Top Acoustic Guitarists for hire

These pro session acoustic guitarists are ready to strum, pluck, and fingerpick on your song in whatever style, tone, or genre you need

Producing Mixing ArrangeMaster - Joël Pagiël

Hey dear Musician , My name is Joël. And im a music producer / Mixer / Mastering Engineer. I have been in the music Bisness for almost over 10 Years I have work with a couple Of Artiest Like Lijpe,Inna,Martin Garrix,Sandro SIlva,Dennis Kruisen To Name A few. And i loved to work on peoples Songs.

Pop/Alternative Producer - Will DesMarais

I'm a one-stop shop for all your music needs from the first idea to the final product.

Producer, Guitarist, Composer - Rico

I am an accomplished singer songwriter producer. Proficient guitarist

session guitars, production, m - rajm


"Music Producer", "Guitarist"  - Snakepit Audio

Music producer, sound designer guitarist and singer worked on wide range of audio tasks for music, games, video etc.

Singer/Songwriter  - Amaris

Singer/Songwriter & Female Vocalist

Professional Music Producer, G - Biswajit Das

Transform Your Music with Professional Production, Captivating Guitar, and Flawless Mix/Master Engineering

Sound Track composer &producer - Bright Roy

Bright Roy is a multi-genre singer songwriter and music producer He specializes in typical musical compositions which has been acknowledged by industry experts He has released 10 singles independently since 2019. He is certified pianist from Berklee School of Music. He is available for music production contracts as well for original soundtrack.

COOOOL Pop singer-songwrtier - MADison Daniel

A psychological thriller of a pop artist.

Singer - Kenna

I play the guitar, violin, piano, ukulele, banjo, and sing! I also write music.

Dave Grohl Enthusiast - Rowdy Rufus

Influenced by Dave Grohl, Trent Reznor and Jack White, the variety of mighty vibes from Rowdy Rufus combine the sounds of all three legendary musicians.

guitar, writer, studio artist - sos

🎵 Music Maker and Life Transformer 🎧💫 Hey there, I'm will scott aka sos, and I'm on a mission to create melodies that touch hearts and transform lives through the power of music. 🎶❤️ 🎤 As a artist I pour my soul into every lyric, aiming to convey emotions and experiences that resonate with others who may be going through similar struggles.

Music Producer  - Jose Paredes

I am a versatile and skilled musician with a keen ear for detail and passion for creating unique, captivating sounds. whether it’s crafting beats, arranging compositions, refining mix or playing guitar and bass. I am dedicated to elevating the sonic experience and delivering the music that resonates with audiences.

Recording Studio - Suede TV & Recording Studio

Experience & Creativity Analog with a digital flare Established in 1972, Recording Studio

Drums artist oh yeah - Egor Comosa

Hey I'm Polish and I play the guitar

Pop Guitarist, Producer, Mixer - Nik Coris

Pop Guitarist, Producer and Mixer based in Barcelona.

Singer songwriter - larahicks

I am a female singer with a broad vocal range. I am mostly a contralto or alto singer. My voice sits comfortably in the lower register, allowing me to bring warmth and depth to performances. I excel in expressing emotion and delivering powerful, resonant performances. I have written several songs, sung for weddings and small venues.

Producción, mezcla y mástering - Fase

He producido y mezclado canciones para cientos de artistas de géneros diferentes como Pop, Hip Hop y música urbana durante más de 10 años con varios cientos de millones de reproducciones en YouTube y Spotify. Tengo las mejores herramientas para mezcla y mástering del mercado y un equipo especializado para trabajar a distancia con artistas.

Guitarrista cantautor producer - David Renteria Oficial

Guitarrista Cantautor y productor audio visual, Web master y growth marketer

Remote producer/composer/mixer - Peter Litvin

TryHardNinja's music producer. Over half a BILLION hits on youtube for songs that I've composed/produced/mixed.

Vocalist, Songwriter  - T'Quan

I'm a sultry singer with a knack for writing in pop, R&B, Alt, inspirational, & soul. My vocal style is SADE and Donny Hathaway. Sexy is the new black.

Session guitarist and producer - Angel Duran

Stoked to be on here to work with new people. Always professional and very flexible to making sure we meet your musical needs!

