Top Electric Guitarists for hire

These pro session guitarists will rock, shred, pluck, gently weep, or funky chunk on your songs at the best rates around

Guitarist, Producer, Film - Christopher Morin

I can write/record lead guitar parts or create full instrumental sections. I can score film, especially drama. Scoring upcoming short film “Dark Cloud”. Out in September 2018. @darkcloudfilm - Instagram

Session Guitarist - Ben Harmsen

Hello, my name is Ben Harmsen and I'm a guitar player from Detroit, Michigan. I know how to give your project guitar playing that "pops." Whether it's tight rhythm playing or aggressive, in-your-face leads, I can deliver the guitar sound you're looking for, and I'd welcome the chance to play on your project.

Musician & Visual Artist - xXUltraPeePiXx

I'd like to make music with you and & apply it to some stories I've written comics for. My intention is to keep working on this with different artists in an effort further push the project into animated content for music videos, art galleries & even live performances. I already have a visual art team but I need some girls willing to voice & sing.

Guitarist • Bassist • Producer - Julie Melucci Odnoralov

Guitarist, bassist, and producer based Nashville, TN.

Guitarist; Singer - [betwind]

Frontman of [betwind] music project.

Session Guitarrist, Creative - Tomás Botero C.

Im a creative guitar player, If you are looking only for an exelent performance im not your guy, I like to add to the project where I can also contribute te the project giving not only an excellent performance and recording but also my style and sound, So if you are looking for some one to give your music an extra creative push im your guy!

Guitar-Produce-Mix-Etc - David Linaburg

I can add guitar/bass of many flavors to your record, I can produce your demo into a Spotify-ready recording (mixed/mastered)

Session Guitarist - Igor Alencar

Brazil-based session guitarist. Lover of music and guitars.

Multi Instrumentalist/Producer - Chris Ketley

I am a one stop shop for guitar, bass, piano, keys, song arrangement, string arrangement & production elements. I'd love to work on your project & help you fill in all the missing musical or production elements. Whether it's just additional wet/dry stems for tracks/loops or building an entire track/production from scratch, I'd love to work with you

Producer, Session Musician - Geoffrey Keith

Can do bundle deals for discounted prices Ex: Guitar & Keys $100 Produce, Edit, & Mix $300 Or any combination you need, we can easily work out a price for you and your project

Session Guitarist/Songwriter  - Nick Cianci

I'm your indie rock x everything guy! I've been playing guitar for 15 years and have extensive experience gigging, recording, and teaching. I can add guitar to your rock, hip-hop, pop, country, folk, singer-songwriter records or whatever genre you consider yourself to be. I can also write guitar loops for you.

Guitarist, Music Producer - Angel Antonio

Kickass guitarist, songwriter and producer.

Guitarist. Producer. Composer. - Isaiah Ssemanda

Work includes Jordan Smith, Rita Springer, Laurel Taylor, Cassandra Coleman (American Idol), Tedious and Brief, Bridge Worship, and others. I've also had opportunities to do sessions and writes with various artists, as well as release lo-fi works of my own under my name!

Session Guitarist / Producer - Zane Agnew

Zane Agnew is an indie rock singer-songwriter, producer, and guitarist from New York. He is known as the lead guitar player of the band Hasty Page and American Idol top 10 contestant Julia Gargano. His blues influence brings a creative twist to the pop/rock bands he plays with. Zane has a B.S. in Music Industry + Pro Tools Operator certification.

Session Guitarist - Dakota M Petrie

I have been playing Guitar for nearly 15 years. I'm a seasoned player in many different genres of music. I've had the great pleasure of working with the best music producers in the world through my apprenticeship under the composer/arranger David Campbell, in which I would help David with the music production and transcriptions for session players.

Session Guitarist, Songwriter - Dan Diluvio

I'm a guitar player 10 years ago in one of the current important Hardcore Punk bands in Medellin City called Antexedentez, and currently playing in Cornullah a new Deathcore / Modern Deathmetal band.

Guitarist, Composer, Arranger - Aytun Gelgin

Greetings to all. I have been working as a guitarist on stage and studios for many years.

Singer/Songwriter , Musician - Aziza Love

I am a multifaceted artist, story teller, and multidimensional curator that uses life, love and liberation as fuel for my artistic expression. The skills I’ve gained over the years have developed and nurtured me into being a valuable asset on camera, on stage, and behind the scenes. I especially enjoy collaborating with like minded creatives

Musician/Producer/Songwriter - Rich Markley

Creating music is my passion! I enjoy working in a variety of genres and bringing musical ideas to life. Guitar is my specialty but I also play bass, keys and drums. Well-versed in all aspects of music production. Check out samples of my work at

Guitarrista y Bajista - JavierFL

Guitarrista y bajista me ofrezco para colaborar en arreglos, composiciones y grabaciones.

