Recording Vocalist & Writer - Jenny



Los Angeles

Recording Vocalist & Writer

Multi-genre expert session vocalist & writer. 10+ yrs training with vocal coach Ron Anderson (The Weeknd, Alicia Keys, Pink, Kelly Clarkson, Byork, Selena Gomez). Berklee College of Music Graduate. Vocals featured on HBO, Disney Channel, Netflix & ABC shows as well as various commercials, films, trailers, video games & other forms of popular media.

rapper and song writer - Skam




rapper and song writer

Born December 12, 1986 , Skam R'Tist A.K.A Ray'Mon Reed has always stood in front of the crowd. Always being known to read above his grade level, he became comfortable with entertaining large crowds by being the speaker at school pep rallys and events. He started his crusade into music at the age of 10 when his counselor sugg

Singer, Songwriter, BGV's - Emily



Los Angeles

Singer, Songwriter, BGV's

Full-time singer/songwriter signed to Universal Music with radio-charting songs and songwriting credits with multiple major labels. With experience across genres, I’m here to help you with any vocal or top-lining needs to make your project the best it can be!

Singer - Dani



Los Angeles


Credits: HBO's Tru Blood, ABC General Hospital, Disney Channel 'Descendants' 'Pup Stars 2', FOX 'Hollywood Today Live', A&E, ION Tv, Disney XD, Amazon & Netflix

Producer and Mixing Engineer - Hendrick




Producer and Mixing Engineer

I'm a mixing engineer and producer that has recorded, produced, and mixed for artists from Europe, Africa, Asia, Latin, and North America. Hip-Hop & Trap, Funk, Reggaeton & Latin, R&B and Soul. Nauci Gold, Fabi Reyna, Karma Rivera, Braxton Cook, G Mills, Oscar Stembridge, Soy Luna, Naunet.

Producer, Songwriter, Mixer - The



Los Angeles

Producer, Songwriter, Mixer

We're Tony and Moon "The MoonTonez" a production/songwriting team located in Los Angeles. We love meeting new artists to create great music with! Our work includes: PrettyMuch, Joel Adams, Disney Channel (Billboard #1) Cierra Ramirez, etc. We mainly work in Pop & R&B genres. Whether it's a ballad or uptempo record, we love creating hooky songs!

Riffs & Vocals Extraordinaire - Michelle

New York

Riffs & Vocals Extraordinaire

Recording artist, songwriter and VoiceOver talent with over 16 years of experience.

Music Producer and Songwriter - Andre




Music Producer and Songwriter

With over 13 years of experience,I have the ability to deliver or accompany an artist from start to finish with their song or album.From producing, writing, recording, mixing and mastering.I take great pride on working with an artist making sure their talent shines on a their song or album.I work with attention to detail and strive for excellence.

Music Composer - Jeff




Music Composer

You need that big orchestra sound. I make it. Let's jam.

Sound Your Best. - Concordia



New York

Sound Your Best.

Are you seeking a Production, Mixing and Engineering professional dedicated to helping you SOUND YOUR BEST? Click the green "Contact" button to begin the conversation.

Producer - Mixing - Mastering - JL


Producer - Mixing - Mastering

I’m JL, Mixer/Mastering Engineer, Music Producer and Beat Maker since 2004. Also have a great experience in cinema industry as a TV and Motion Picture audio post Editor/Mixer/Sound Designer. I work closely with every artist/producer/video-maker to help translate their vision into polished, competitive and industry-ready products.

Composer/Mixer/Sound Designer - Darren


Composer/Mixer/Sound Designer

Hi I'm Darren I provide a reliable, professional and dedicated online mixing service with 10 years industry experience both as a composer, songwriter and mixer. You can hire me for composition, mixing and sound design services.

Bilingual Singer & Producer - Victoria



Buenos Aires

Bilingual Singer & Producer

Hi! I'm Victoria. I am a bilingual Session Singer & Vocal Producer with over 10 years of experience in session work. I've worked as a backing vocalist for artists such as Tini Stoessel & Cristian Castro, among others. I have delivered high-quality vocal tracks in English, Spanish, French & Korean, for clients all over the world!




Buenos Aires


💥ONLINE DRUM TRACKS 💥 Send your song / l’ll record in my studio / I’ll send you drum tracks 🥁 Real drum sound for your tune! 🔴 • Grabacion online de baterías, mandame tu canción y te la reenvío con una grabacion de batería acustica y con sonido real, sin samples! 🔴 • #drumtracksonline #grabaciondebateriasonline #remotedrumtracks

Producer, Composer, Beatmaker - Pablo


Producer, Composer, Beatmaker

Versatile musician, I can record, produce or ghost-write your music. I have experience as a composer for soundtracks for shows that have aired in HBO, FOX Russia, Canal + Poland and Spanish National TV. I am also active in several bands in the Spanish pop/rock scene, such as Qvilava or Naranja, and a beatmaker for spanish rappers.

Comp/Songwriter Pianist/Coach - Johannes




Comp/Songwriter Pianist/Coach

Award-Winning Composer/Songwriter/Pianist. Performance w Stevie Wonder, Michael Bolton, Ray Brown. Written for Nickelodeon, New York Theatre Ballet, Netflix, HBO, Coca Cola. Session Pianist on Pop,Jazz,R&B, Country & Classical albums. Musical Director, Vocal Coaching on Disney, X-factor, Voice & talent camps in US,UK,AUS,France & Scandinavia.

Vocalist/ Top Liner/ Harmonies - Alison



Los Angeles

Vocalist/ Top Liner/ Harmonies

Pro singer specializing in classical, soul, jazz, blues, ethereal, Americana and acoustic pop. 4.5-octave range. Loads of love poured into each measure. New on here, but highly experienced in session singing. Look forward to hearing from you!

Audio Specialist - WchiWa


Audio Specialist

WWW.WCHIWA.COM Experienced musician, currently based in London UK, with a demonstrated history of working in the music industry. Skilled in Music Technology, Technology Integration, Multi-instrumentation, Music Production and Music Composition. Past clients: Renault, Adidas, Red Bull, Avis, Yeme, United Life, Disney Channel and many others.

Film composer / Music Producer - Yann




Film composer / Music Producer

Working for artists, films and music labels

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