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Hi everyone, My name is Chris. I've been a musician for 21 years and have been recording, mixing and mastering for about 15 years now. My favorite part of the process is mixing. Recently, I've developed some new unorthodox approaches to mixing. I'm also an electrical engineer, and will create and/or modify gear to get it to do my bidding. :)

As mentioned in my introduction, I take an unorthodox approach to mixing. Especially now in the digital era. I use plug-ins sparingly. When it comes to reverb, delay, chorus I use some "secret" methods I've developed with some clever use of microphones, different reflective materials, and tape (as in TAPE, not the sticky stuff).

When it comes to compression, I primarily use an 1176's, and 160a's. With EQ I go to the Pultec's mainly, and a modded Tascam PE40 with some special tweaks I added myself. I also make use of some vintage "HIFI" gear on occasion to make things interesting. And some other clever use of simple LP and HP filters.

I also have a special thing I do to spice up my final mixes which I call "digital desterilization". Not going to give too much away, but it involves 8 transformers and some good tubes.

I'm a guitarist, and drummer as well. So if you need drums tracks for a song, reaping, or some extra guitar help for your songs I'd be glad to help out as well.

Contact me through the green button above and let's get to work.

Jogford - "Lizard"

I was the recording, mixing and mastering engineer in this production

Terms Of Service

Will mix remotely. 1.5 days per song turnaround time. 4 revisions, additional revisions will cost $20. 25% of full cost for mixing as down payment. FREE ONE SONG MIX TO TRY ME OUT. See terms.

Gear Highlights
  • 1176's
  • 160a's
  • EQ-P
  • Modded PE40
  • Tape
  • API and Neve Line Amps
  • REAL Reverb and Delay
  • Mad Scientist Techniques
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SoundBetter Deal

Since I'm new to this site, contact me and I'll mix a short song and if you are satisfied and have an more songs to mix I'll give you 20% off my rates!