Guitarist/Mixer/Producer - Rich Herring

Credits: Little River Band, Joe Nichols, Mark Houser, Dennis Welch, Suzanne Karr Get pro guitar and bass tracks for your songs, or radio ready recordings from the ground up.

Hip Hop Music Producer - Nero Knight

I am Nero Knight. And I produce music and sell beats online. I do it for artists, rappers, singers, and for the youth. Most of the time these people use it for therapeutic purposes. Because of this, they are able to have fun and pull through hard times. Would we be able to set up a date or quick call to discuss further?

Guitarist, MD - Steve Down

Steve is a passionate, creative professional guitarist from Bristol, England. His expertise has lead him to a wealth of experience in the industry with artists such as Joss Stone, Jeff Beck, Tebey, Beverley Knight and Nitin Sawhney.

Producer/ Mixing and Mastering - George Magos - MGSproduction

I m music Music Producer from Greece. I do mixing and master and play guitar , saxophone and singing.

Music And Medical - Mohammad Pakdel

Iranian Musical Artist ( Podcast ) & Doctor

Producent muzyki pop - Michała Fiklewicza

Hi, I'm Michał from Poland and I'm a Music Producer, also I sing and play guitar and piano.

Singer, Songwriter, Vocalist - Jessamyn Rains

Would love to help you craft songs for your folk/Americana/adult contemporary project.

Media Composer, Guitarist - Monsieur D. / DavyB

Davy Bergier is a Tokyo based media composer and guitarist, producer and songwriter. Working with top Japanese artists (Kimura Takuya and more.) Until now, Davy has been working in making music content for medias in Japan. Additionally his creativity is contant with releasing a lot and performing all around

Vocalist, Topliner, Songwriter - Elanor Milne

Ethereal session vocalist with credits on work with Benjamin Francis Leftwich, soon to be released work with Christian Lee Hutson, LYR and more. Topline writer, songwriter. Published by Reservoir/ Blue Raincoat Music.

Session Guitarist - Kiltro Guitarist

Experience the magic of music with a versatile session guitarist! With 15 years of expertise across genres, I'll bring soulful artistry and captivating melodies to elevate your project. Let's create harmonies that resonate and rhythms that move souls! #SessionGuitarist #MusicMagic"

Musician/Songwriter/Producer - Taka Joseph

Musician/Songwriter/Producer based in Cologne, Germany.

beatmaker, writer / hago beats - sam

Give me a sample and I'll make you the best beat of your life... Dame un sample y te hago el mejor beat d tu vida amigo ya fue

Pop-rock producer and mixer - Siena Hidalgo

New independent artist, songwriter and producer. Eight years of music/audio studying and about to graduate from a prestigious institution in Chile. Genres are indie-pop-rock.

Spatial Music & Sound Designer - Nate Attias

I am a Mixer with a passion for sound, storytelling and quality. I have over six years experience in Sound Mixing and Sound Design for Music, Films and Television. I have Mixed and Designed multiple projects from Music LP's, EP's and Films in Spatial/Surround. I have great ears, communication skills and unique mixing skills.

music composer - Pranit Edla

Hello My name is Pranit, I'm a music producer from Hyderabad, India I love making music and playing piano and guitar. I also record and mix music in a studio. I started composing at the age of 17. Now I'm 21 and I can look back at some of my accomplishments in my musical life.I worked with several artists from India and had quite a few success.

Oud,Tar,Saz,Session Guitarist - Shalom Mor


I would love to collaborate with you on your next project! I'm here to add some spices and flavors to your music... For the last 10 years, I'm Professionally recording Guitars and oriental stringed instruments like: Oud, Baglama, Saz, Persian Tar, and Jumbush.

Singer /Songwriter/Demo - Shesthekey

Singer / Songwriter. I’ve written for many , such as august Alsina , lyrics Anderson, Chris brown etc ... list goes on. Fluent in my work , and passionate . Looking to Work with new artist who are just as passionate , I also demo songs for writers.

Music and Film Composer  - D.Alejandro Salazar

Fire can burn people but it can shine on them too.I write mainly classical music and film scores with many types of orchestration.Currently composing for a film Beyond the Myst: The Lost Years Of King Arthur alongside with Edifice Of Echoes

Guitarist & Songwriter - Pete Doyle Music

Pete has been a guitarist and guitar teacher for over 30 years. He founded a rock academy charity for teenagers called Reading Rock Academy to nurture the next generation of original artist and musicians in and around my home town. He is also competent live looper performer (#TheLiveLooper).

