Top Acoustic Guitarists for hire

These pro session acoustic guitarists are ready to strum, pluck, and fingerpick on your song in whatever style, tone, or genre you need

Session and live guitarist - Trademark

I love to play music live above all! Disponible en España. Disponnible en France.

Session Guitarist - Sam McDonald

Hey there! I'm a London based guitarist who specialises in Jazz, Country, Funk and even musical theatre! I have a BMus degree in Music Performance and Recording so I can guarantee high quality recordings for your project or track. I also play banjo and bass if that is something you would want

Session Guitarist- any genre - Jayden Wilson Guitar

I will make sure you and your music are taken care of with the utmost level of concern. I am here to be a servant for fellow musicians along their journey, however I can help. Whether that is through being a session guitarist or simply talking about life or music: I am here for you.

Session Guitarist - Carl Dawson

Contemporary guitar tracks for pop, rock, R&B and country songs.

Indie-rock guitarist/engineer - Gerald Jones II

I love all types of music and would love to help mix, master, or produce for you!

Professional Session Guitarist - Josh Hilton


Rock & Heavy Metal Guitar  - Dark Cherry Studio

Guitar Institute graduated pro guitarist with BA honours in Music Production

Remote Mixing and Mastering - Remedy Records

Professional Mixing and Mastering Services at Remedy Records! Rock, Country, Alternative, Blue Grass, Punk Rock, and Hip Hop

Orchestral Film Composer - Lincoln Lam

Classically trained orchestral film composer. Pop song arranger. Experienced media composer.

Brazilian Studio Guitarist - Zé Vito

Highly professional guitarist from Brazil.

Session Guitarist/Bassist - Adam Geraghty

Experienced guitarist (for 13 years), formally trained. Collaborative open iterative process. Completed guitar tracks for companies and artists, session musician with multiple bands across many genres (soul,blues,rock,pop,funk) and multiple years live performance experience.

BassPlayer/Producer/SongWriter - Miles Davis

I am a Bass Player/ Singer/Songwriter Available for Session/ Live/ Touring/ Teaching

Remote Music Producer - HiimOscuro

Producer of urban genre, hiphop, rap, trap, drill, indie rock, etc. I make beats, instrumentals, mix and master the productions. I work fulfilling what the client wants and needs and I deliver in a timely manner

Session Guitarist - Tom Oliver

Versatile session guitarist able to perform in a broad set of genres including pop, jazz and classical.

Sesion Guitarist, Producer. - Fernando Remolina

I am a full time Colombian musician, with musical skills in string instruments, piano and bass; able to adapt to different musical styles. I have extensive experience of more than ten years in the sector, in which I have participated in different productions as a session musician and as a producer, as well as being a Live Performer.

Pop / Rock /Session Guitarist  - Ramy Ahmed MOSBAH

Hey! I’m Ramy and i'm a session guitar player, i've worked a studio and live guitarist with L'Wew, Djam, Sanaa Moussa and many more. Need a guitarist that can serve your song? Look no further, you name it and i'll play it!

Modern session guitarist - Marc Búrdalo Olaya

I'm a multi instrumentist who plays guitar (electric, acoustic and spanish), bass, mandolin and synths. I also do producer and beatmaker jobs, and mixes.

Session Singer/Guitarist  - Rory Sullivan


Indie folk singer/songwriter who specializes in acoustic music. Sounds like John Mayer, Marc Cohn and James Taylor put together. Top awards include grand prize for the Cd Baby & Sara Evans Songwriting Contests in 2012 and 2015.

... - G


G, Louisville International Airport (SDF)favorite_borderfavorite

Pro guitarist, session player, producer/arranger

Music producer and Songwriter - Checho Jimenez Campos

Hello , I am Checho Jimenez Campos an Costarrican songwriter and composer with 16 years of experience creating songs in different styles from Reggae fusion to rock and latin rythms . I can create songs lyrics in Spanish, English and Portuguese since i speak these 3 languages.

Session Guitarist/Producer - Tom Meikle

I'm a full-time musician with experience in a vast array of genres.

Session Guitarist / Arranger - JP Mourão

More than 20 years of studio experience, having played on hundreds of tracks recorded both in my native Brazil and in the US. Doing remote sessions since relocating to LA in 2010. My mission is to provide tracks of the utmost quality, always respecting and honoring the artists' vision.

Online Session Guitarist - Cloud Guitarist

I'm a budget online session guitarist for songwriters, bands & composers.

