Top Acoustic Guitarists for hire

These pro session acoustic guitarists are ready to strum, pluck, and fingerpick on your song in whatever style, tone, or genre you need

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Music Producer - Nemy Rose

I have worked with lots of sound cloud artist. I can make any genre of instrumental.

Producer/Mixer/Guitarist - Poppvelin (O. Smari)

Music producer, songwriter, guitarist working in Reykjavik Iceland. Have worked in the Icelandic music business since 2005 after a few years learning the trade in Stockholm, Sweden. Have written and/or produced many top ten songs in Iceland. Have represented Iceland as songwriter/producer four times in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Mixing, Studio, Instruments - Track 37 Studios

We aim to be your one stop shop studio. Whether you need mixing, mastering, tracking, a practice space or even just singular instrument tracks, we have everything you need to accomplish your song.

Singer, songwriter - Maria Mørkrid

Norwegian/Russian musician and songwriter with more than ten years experience as songwriter, studio musician and performer.

Music Producer and Songwriter - Colin Lee

Producer, songwriter, and session musician based in NYC.

Producer / Songwriter - Charles Tilden

"No matter which hat I'm wearing, I'm dedicated to creating compelling sounds that move people."

Producer, Mixer - Chris

Over 15 million streams online with sync placements for a broad range of clients including Showtime USA and Channel 9 as well as features from international tastemakers MrSuicidesheep and Chill Nation. Signed to Mushroom Publishing.

Arranger, Producer, Guitarist - Gabriele Piccininno

Classical guitarist graduated at the Conservatoire. I daily apply my music theory skills on arrangements in rock/electronic/cinematic style.

Producing, Session Guitar - Samm Mayrseidl

20-year-old multi-faceted music industry professional, with a history as both a musician and a manager. Able to complete most roles within a musical context.

Singer' Songwriter' Guitarist' - Ayo

I am a singer & songwriter. My credits as a background vocalist include: Chance the Rapper, Kelly Clarkson, Marc Anthony, Esperanza Spalding and more. As a soloist, I have performed as young Ella Fitzgerald at the internationally acclaimed Apollo Theater, as a top 8 finalist on BET's Sunday best, at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC and more.

Music producer-mix & mastering - Søren Hoff

I love music! I record, mix and master both locally and remotely. Through my own music career I've been fortunate enough to meet and learn from some of the best in my country. My goal when mixing is to try to bring out the best version of the song, that I can. I believe that each part and instrument is important, and should be treated with respect.

Producer | Mixer | Guitar - Tony "Moment" Nardini

One-Stop-Shop! Find convenience in having one person see a project all the way through? Maybe you just need a great mix with some extra production added? Producer, Songwriter, Mixer, Multi-Instrumentalist, & Session Player for multiple genres!

Session Vocalist + Writer - Taylor Wafford

Writer, singer, stunningly accurate & creative vocal harmonies. Classically trained vocalist living in the indie pop/rock world. Ability to record remotely or in any Nashville studio.

 - Jonatan Denna

-Music producer -Songwriter -Multi-instrumentalist

Engineer, Arranger, Producer - Curtis Lee Humphrey

I am a producer/engineer with an eclectic taste and an ear for detail. I'm looking for projects!

Production, Mixing, Mastering - Jeremy Wurst


Coyote Face Recording is home to producer, mixer, engineer and multi-instrumentalist Jeremy Wurst. Currently based out of Lincoln/Omaha, Nebraska.

Music Producer // Composer  - Shermin Tehrani

Anything could sound good when you know how to record it. Knowing how to apply your knowledge within your profession is the key.

Songwriter, Vocalist, Top-line - Alex Johnson


Pop artist based in Nashville. When i'm not gigging my other passion is to write songs for other artists. I also am a session vocalist that can work with a variety of different styles. I've worked with Grammy-winning writers, producers, and vocal coaches. I'm so excited to be able to work with other talented creatives and make something awesome!

Owner of FORGE Records INC - Joseph Clark Clayton

I own a Recording Studio, i have all the proper Equipment anyone would require.Can write any style for any genre of music fast, efficiently, and tasteful. i will provide 10 alternative tracks and there is no fee to send more within reason if your satisfactory is not met.I can Write any songs/structure/Arrangement/Compositions from the ground up.

Singer-Songwriter & Violinist - Jess Weimer

I create dynamic music that empowers audiences to find their voice. I deliver fiery melodies and messages, calling to revolutionary individuals that seek positivity and connectivity in the human experience via music.

Singer/Songwriter Custom Music - Dé Ana

Experienced Singer/Songwriter for 7+ years. Always ready and available to write melodies, lyrics and chords - hand catered to you. Specialize in Acoustic Pop / Pop / Pop-Rock and Folk with a flare of Jazz and Soul &Blues. As a vocalist; trained for 8+ years with a 3+ octave range - can sing any genre,high and low with ease.

Remote mixing and mastering  - ATULGUPTAMUSIC

Been mixing since 6-7 years and got better with different tracks.

Producer, Songwriter, Singer - Matthew Ellis

Creative singer/songwriter and producer on multiple advertisements and Spotify tracks, clients including Bakers Delight, Crimson Education, Skwosh and Glasseslit to name a few.

Mixing Engineer - Jason Vance

I have spent the last 7 years of my life working under some of the most respected mixing engineers in music. From these apprenticeships, I've learned not only how to craft a good mix, but how enhance the overall depth and vibe of a song. I have spent the past years taking on my own clients using the tools and tricks that I've gained over the years.

Full Demo Song Production! - guiTracker

Hey! Do you have a song ringing in your head and you wanna turn it into a professional song? I'm here to help you!

