising in house and disco.

Mix & Mastering Engineer - Dave Alcan

I want to bring your audio to life.

Rock Gutiarist and Singer - Juan Izquierdo

I'm a 15 years child, and I see that the music is so damaged by sexual lyrics, so I wanna' make Rock music with different lyrics (motivation, inspiration and love) My differentiator is that I studied so much the music, since my 9 years, and I have so much knowledge about music theory.

Producer - Kanadome

I am on a mission to create custom sounds tailored for each individual client, sharing moments of inspiration. From custom composition to mixing and crafting soundtracks for games, I strive to deliver sounds that surpass client expectations."

Guitarist, Producer, Mixer - NANDO SOUNDS

Amazon, Young rising sons, Decora, Rusted Root, Sam Stubblefield , and many more. I cover a diverse range of Sounds, from working at a World class studio, to using the inside of an empty massive water tank as a reverb chamber, to working remotely on a laptop, no matter the setting or the tools, I get results.

Musician and Music Producer - Fuchs Audio

My name is Alex Fuchs and I am a musician and audio engineer from Toronto, ON. I'm available and ready to help you with your musical project from writing and recording all the way to a final mix and master.

Modern Guitarist & Producer - Jaro


Indie-Pop, Pop-Rock, Metalcore... These are the genres I'm passionate about! With 10 years of production experience and my guitar expertise I will make your music shine!

Producer, Song Man, Guitarist - JB Eckl

Along my musical journey, I have produced, played and written for artists as diverse as Santana, EnVogue, War, Larry Carlton and Ozomatli, in every genre from electronic pop to Latin rock to roots/Americana. Each experience has taught me invaluable truths about what makes a piece of art unique and magical. Hopefully I can pass some of that to you!

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Ryan Baker

Hey, I am a freelance audio engineer and musician from New York. I studied and graduated from the Institute of Audio Research where I earned a certificate in Audio Production & Engineering and will be continuing my studies at SUNY Purchase College in the Fall.

Session Gtr, Mixing,Producing - Dan Evans

Hey my name is Dan and I am a guitarist, producer and engineer. I have been a guitar player and songwriter for the past 14 years and draw influence from everyone from Eric Clapton and Joe Bonamassa to Eric Church and Dierks Bentley.

Write songs, musik - Algebra

Singer,Songwriter,Producer - Duncan Former singer / songwriter / guitarist / producer / frontman of 'The Shining' voted top Glasgow band end of the 90's by Bass Breweries.Chart Topping Indie Artists, Most Played Indie Music, , Most Popular Indie Music. In the top ten Los Angeles indie charts during most of 2018.

Session Guitarist, Engineer - Reid Telando

Professional live musician experience. Audio Engineering. B.S. in Electrical Engineering I will professionally record electric and/or acoustic guitar parts for your song! Getting guitar parts to sit just right in a mix is an art form, and I have the equipment and expertise to give your song that extra lift to stand out amongst any radio ready song.

Session Guitarist,Mixing - David West

Session guitarist,many years experience playing and recording different styles of guitar music from traditional Andean,Jamaican,Blues,Funk and differente African styles on custom made electric and acoustic guitars and MIDI guitar.

Production, Mixing, Mastering - Nick Franz

We want to support you in achieving your music goals by finding the right way for you to grow. We will help You unlock Your full potential in music. The studio is specialised in songwriting, music production, mix and mastering for any subgenre of Rap, Hip-Hop and Trap music.

Composer, Arranger, Guitarist - Vance Mazure

Musical Swiss Army knife. Writes/arranges for any instrument in any situation. Professional and creative guitar tracks for any genre.

All genre session vocalist - Migue Lamas

Latin & alternative music singer, composer and producer. Ready to rec & roll.

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