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Dual Video Card Laptops

There are laptop users who want to push visuals to the extreme. They’re never content with just one video card. They need two! Desktop owners can be even crazier. They can connect up to four graphics cards and get insane benchmarks!

Of course, if you want a laptop with four video cards, you’re going to need a tank, not a laptop casing, to fit those four cards, so you’ll have to make do with that. The question is, though, why would you need two video cards? Does that mean twice the resolution? Does that mean twice the frame rates? Well, somewhat.

By using two video cards, you effectively share the load between them, making each card run at a lower temperature. This means that you can effectively get app reviews and crank your games to the max without any fear that your laptop will melt after 10 minutes of game play.

Why would you need two video cards anyway? For the insane, you can hook up multiple monitors from your laptop, thanks to more ports. You can stick them together to create one mega screen. If you have enough space in your room, playing with multiple screens should be very fun, especially for shooting and racing games.

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