Top Acoustic Guitarists for hire

These pro session acoustic guitarists are ready to strum, pluck, and fingerpick on your song in whatever style, tone, or genre you need

 - Asa - Professional Electric & Acoustic guitar & Mixing.

Asael (Asa) Ben Tzroya - Professional guitar player and Audio mixer.

Piano and Ambient Music - Stewart McKee

Ambient Music Creator. Pianist. Sound Designer and Producer. Instruments: Piano, Prophet 5, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals

Guitarist & Music Producer - Stan Francisco

23 years old from the Netherlands. Really interested in learning and writing new things and to jam with other musicians. Music styles: mostly Classic Rock, but also Blues, Pop(rock), Rockabilly and EDM. I am also interested in other styles.

Songwriter and Producer  - Samantha Schwieger

Hey all! I'm a singer-songwriter/musician I've been writing music for almost ten years now and graduated with a Songwriting degree from Belmont University. I've been playing guitar as well for over 10 years. I have experience in Audio Engineering DAWS Logic Pro and Pro Tools. I have been mixing and mastering singles and demos for others.

Fretless Guitarist, Producer - Merih Aşkın

Fretless Guitarist and Multi instrumentalist, Mixing - Mastering Engineer, Arranger and Composer

Session Guitarist, Songwriter - Joaco Bustillo

Joaco Bustillo is an indie folk singer-songwriter whose music carries a melancholic blend of philosophy, love, and poetry in his compositions. His music captivates with his sensitive and suffered voice and the melodies of his guitar. He is also an online music teacher and music producer for the record label "Vizarro Music". Listen to his new album

Music Production ,Mix & Master - RECORDSO STUDIOS

A Delhi based MUSIC PRODUCTION & RECORDING studio (also based in Pune) serving the globe. Having 9 years of experience in audio & Music industry our audio engineers have shared works with major big ARTIST of Bollywood & Hollywood. Tied up with Mumbai best event management companies we are able to deliver appreciable results."

Self - taught Greek guitarist - Anastasia Megremi

I play music at various taverns and bars in Greece, I have written lyrics and music as well. I'm looking to go to the next level.

'Session Guitarist' 'Producer' - Furkan Cedimoğlu

I'm a music geek! I like all genres of music, I took part in many song recordings as a guitarist, I'm a producer also. I made about 250 songs in many styles such as EDM, hip hop, rock and jazz.

Hip-Hop Music Producer - Corrgtd

Hi! I'm Corrgtd, experienced music producer, mixer and mastering engineer from the Philippines!

Mixing Engineer, Producer - Drew Portalatin

Hey there, my names Drew and I'm an audio engineer from Jacksonville, Florida and I do Front of House audio for Spanish Love Songs, Origami Angel, Save Face, and more. I am a mixing engineer as well as songwriter and I would love to work on your project. I specialize in Alternative Rock but have experience across all genres.

Guitarist, MD - Steve Down

Steve is a passionate, creative professional guitarist from Bristol, England. His expertise has lead him to a wealth of experience in the industry with artists such as Joss Stone, Jeff Beck, Tebey, Beverley Knight and Nitin Sawhney.

Composer, Guitarist, Mixer - Ryan Peters Music

Need a mixer who has the right stuff, and knowledge and doesn't cost an arm and a leg. With my 15 years of musical experience, I know I will be able to get your song the way you want it to be. All you need to do is send the stems and tell me what you want.

singer songwriter - Buket Druart

Multilingual female vocal with calm and unique vibes like Norah Jones, Dido, Sade, Eva Cassidy... Acoustic guitarist . Pop, pop rock, country and smooth jazz sounds. Independent musician. Her original and cover songs are currently on air on Spotify, Deezer, Youtube and other streaming platforms.

Guitarist, Composer, Producer - Mr.Angelo

Guitarist. Producer. Song writer. Custom backing tracks Beat Maker Mastering . Over 5 million streams World-wide!

Versatile Music Creator - Emiliano Luna

Musician, Producer, Session Guitarrist, Sound Engineer and Sound Designer.

