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Music Producer, Mixer

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Producers Boe Weaver have produced & mixed countless top acts as well as composing tracks for TV and Film.

Boe Weaver have produced the acclaimed Whyte Horses debut and as well as the much anticipated debut album for Rhys Lewis for Decca including the three stand out singles “Tired of Always Waking up Without You”, “Living the the City” and “Wish i Was Sober”. Alongside finishing the 77:78 album for Heavenly the guys have also produced Swan Levitt’s latest EP as well as production and mix on various tracks the latest Wandering Hearts LP and various tracks for Lauren Hibbert’s debut EP.
Obsessed with “the truth” of a song, Boe Weaver combine traditional recording and production techniques with an experimental ear. Searching out character in audio has become second nature to them, creating an exciting and exploratory sound to every act they work with.
Boe Weaver own and operate the boutique recording studio Humbug on the Isle of Wight (UK). It occupies a water tower on the outskirts of Queen Victoria’s Osbourne House estate. Humbug was designed with creativity in mind, an eccentric combination of a golden age studio but with all the benefits of modern equipment.

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Gear Highlights
  • Pultec
  • Thermionic Culture
  • EMI
  • Pye
  • ShadowHills.
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