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Mateo Crespo is part human part animal. Ecuadorian with a Costa Rican spirit. Part Native American and part psychedelic adventurer. And he will always be a gentleman.

One could describe his sound as eclectic, from a fresh spin off on the ballsy tropes of rock, blues and R&B to great soul records — one in which it’s easy to hear the lineage that connects Muddy Waters and Childish Gambino, with distinct nods to Marvin Gaye and Donny Hathaway somewhere in the middle or, maybe something not so pure, since there’s something positively Ramones-y in his take on furious proto-punk rock and roll.

One thing is for certain, his tones hardly foregoes the twin towers of swagger and regret, in the same sense of just how much Ashcroft, Gallagher and Marr loved and borrowed from Lennon & McCartney.

His time living in Austin, Texas derived in making something sonically coherent out of all these styles.

“I just love anything that sounds and feels heavy-hearted and dangerous. I draw from different genres to make a musical rollercoaster ride”

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