Producent muzyki pop - Michała Fiklewicza

Hi, I'm Michał from Poland and I'm a Music Producer, also I sing and play guitar and piano.

Guitarist / Mix Engineer - Tyson Marshall

Any style, flavor or improvisation you're looking for, I'm here to assist! 20 years professional live and studio experience.

Session Guitarist  - Gaz Beaumont

15 years in the music business, playing, touring & recording. Music BA. Guitar nerd & Tone junkie.

Pop Producer,Mixing,Mastering - Albert Cortasa

make the music help convey the message of your lyrics, make it come alive.

Pop Rock producer, remote mix - Roche

help young musicians to find themselves and their sound

Singer/Songwriter  - Amaris

Singer/Songwriter & Female Vocalist

beatmaker, writer / hago beats - sam

Give me a sample and I'll make you the best beat of your life... Dame un sample y te hago el mejor beat d tu vida amigo ya fue

Mezclar, edicion, composición, - Felipe Andres Gonzalez Vergara

3 Albumes, 50 singles grabados, 250 canciones escritas, 5 premios a mejor canción como artista emergente de la ciudad.

beat producer, rock guitarist - yivmusic

¿Buscas algo más que música? Soy Yiv, el arquitecto de beats. Fusiono lo clásico con lo vanguardista, creando un paisaje sonoro que rompe esquemas. En mi estudio, la innovación y la calidad van de la mano. ¿Listos para explorar nuevos horizontes musicales?

music composer - Pranit Edla

Hello My name is Pranit, I'm a music producer from Hyderabad, India I love making music and playing piano and guitar. I also record and mix music in a studio. I started composing at the age of 17. Now I'm 21 and I can look back at some of my accomplishments in my musical life.I worked with several artists from India and had quite a few success.

Singer, Songwriter for Hire - Johan Larsson, Momentary Peaks

Singer/Songwriter with a distinct and personal voice! Wide vocal range and can work within many genres

Multi instrumentalist Sessions - Johnny Butten


"Johnny is one of those musicians whose level of vocation and excellence makes you realize that your decision not to pursue a career as a serious player was definitely the right one You've either got it, or you haven't. Sadly in my case I haven't..... Johnny most certainly has!" Sean Kenny Owner at Ten21 studios Kent, UK

Mandolin / Banjo / Guitar - Nate Roberts

Multi-instrumentalist (Mandolin, Guitar, Banjo) Nate Roberts is an alumnus of Berklee College of Music's acoustic string department. He later earned an MM in Jazz Studies (guitar) from the University of Oregon, and currently serves on faculty at Hope College, directing the new and growing Folk Music department.

Guitarist/Producer/Composer - Adam Blackner

Guitarist (Acoustic, Electric, Bass) for over 15 years. Producing & Composing for 5 years.

Acoustic Guitar and BVs - James Parkin

UK Acoustic guitarist, specialising in creation of gentle ambient sounds. As a solo musician I have released 3 Acoustic Albums on which I played Acoustic guitar, Bass, Mandolin, Electric guitar and sang main and backing vocals as well as several duets. I have 40,000+ followers and one of my songs fronted the Stand Up to Cancer campaign in 2017.

Remote producer/composer/mixer - Peter Litvin

TryHardNinja's music producer. Over half a BILLION hits on youtube for songs that I've composed/produced/mixed.

Producer, Musician, & Mixer - Josh Hana

Live Sound Engineer pivoting to mixing at home.

Alternative Producer - Adam Huie

Singer/Songwriter, Multi-Instrumentalist, and Producer.

Singer Songwriter / Pianist - Daniel Cohen

I write hooky songs and catchy melodies, and I also produce it .

Singer, songwriter, guitar, mi - Frank Ireri

I am a singer songwriter, guitarist and mix engineer

Jazz guitarist, guitarist - Jamie GB

British jazz guitarist currently based in Melbourne, Victoria.