Song Writter Composer - Ram Exponention


Singer, guitarist, songwriter  - Bob Forte

"Music is made to be shared", and I can't wait to work with you!!!

Session Guitarist - Phil Circle

I'm an award-winning music coach and critically acclaimed "musician's musician" rooted in Chicago music for 30 years. "Defies rock, jazz, and blues, because they're all in there." (In The Mix) "A Zen-like understanding..." (Chicago Music Guide)

Background Vocals - Singer - Jeremy Lister

My credits range from background vocals on Meghan Trainor's album, Title, to being a runner up on NBC's The Sing-Off with my group Street Corner Symphony. I've worked with many other acclaimed artists such as: Alison Krauss, Ben Folds, Need To Breath, and Chely Wright I am also an artist/writer signed to Big Yellow Dog in Nashville, TN.

Session Guitarist and Bassist - Matt Bosco

I'm a professional musician/ teacher that can play many instruments including guitar, bass, piano and drums. I've been playing music for 25 years and have been on thousands of projects. I was the lead guitarist in the band Kicking Sunrise that has reached many heights such as being signed, been placed in television shows, and has had radio play.

Music Producer Mix and Master - Brian Reynolds

Want to press your music to the glass like your favorite artists? Listen to my past work and lets get started! From mix and master to full scale unique productions.

session guitarist, guitatist,  - Augsburg Habila

I love making music and exploring ways and ideas to make your song sound better. I am a professional acoustic and electric guitarist with 11 years of experience (performance, studio recording, loop sample making). As a professional guitarist, be rest assured that my services are of high-quality recording.

I make Beats all Genre  - Mean Kane Beatz


Epic cinematic composers - Luden Sound

If you need a big epic orchestral sound like your favourite cinematic soundtracks and videogames we are the composers you need. Our sound is the fusion between orchestral Hollywood sound, modern electronic music and folk traditional elements. Our mission is to breathe a different soul into all of our productions to make them unique.

Rap, Reggaeton, and R&B Mixing - Kamau Stewart

I'm a huge fan of international sounds and make music myself. I won't return a mix I wouldn't release on my own page--It's there forever!

Pop music producer, performer - IGI

Hi. I'm IGI. Singer, multi-instrumentalist, producer and mixing engineer, and I want to help you make an amazing record. I have a uniqe sense about music, that has it's specific feel of authenticity. Although I started producing music not so long ago, but within a year 3 of my songs became UK's BCC radio's tracks of the week. It's just the start.

beat master - mombasa

beat maker beat mixer beat creater

session pianist and guitarist  - Peter Baylis

I've played Keyboard in multiple touring bands, and have opened for the likes of Orville Peck, Fontaines DC, and Viagra Boys. I've had songs featured in Netflix shows and more. I played keyboard in the post-punk band Pottery,

Songwriter & Composer - John Michael Burns

Experienced songwriter. Composition degree from BCU. Can provide guitar, vocals, complete songs and instrumental soundtracks (Virtual strings, piano etc.). Check out songs and instrumentals here:

i'm a singer songwriter  - Mary


Songwriter, Lyricist  - maria cavescu

I believe that a good song doesn't just entertain, it connects, and that's what I aim to achieve.

Compositor & Vocal Sessión Pop - Nestor Otero

Compositor de Hit's / Vocal y Guitarrista

Affordable Music/Audio Expert - Caiius Payne

First class degree and bags of experience. I've been producing since 2013 and have since been fixing audio, producing foley, adding sounds to video and getting music artists work to the next level.

Musician, Composer, Producer - Rishi Nirvikalpa

Musician - Guitars, Keyboards ::: Composer - Rock, Metal, Pop, Electronic, Classical ::: Producer ::: Musical Transcription Services

Indie Rock, Pop, Hip Hop Pro - Lemon Pulp Music

Lifelong songwriter! Eight years experience mixing and producing indie and psychedelic rock, pop, hip hop, and lo-fi beats. I excel at recording electric and acoustic guitars, vocals, bass, keys / synth, drums, producing chill and dynamic beats. Equipped with an array of nice mics, instruments, and VSTs, I will take your project to the next level.

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