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These pro session guitarists will rock, shred, pluck, gently weep, or funky chunk on your songs at the best rates around

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Photo of ProgMark

My name is Mark I'm a musician specifically I play guitar and have been for more than 10 years. my influences range from classic rock, progressive rock/metal, new wave, metal, space rock, psychedelic rock etc.. I also recently graduated an audio engineering course with Recording Connection. My specialty is mixing, I am also GarageBand savvy.

Photo of Kursun Sound & Music Design

Music, sounds and repertoire design needs planning and sustainability. We analyse your needs carefully. After a discrete planning phase we start production.

Photo of Alfalfa Music

Hi I am a mix engineer specialising in the pop-rock genres. I use Logic X as my primary DAW but also am proficient in using pro tools & cubase. I work 100% in the box using the latest plugins from Slate Digital, Waves, Izotope etc.

Photo of Porcelain Records

Record producer Steve Bigas who secured a Grammy award as an engineer (Taj Mahal), a Grammy nomination as a guitarist (Ziggy Marley) and a Juno award (Engineer) Base is Bass and previously signed to "Dreamworks" by Robbie Robertson with his band "King Clancy", has created a new record label and studio based out of Raleigh, North Carolina.

Photo of Basement Studios

Swiss-Army-Knife of organic Musicproduction

Photo of Alpha.Redd

Naturally meticulous, I produce truly transparent mixes from my West London studio. Hip-hop, RnB, Trap, Grime & PODCASTS - Let's work!

Photo of Mike Johnson

Singer/songwriter with a knack for hooky rock melodies and woody vocals.

Photo of Aidan Graven

Los Angeles based producer/songwriter. Looking for interesting new projects to work on with talented up and coming artists.

Photo of Dionis

Fast and cheap mixing of your songs from pop-rock to brutal death metal. Reamping.

Photo of Taras Terletskyy

Music composer/sound designer and sound engineer. I have my own Recording Studio and big experience in sound production. I've done a lot of music and sound for games, movies, and theatres. English-speaking songwriter.

Photo of Nathan_Tomsic

Need the job done well and your budget not to blow up? I'm your man.

Photo of Windowman Productions

Session work; online. If you need guitar or bass parts recorded, I will get the job done in a pro and timely manner. Fluent in most genres, I can add that special sauce to your musical burger. Played on 1000's of sessions. Mixing: I've mixed 1000's of recordings, from single tracks to full albums, from artists all over the world.

Photo of Christopher Byron

Bassist, Guitarist, Songwriter/Arranger who will put the needs of your song first to bring the best out of your project.

Photo of Cíara Rafferty // Irish Vocals

Northern Irish singer/songwriter providing beautiful lead vocal or backing vocal recordings. Specialising in Country, Folk, Irish and Americana.

Photo of Gaurav Chintamani

Mixing engineer and music producer, bassist for the band Advaita ( and music educator at SACAC ( I have been producing, recording and mixing music since 2005.

Photo of Johannes Hautop

Hi, my name is Johannes and I do play acoustic and electric guitar, record and mix songs, compose and do sound design for all styles of contemporary popular music.

Photo of VA Studios

I am a Growing Mixing and Recording engineer.

Photo of Chris Atkins, Eyesight Audio

Photo of Studio 101

I am a music producer specializing in rock and electro styles. I mostly work out of a small project studio perfect for mixing and recording most instruments. My studio was recently nominated for "Unique Project Studio" at the Pensado Awards!

Photo of Mel Duterte

I am a musician, mixing engineer, producer, and songwriter based in the Los Angeles. email


The „SONGS & WHISPERS“ – STUDIO in Bremen ( is part of the "SONGS & WHISPERS" - MUSIC NETWORK ( and of the worldwide „SONGS & WHISPERS“ – STUDIO NETWORK (

Photo of TPS (The Print Shop)

My name is Phil daRosa. I'm a producer, songwriter, mixing/mastering engineer, and guitarist/bassist. I live and have a commercial recording studio on Martha's Vineyard, off the coast of Massachusetts.

Photo of Timothy Liddy

I Want To Make Your Songs Addictive. Your Fans Will Be Tattooing The Lyrics Onto Their Arms.