Music Recorder & Producer - Matt

I will provide the solutions you need to your production, sharing all my knowledge and talents to achieve the best result

Rhythm Guitarist - Branden_Woodall

My name is Branden Woodall and I want to help you see your songs become reality. I've got experience in multiple genres like rock, metal, punk, worship and more. Let me help you and you won't regret it!

Productor, Musico - Daniel Kej

Guitarrista desde niño, presentaciones en vivo en los escenarios mas grandes de Bogota, eventos importantes, Carajo en Colombia con 600 asistentes, rock al parque 2018 con 8.000 asistentes. Productor musical desde el 2020, creando Beats para artistas del genero Urbano, Productor Vocal, nuevos proyectos emergentes de Urbano y Rock en Bogotá COL

 - Vlad Avy

I am a Canadian record producer and engineer based in Toronto, providing professional mixing and mastering services. I come from a diverse background of film & animation scoring and sound-design, as well as a decade of experience in both playing and recording live music.

Music Producer, Guitarist - Tony De Zelis

Composer, Arranger, Guitar performer and theacher.

Songwriter/Producer - Jacob Lizotte

Hello! I'm a metal/rock producer from Warwick RI. I'm a song writer as well as a producer. I have wrote songs for hundreds of clients and some songs reaching the 600k+ view mark on youtube.

Guitarist/producer - Sergio Zurawski

I am Sergio Zurawski, ex-Madredeus guitarist (electric & acoustic), sideman/session musician, composer, arranger, producer, born in 1959, in Sao Paulo (Brazil), professional musician since 1978, I also have been working in composing and producing soundtracks for films, TV, games and theater. I have recorded over 100 albums throughout my career.

Producer, Guitar, Vocal Tuning - Blake Straus

Producer for Kehlani! Guitarist + Keyboardist for Michael Bublé and Blackbear! String arranger + Sound Designer for Halsey!. Industry leader in vocal tuning for Warner Brothers, Atlantic, RCA records etc! Los Angeles based, love to create with amazing people!

guitar specialist  - GILBERT HOPE

GILBERT HOPE a young guitarist with thousands of followers around facebook,twitter and instagram. GILBERT HOPE is a: guitar specialist songwriter deep and low voice for any backing vocals and advertising bass player and nearly a decade of hard working in the music industry contact email: GILBERTHOPE1@GMAIL.COM

Guitarist, Song Writer (ninja) - J Cattoor Music

Hello! I am a professional guitarist originally from St. Louis MO. I went to college there for music and then moved to LA and went to Musicians Institute (GIT). I have been teaching and performing for 10 years now. I offer many music services and will make something perfect for what you need! You can learn more at my site

Blues guitarist & songwriter - Sonny Paul

blues guitar specialist who has writing credits as an artist and collaborator.

Session Guitarist - Rob Harris


I'm a Grammy Award Winning Session Guitar player with many years of experience. I can provide well thought out guitar parts and arrangements and my main aim is always to bring out the best in your compositions.

Guitar, Bass, Vocals - Angelo

I'm a composer and a musician that specializes in guitars, bass, and vocals and I'm here to help musicians and bands get their music where they want it to get to.

Session guitarist - Jared Weed

Heavy metal guitar player, looking to tour full time, and contribute as much as I can to the musical universe.

Session Guitarist - Paul Brazell

Very tasteful guitar for your next song. I specialize in Indie Rock and Ambient textures. Been doing session work and touring over the past several years. My style is influenced by the music of Ryan Adams, Tom Petty, Dawes, Foo Fighters, etc. You can hear a lot of my work with the band Yosef from Nashville, TN.

Session Guitarist / Mixing - Robert Sandifer


I am a professional touring a session guitarist based out of Georgia. My family has been in the music industry since the 1950s doing everything from A&R to writing and touring. I work fast and keep the artists vision in mind with everything that I do.

Guitarist | Producer | Creator - be_redmusic

I believe each project has the ability to positively affect the world. I make sure I am conscious of the responsibility we have as artists to actively improve the world and quality of live for those who live here.

Session Guitarist,Producer - Slamx777

Guitarist of Rae Sremmurd-Rock N Roll Hall of Fame.

 Guitarist, Producer, Mixer - Jonny

Creative Guitar Player and Music Producer. Specialize in Alternative/Indie to Rock and Extreme Death Metal

Music Producer - Jeremy James Kong

Multi-instrumentalist, producer, arranger, engineer, composer with over 10 years of experience in making music,

Rhythm and Lead Guitarist - Mike Insley

Lead guitarist in Venus Rising. Able to cover, and collaborate on a multitude of genres and styles.