Guitarist - Stephen Mage

I am a predominantly instrumental guitarist in the vein of Robbie Basho, William Tyler, Marisa Anderson, etc. I draw from a variety of techniques and compositional traditions to create a potent and eclectic sound.

Session Guitarist  - Austin Donoho

I am a session musician and producer. Current guitarist for singer/songwriter and Voice contestant Brian Nhira. I would love the opportunity to play a part in your next project.

Producer, composer and mixer - Sveinar Edvardsen

I can write/produce a song for you, compose a film score or mix your song.

Creative Session Guitarist  - Alvaro Aguirre

A true professional of music. Talented, creative and responsible.

Session Guitarist & Composer - Maxwell Harrison

Internationally recognised guitarist, composer & arranger who's worked with Grammy-nominated pop sensation Halsey, LA indie-pop outfit Kitten, Berlin-based dreampop songstress EERA, and many other notable artists in the UK and US. Holds degrees in music from the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA) and London's Trinity College of Music.

Guitar player, singer - Steve Selvidge

1st call session guitarist that's recorded in Memphis, Nashville, LA, NYC, London, etc.

Session Guitarist - Tone Freak - Cris Torres

My name is Cris Torres and I'm a Guitarist! I love music and everything about it so I'm always looking to create beautiful melodies, comp lines, background guitars etc. My main goal is to help producers, composers and other musicians to bring their thoughts to the reality using my guitars, knowledge and creative soul. Let's find how can I help you!

Session guitarist/vocalist - Michael Mudds Music Menagerie

From Earth to the Delta Quadrant, I complete your tracks.

Session Guitarist / Producer - Matt Reviere

Hey there, I'm Matt. I'm a professional guitarist based in Nashville currently touring with Grammy award winning artist, Carrie Underwood.

Session Guitarist & Bassist - John Ester

Need a riff to get heads banging? How bout an ambient soundscape to spark listeners imaginations? Or maybe just a nice mellow bass line? Whatever flavor your song needs, I can bring the spice!

Session Guitarist - Chriss Rune

Do you want real, high quality, professional sounding guitars on your track? I am a Billboard Top100 guitarist for hire! I specialize in making interesting and unique guitar parts and arrangements. I use various gear and techniques to create a sound that suits your track.

I am a multi-instrumentalist - SmithyMusician

HOME STUDIO RECORDING I am a musician from South-West London. I play guitar, bass and drums. I've been a musician since childhood and have grown up listening to and performing various genres of music. I write my own songs, have my own projects as well as recording/ performing with other artists. I get things done quickly and professionally,

'Studio/Live Session Guitar' - Jules Martinez Guitarist

Originally from France, diploma of CCP, experienced Music instructor at Guitar Center/Music&Arts, Former performer at The Venetian Hotel, signed on international record labels (Dysmorphic on Unique Leader Records) or co-worked with world renown engineers (The Newtons w/ Brad Blackwood, Nashville TN). Self-release EP's and countless singles.

Pop Session Guitarist - David Mark Thomas

Hi! I'm David. A professional guitarist and producer with over 10 years experience in music. I've played with some of best musicians / artists in the country and would love the opportunity to feature on your song. If you have any questions at all do not hesitate to contact me.

Session Cellist  - Nick Anton

Welcome! My name is Nick and I want to record cello for your next track! I am a versatile cellist - classically trained but specializing singer-songwriter music and folk-rock. I am an experienced recording engineer and I use top-notch microphones in my studio space to ensure that you receive the best quality audio possible.

Session Guitarist - Dakota M Petrie

I have been playing Guitar for nearly 15 years. I'm a seasoned player in many different genres of music. I've had the great pleasure of working with the best music producers in the world through my apprenticeship under the composer/arranger David Campbell, in which I would help David with the music production and transcriptions for session players.

Multi-instrumentalist, vocals - Steve Kercher

I'm a songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist (guitar, piano, bass, voice, and percussion). John Lennon Songwriting Contest Finalist.

Guitarist, Composer, Arranger - Aytun Gelgin

Greetings to all. I have been working as a guitarist on stage and studios for many years.

Brazilian Guitarist - Egon Donovan

Hey! Im Egon and I can put some colors in your music!