Photo of TwentySvn

My passion & my sole purpose is to collaborate with you the artist / creator in an effort to ultimately build something magnificent. My main & only objective is to create greatness. If you feel you have something that's inspiring or special, then I'm here to listen. So lets manifest an idea into a finished and polished product. Lets work!!!!

Photo of ZRK.PROD

Let's make some good Art.

Photo of ChrisxBentley

I am a guitarist, bassist, pianist, engineer, producer, rapper, singer,

Photo of Hand Drawn Studio

Writing, recording, mixing and tidying up tracks in Pro Tools, Logic and Reason.

Photo of FGM (Facundo)

Im from Buenos Aires, Argentina. My true passion is music production. I've worked with Discovery Kids as a composer for "Mini beat power rockers", Latin music (Argentina-Colombia), Pop-Rock Indie artists, and also Theater music. I love getting involved in different kind of music productions. Hear my playlist "Producido x Facundo Mazzotta"

Photo of Music Outside the Box

If you have a song in your head and you need help bringing it to life, let me help! I can track guitar, drums, bass, keyboard, and much more. I use my musical background to produce your song; I can create exciting chord changes, a musically-nuanced vibe, and make your song more rhythmically-catchy!

Photo of Julien Younes

Versatile musician with a grand background of music genres, from ethnic to modern.

Photo of Cameron James

Music is my thing. I have worked from a Pro Tools platform for close to 10 years now and before that, Samplitude and Sound Forge were my magic creators of choice. I studied North Indian Classical music in Varanasi, India for two years and then did a 3-year degree in Sound Engineering. I love nothing more than to get lost (and found) in sound.

Photo of Saligia Studio

Hello, my name is Michael and I do all kinds of stuff (recording guitars, writing arrangements, drum parts, bass parts, editing stems, reamping guitars, mixing, mastering e.t.c.) if it's related to "core" genres or metal.

Photo of Leo Goh

I'm a graduate of GIT, Guitar performance and RIT, Audio Engineering, Musician's Institute. I enjoy all forms of music, whether it's playing or engineering. I am proficient in both LogicX and Protools, having been certified by Avid as an Operator and will definitely be able to cater to your needs.

Photo of Bram Schouw | Studio Solo

Got stuck with your song, got this amazing idea, but just can't seem te get past this one line...? Got a great song, but it's just you and a piano or guitar and you're looking for "the rest"...? Recorded your song and you're super happy with it, but it just doesn't sound like you wanted...? I can help. Producing & writing is what I love to do

Photo of Doma Schrank

Los Angeles based producer, composer, songwriter, musician.

Photo of Antarchitecture Music

I produce, write, edit, mix & master tracks! I'm a music producer (bachelor's degree) and I’ve been playing piano and guitar for over ten years, so they are my go to instruments. Some of the tools I use is NI Maschine, electric/acoustic guitars, microphones, keyboards & analog/digital synthesizers.

Photo of Drew McGuire - MILO LLC

Editing, Mixing, and Mastering is my passion. I am relentless in my pursuit of sonic perfection.

Photo of Alex Johnson


Pop artist based in Nashville. When i'm not gigging my other passion is to write songs for other artists. I also am a session vocalist that can work with a variety of different styles. I've worked with Grammy-winning writers, producers, and vocal coaches. I'm so excited to be able to work with other talented creatives and make something awesome!

Photo of Robert Back

A hardworking Audio Intern that has learned by assisting the best!

Photo of Nicklas Öhrström

Singer | Guitarist | Songwriter | Mixing and mastering

Photo of Teresa Brashear

Hi, there! Let's work together Teresa Brashear grew up in Los Angeles and graduated from California State University. She is a mom, a HR manager at an IT company, and a successful writer. She loves to spend time working in the garden, learning French and Chinese, and playing volleyball.

Photo of Paul Sikoral

I am a music producer and engineer. I can make the beat from the ground up anyway you want it, mix it, master it, and get you a final track that you were involved with in every step of the process. I can make any genre you want but specialize in R&B, Hip-Hop/Rap, pop, and anything with guitar because I'm a very experienced guitarist. I WORK FAST

Photo of ZackENG

I'm a musician and writer.