Songwriter, Guitar, Vocal - Mason James / MaceJams

I'm a fungus.. I mean fun guy. SUPER experienced in Songwriting, Vocals, Guitar, and Arranging music. Hire me for your next big break! I mean it.... do it! Collaborating is LITERALLY why I play music. Would love to be your back track, back vocals, lead vocals, hook line guitarist for any of your projects.

iraqi musician singer artist - Hasonwff حسونوف

hmhmat همهمات

song writer/guitarist/protools - borderline delusion band

DANNY BROOK .I work with my sister Tammy Brook as a song writer ( music and lyrics) mixing,mastering engineer(DJ KHALED, Travis Scott, Kanya West. Borderline Delusion Band is my non profit.

Hip Hop/Rap Producer - Miller Productions

Hip Hop / Rap Ghost Producer. Mission to revolutionize the genre with worldwide cooperation. Aim to help small producers collecting experience and inspiration.

Mixing & Mastering Artist - Paul Le

Get your song mixed and mastered professionally! Instruments section recording

Sound Engineer  - Mixedby Klead

I'll transform your recorded tracks into release-ready songs

Guitar and Venezuelan Cuatro - Héctor Molina

An exceptional Venezuelan composer, cuatro and guitar player, Latin Grammy winner, who earned the Bachelor of Music Degree in Composition from UNEARTE (Experimental University of the Arts) Venezuela. He has shared the stage with very acclaimed musicians.

I am a music producer - Santiago Foley

Producer for Pop, Rock, Metal - Sky van Hoff

#1 Billboard Hard-Rock-Album-Charts / 2.8B all time streams / multi Platinum/Gold producer.

Underground music producer - Omar Alkilani

Alternative Music Producer / Guitarist 🎸 UnderGround Music 🎶 Music Producer / Musician Syrian based in Turkey

Indie Rock, Pop, Hip Hop Pro - Lemon Pulp Music

Lifelong songwriter! Eight years experience mixing and producing indie and psychedelic rock, pop, hip hop, and lo-fi beats. I excel at recording electric and acoustic guitars, vocals, bass, keys / synth, drums, producing chill and dynamic beats. Equipped with an array of nice mics, instruments, and VSTs, I will take your project to the next level.

Pop-rock producer and mixer - Siena Hidalgo

New independent artist, songwriter and producer. Eight years of music/audio studying and about to graduate from a prestigious institution in Chile. Genres are indie-pop-rock.

Guitarrista cantautor producer - David Renteria Oficial

Guitarrista Cantautor y productor audio visual, Web master y growth marketer

Voice Over - Eduardo Ribeiro

Trabalho com locação de documentário

Music and Film Composer  - D.Alejandro Salazar

Fire can burn people but it can shine on them too.I write mainly classical music and film scores with many types of orchestration.Currently composing for a film Beyond the Myst: The Lost Years Of King Arthur alongside with Edifice Of Echoes

Guitar Player, Bass - Ramandeep Singh

A guitar player based out of Chandigarh, India. Can play multiple genre

Singer/ Songwriter / Guitarist - Tyler Levs

I'll give you what you want when you want it how you want it ... or I'll at least be damned if I don't try my hardest

bouzouki and guitar player - avihay

playing bouzouki & guitar in middle eastern style clasic acustic & electric guitar

Beats, e mix  - NovoRecors

De vida para o que acredita!

Songwriter, Guitarist. - Reuben Nathaniel

Hi, I’m a musician from Indonesia! I play the guitar and write my songs in the band, TheOvertunes.

Music producer, record, mix - AxSavar

Guitarist, music producer, beatmaker and soundman

R&B Music Producer - GONCH

R&B Music Producer and Session Guitarist

Session Guitarist - Joshua Chase

18+ year lead/rhythm acoustic and electric guitar player with experience songwriting and session playing for various projects. Looking to add some guitar flavor to your next project? Lets connect :)

Pop Guitarist and Sound Mixer - Oscar Ornelas

I will bring a unique feel and top-notch musicality to your projects. I'm a modern day renaissance man. I specialize in sound mixing, acoustic guitar, and vocals.

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