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Remote Session Drummer

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Make Your Sh*t Groove - Great Sounding Drums (No Sample Replacement!)

I am a passionate musician and I want to record drums for your next project. I love playing & recording and I pride myself on finding the perfect drum sound for the track. I have a collection of vintage and modern drums and love exploring - need a deep, muffled thud of a snare? Looking for the modern crack of a 8" Cast Bronze snare? Small Jazz drums? Big Rock drums? Not sure?!?! Let's talk!

Please send as many references as possible - I love playing and want to make sure you are blown away with your final track or album. No ego involved.

I look forward to chatting - if you are in Los Angeles I am happy to have in-person sessions at my private studio.

Drums are all recording in a large, versatile, acoustically treated drum room with 13' vaulted ceilings. I will work with you to achieve the sound you want for your music. Big Roomy Vintage vibe? Close and up-front? Whatever you want!

Please inquire for references, etc.

Send me a note through the contact button above.

Gear Highlights
  • Vintage Sonor Drums
  • Cast Bronze & Steel Snares by Jeff Ocheltree
  • Vintage Mic Locker
  • Toft/Trident Analog Console
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