Photo of CARTA INC

From your 'demo' track to radio-ready commercial song. I use pro software, equipment and 15 years of experience to create drum tracks, record guitars, bass, keys, synth and sprinkle of modern production + mixing and mastering to make your next hit BIG.

Photo of Jonathan Lennerbrant

If it makes you dance, it’s good, it’s perfect, it’s done. Disco, italo, house, techno in a quirky world, that’s where I live, whether you sing along or just stomp your feet to it.

Photo of Haight Ashbury Studio

I have been writing, recording, producing, and mixing music for 5 years, with artists from various genres from rock to hip hop.

Photo of Steven Alan Schumann

If you need someone with professional-level technique and award-winning chops for a modern sound, then I'm your cellist! I combine years of focused classical study on the cello with my experience as an electric guitarist and modern cellist to deliver stellar sounding results at an affordable price.

Photo of Mehrad Hidden


I am one of the founders of a band called 'Zedbazi' with more than 1 billion plays in the My released albums include: "Toonel vol.1", "Bozorg vol.2", "Sefr" and "Zakharnameh"

Photo of The Jam Room Music Complex

Recording/Mix Engineer,Producer,Mastering. Guitarist, 35+ years in the industry I have worked with many different Genres of Music. I am also a very experienced guitarist & can play many styles of music as well.I have toured with many national for the past 30 years. I own a great Rec/Reh facility Check it out for more info

Photo of Sani Tait


Hi. I'm a Musician, Producer, Writer & Vocalist. Looking to collaborate with positive like-minded musical minds! I Provide the Following Full Instrumental & Vocal Production Services: *Keyboards/Piano/Synth/Organ *Live Drums/Drum Programming *Live Bass/Bass Programming *Guitars (Acoustic & Electric) *Lead & Background Vocals

Photo of Patrik Hellberg

I am a semi-proffessional studio engineer/live engineer/music producer studying on a three year music production program. Apart from mixing and mastering other artists/bands, I like to record and produce my own music. Contact me for further information.

Photo of Alex Sanford Studio Services

Hi! My name is Alex Sanford, and I'm a freelance audio engineer. However, I'm primarily a musician, and any project that I work on gets not only a technically good sound, but also a musician's touch. I can mix or master for you, edit and tighten up some tracks, or even record some instruments as your virtual session musician.

Photo of Mark Owens Production

I am a 22 year old multi-instrumentalist, specialising in the Drum Kit, and Guitar. As a recent graduate of a Bmus (Hons) Jazz, Popular and Commercial music degree i am able to read and write notation to a professional level. During my degree i specialised in composition (major study), and production (minor study).

Photo of Sean Kryzkowski

Live Sound Engineer with experience at the Kennedy Center and NJPAC, is your live sound solution

Photo of Spacedog Studio

Marco Bellotti is a guitarist, multi-instrumentalist and composer with a huge passion for recording since very young. Beginning studying guitar at 9, starting from a DIY boy, he built his first guitar from scratch at the age of 14. He started producing music in 1996 at 17, playing, recording and mixing since then for many famous artists.

Photo of Marcus Andrew Young

I create to feel or I can help you create a feel.

Photo of Bill Pomerleau

A very versatile musician and producer who specializes in film scoring, songwriting, piano, guitar, vocals, and overall music production.

Photo of Leonardo Caminati

Achieved Bachelor in Audio Production at SAE Institute Milan. Producer for Karaoke-version Website (Famous worldwide site about High-Quality backing tracks).

Photo of BARRETO

I'm a producer, recording mixing and mastering engineer. Also play guitar in @bhaviboi band

Photo of Carmina

Metal, Progressive Metal, Tracking, Time Editing, Pitch Editing, Mixing, Mastering

Photo of Snap Studio

Since 2008 we have provided music production, songwriting, recording and mixing services to many clients with who we’ve either collaborated online or physically.

Photo of Eduardo Hopperdietzel

It's fundamental for me to get a clear image of my clients visions, and I don't stop working until songs sounds exactly as in their minds.

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