Songwriter, Session Guitarist, - David J Reed

Accomplished Session Guitarist and Collaborating Songwriter, Musician and Lyricist. Alumni of The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance, London, UK

Hip Hop,R&B Music Produccer - Vagif

I am a music producer in genres:Hip Hop,Pop,R&B,Neo Soul,Trap. I do professional arrangements, mixing and mastering. I am a professional guitarist and bassist. Recordings of acoustic, electric and bass guitars are made by me personally. Wind and keyboard recordings are also present and recorded by professional musicians with whom I work.

Eclectic Composer / Guitarist - Tom Burgess

Are you looking for a jack-of-all-trades, master of some, to help realise your next musical masterpiece? I work conscientiously, writing and perfecting arrangements, melodies, and chord progressions; and creatively, offering fresh ideas and perspectives to fulfil your vision to its utmost potential. I'd love to talk to you about your project! :)

Producer with great hardware - Mrenkler

I have a lot of creative possibilities in my studio to help you add that extra spark in short. I provide services of sound design and tracking for example some new analog synth tracks, FX/transitions, guitar electric/acoustic, basgitarr or rhythmic elements. I also do provide mixing of whole songs or elements.

Guitarist, Bassist, Writer - Stuart Moir

Experienced studio musician playing electric guitar and bass. Proficient in any style but specialise in rock and metal. Help with writing or complete compositions.

pop - Mohammad Hadi Baluchi

Mohammad Hadi Baluchi is an Iranian singer, musician and arranger Mohammad Hadi Baluchi , an Iranian musician and artist, publishes all his music for the audience on Soundcloud

Remote Guitarist - JakeMusic

Seattle-based guitarist who focuses on blues, jazz, indie, and folk music.

Session Guitarist - Lisa Marie

London-based session guitarist and music tutor. BA (Hons) Popular Music Performance Guitar

Session Guitarist - Jimi Gardner

I play many different styles such as classic rock, hard rock, blues, reggae, jazz, bossa nova, funk and metal. I am passionate about whatever project is sent my way and will work hard to give you the sound you're looking for.

Demo Singer/Musician - Nicole Serrano


Yo! I’m an artist who loves collaborating when I’m not working on my own music. I’ve got a bit of a huskier voice than most gals, but so far, it’s working out for me. I tend to be a rather emotional singer, so if you’ve got a real-tear jerker, I’d love to make everyone cry for you. Or we can just keep it light & fun... I'm versatile :)

Session Guitarist - Fabrizio Frangione

I work as a studio musician for 10 years. I'm electric and acoustic guitarist specialized in pop, pop-rock, blues & R'nB, hard rock arrangements. For about five years I do in my studio REC ,remote sessions. for credits

Guitarist, arranger,composer - Gustavo Mugnatto

I have a Bachelor in Music, were I've learned modern and traditional harmony, as well as jazz guitar and brazilian music. Styles that i like to play the most are brazilian, folk, blues, rock and country. I also study baroque counterpoint, which helps a lot when conducting voices, or making arrangements for brass and strings.

Blues guitarist & songwriter - Sonny Paul

blues guitar specialist who has writing credits as an artist and collaborator.

Session Vocalist/Rhythm Guitar - Matilde Bernabei

Hey Y'all! Originally from Texas, studied musical theatre and now focusing on my singer-songwriter artistry, playing out and breathing in as much music as I can.

Guitar, Bass, Vocals - Angelo

I'm a composer and a musician that specializes in guitars, bass, and vocals and I'm here to help musicians and bands get their music where they want it to get to.

Lead Guitarist/Song writer - Deafy

I'm a talented guy whose 18. I lost my hearing at the age of one and a half years old.

Music Producer - BenNYC

Session guitarist, Brooklyn, NY

 Session Guitarist - Robby Miller

One of my favorite quotes is: "If it sounds good, it is good" - I play guitar for a living so whether it's cutting a solo for someone, giving a guitar lesson or performing live, I play guitar every day and love what I do. Soundcloud tracks on this page showcase my lead and rhythm playing.

Music Producer,Session Bassist - Kareem Hossam

Its all about creating a different sound for each project that has an idea to project. Imagine ur own familiar type of music fused with other styles that comes from different parts of the world...interesting ha !?

Session Guitar, Audio Engineer - Jeff Caines Audio

Session guitar player as well as an educated and credited Audio Engineer for Film and Visual Media. Jeff has played live for many artists in the Country and Pop Genres as well as done live sound, Sound for Film and even Studio design. A one stop shop for your band or films needs.

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