Guitarist, Engineer - Stian

Guitarist of 14 years, experienced in composing, recording, and mixing original music.

Musician, producer, engineer - munck

Musician, producer, & amateur mixing engineer. I dabble in indie rock, psych rock, synthwave, hip hop, and metal. I work as a session guitarist, and have a skillset in songwriting. I have worked mixing and mastering tracks for myself and other artists in varying genres.

POP / EDM Session Guitarist - ICECOLD JACK


Professionally recorded guitar parts in just couple of hours. Specialised in EDM, POP and ROCK.

Vocalist/Guitarist/Songwriter - Jack Patrick

Hey, I'm Jack! I'm a vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter. I offer both vocal and guitar work in multiple genres, but predominantly pop and EDM. With a solo career in pop music and having worked with many EDM producers I have writing and recording experience spanning two of the biggest genres in music.

Guitar, Bass, Keys, Production - Phil Dawson

Born to collaborate on great music. 20 years' experience including major labels, a US number 1, a FIFA World Cup theme and a unique global span of musical styles including African, Brazilian and Asian. Grooving rhythm guitar player and soaring soloist, bass and keys/piano player who also loves mixing, sound design and writing tunes.

'session guitarist' - noiseywiddit

The guitar is my primary instrument. I play like Trey Anastasio, Jimi Hendrix, Nels Cline, Jerry Garcia, Nai Palm, Deen Ween, Ty Segall, and Avey Tare --- but I prefer to work on music centered around sampling and rhythm. Ableton is my box. Tascam porta studio 424 is my passion.

Recording Guitarist - David Stern

Guitarist available to record in any genre other than classical guitar.

session guitar/mixing engineer - Caleb

I'm both a musician and a production engineer.

Eclectic Composer / Guitarist - Tom Burgess

Are you looking for a jack-of-all-trades, master of some, to help realise your next musical masterpiece? I work conscientiously, writing and perfecting arrangements, melodies, and chord progressions; and creatively, offering fresh ideas and perspectives to fulfil your vision to its utmost potential. I'd love to talk to you about your project! :)

Rock & Heavy Metal Guitar  - Dark Cherry Studio

Guitar Institute graduated pro guitarist with BA honours in Music Production

Session Guitarist - Jake Fine


Experienced guitarist specializing in Soul, R&B, Pop, and Rock, and Acoustic Folk. I aim to deliver my absolute best with each project and approach each new session with the same attentiveness as the last.

guitarist.songwriter.producer. - Tommaso Ermolli

Hello there! my name is Tommaso Ermolli and I am a guitarist, songwriter, producer and film composer from Italy. I like to span from rock, to EDM, passing through film-music. I like it all! Dua Lipa and Avicii can be as interesting as Hans Zimmer and John Williams! The recording studio is my natural habitat! :)

Session Guitar, Producer - Linda Taylor

Musician, guitarist from "Whose Line Is It Anyway", and many others

Composer/Session Musician - Nate Kruz

Nate Kruz has worked with Grammy winning producers Tom Biller and Dennis Mackay in some of the countries' top studios, such as EastWest in LA and Avast studios in Seattle, among many others. Cheri Oteri recently liked a post on his Instagram account.


My name is Alex and I have successfully completed a degree in music tech audio production. I have been playing guitar for eight years. Lone wolf production house studio has the capacity to record drums, bass and keyboards too. I can do everything including mixing, mastering, arranging, composing, engineering, production.

Session Guitarist / Arranger - JP Mourão

More than 20 years of studio experience, having played on hundreds of tracks recorded both in my native Brazil and in the US. Doing remote sessions since relocating to LA in 2010. My mission is to provide tracks of the utmost quality, always respecting and honoring the artists' vision.

Session guitarist. Producer. - Ash Music

I'm a guitarist, a songwriter, a composer.

Session Guitarist, MIX &Master - Dom Santoro

Guitarist, Producer, Mixing and Mastering engineer, Arranger, Full Song Instrumental production.

Guitars | Drums | Bass | Piano - Session Musician

Musician multi-instrumentalist and pro recording studio owner, I've played in many pop, rock, funk and metal bands, as bassist, guitarist, drummer or pianist and worked with worldwide talented artists with different universes. I have the experience and the gear to record a masterpiece at the guitar, the bass, thhe drums and/or the piano.

Session Guitarist  - Joshua

Received full scholarship for a Bachelors of Music at Nyack College of Music in NYC. Have played with several Christian artists live and have recorded several tracks for upcoming Christian artists.

Session Guitarist - Wolfgang Hefele

I play your Guitar Parts

Session Guitarist/Engineer - Gage Clark

I have been playing guitar for 11 years and started recording/mixing shortly after. I regularly play live and in the studio and am ready to work on any genre that comes my way.

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