Evan Crosby

mixing, editing, production

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I've been recording myself and my friends for over a decade and am interested in exploring other people's music. Since I'm just starting out on this site, I'll work for cheap.

Today's popular flat mixing and mastering is a tiresome bore. Destroying a song's dynamics in the scramble for "louder" also saps the music of its energy. Use your volume knob. I have hope for the future of music, but I can't do it alone. Together, we can change these trends.

I've trained my ears by listening to professional recordings of classic LPs, known as "vinyl rips." With superior sound and a huge dynamic range compared to most official releases, the sound of a good vinyl rip really shows what music wants to sound like and what every music listener deserves to hear. Combine that with my careful editing and understanding of harmonic layering and I guarantee I can make even the sloppiest lo-fi recordings (which I'm also quite fond of) sound clear and unique.

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