Producer, Mix & Mastering - Joe Clark

Qualified in the field and trained under some high level names in the sound industry, hire me to mix and master your music today.

Recording, production, mixing - Samuel Bates Audio Engineering

I am an experienced audio engineer with nearly twenty years under my belt in the industry. I specialise in recording and mixing, and am equally happy working digitally, fully analog or a mixture of two. I am adept at getting a punchy, organic sound from the source - I like bold sounds and like my productions to be three-dimensional and exciting!

Mixing and Mastering Engineer - Geoff Ong

Hey there! My name is Geoff Ong, and I'm here to help you make your track sound the way you hear it in your head!

Siger, Songwriter, Producer - bobcarrmusic

Hi, I am a Musician, Entertainer and producer with 30 years writing andf producing experience. I have been building my recording studio and honing my engineering / recording / mixing / and mastering skills for the last 20 years.

Music Producer - Uniq Music

Songwriter / Producer

Producer/Composer/Songwriter - Elias Edlund

Somewhere in the middle of an award-winning songwriter, self-produced folk artist, studio owner, up-and-coming film composer. Let’s talk!

Remote Mixing, Session Work - Darkside Music Production

With 22 years experience producing and a long time session musician for various bands, I dedicate a massive amount of time to music of all kinds. I offer the following services remotely: - Song Session Mixing & Editing (basic to advanced) - Guitar & Bass Sessions - Drum Sessions - Producer, Songwriter, Lyricist, Melodies, Vocal Ideas

Music Producer, Songwriter - Matt Greger

My goal is to help you write and produce songs that you love and that fit your style. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Audio Production and I'm a Singer/Songwriter, too. I love the creative aspect of finding the right arrangement, hunting for the right sound that makes your song your own and that makes it shine.

I have fun working with music - Nicklas Öhrström

Singer | Guitarist | Songwriter | Mixing and mastering

Arranger and Transcription - Tom Sless Singer Songwriter

With perfect pitch, I have been transcribing vocal melodies, guitar licks, bass lines, chord structures, and everything in between since I first taught myself piano and guitar ten years ago. My skill extends to creating excellent programmed drum, string, and orchestral arrangements that fit any style.

Recording Studio - Studio 7

Best recording and dubbing space in south Bangalore.

Producer, Sound Designer - Biotic Audio Production

Aspiring Music Producer, Sound Designer, Post Production Engineer based in Berlin!

Songwriter - Natalie McCool

BMG published commercial pop / sync (HBO / Sky Atlantic) writer with cuts in the UK and Europe. Hit me up if you want something a bit different!

Music Producer, Guitar player - Charls

Mexican music producer, guitar and bass player with more than 25 years of experience.

singer/songwriter/producer - Tim Bernard


What separates me from other songwriters is my ability to figure out exactly what a song wants to be. Sometimes it doesn’t come as quickly as you would like it to, and it requires more soul searching and digging, but when it finally arrives there are very few feelings on this earth better than that epiphany moment in music. I want to give you that!

Producer - Mixer - Songwriter  - George Balkwill

A recently graduated producer/mixer/writer out of BIMM London looking to work with up and coming artists. I don't believe in taking shortcuts to getting great work done and am totally plyable to the artists vision. My job is to bring your vision to life! I have worked on projects that have been received airplay from BBC introducing Essex.

Doc by day, mixer by night - Dr. Fix Your Mix

I'm a Doctor by day and professional studio engineer by night.

Singer / Songwriter - Raquel C

Professional singer-songwriter for 10 years. Multiple label cuts for various DJ's & artists around the world. Written with acclaimed musicians such as Bulow, The Him, & Virginia to Vegas. Artist project KELLA has gained millions of streams on all digital platforms. Brand ambassador for Luna Guitars.

Producer / Session Musician - Sara Barry


A female music producer?! You don't see those too often. Producer, songwriter, and session musician (guitar, bass, vocals) Sara is here to help you make some killer songs, indie rock or otherwise.

 - Patrik Hellberg

I am a semi-proffessional studio engineer/live engineer/music producer studying on a three year music production program. Apart from mixing and mastering other artists/bands, I like to record and produce my own music. Contact me for further information.

Mixing Engineer, musician - Lesly Grange

I'm a mixing engineer, music producer but also a musician. I have been studying at the ACM in Guildford, UK. I have been working on rock and acoustic music as well as electronic and hiphop. I am also playing the guitar, piano, bass, trombone and I sing, what can be useful if you need any extra to your track. I'm french and live in Lyon.

Audio Engineer / Guitarist - Eric Astor

It's the ear, not the gear. My approach to engineering has been shaped through 27 years as a musician and over 20 working in sound. A combination of all the technical recording elements with the artistry and creativity of musicianship. By understanding music, the creative process, and recording techniques, I know how to work with artists to help

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Sean Earle

Romeo Gold Studios is a full service recording studio, music publisher, and independent label. Our original songs and music productions have been streamed over 1 million times in over 50 different countries. We can be your session musician or vocalist, songwriter, producer, mixing or mastering engineer, or anything in between.

Vocalist/Top liner/Background  - Humble

Humble played Twig in Bring It On the Musical and Rapped on the 2012 Tony Awards. From Melodic Harmonies to Lyrical word play this is your man. He can write from women as well! From rags to riches he knows both sides of the coin and can help in many aspects from many perspectives. From Rapping to Singing he's got all bases covered.

Music Producer, Beat Maker - Ace The Great

Professional Music Producer located in Dallas,Texas

Music Producer  - Alex Bolero

Music producer for Romania entry at Eurovision Song Contest 2019.

Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist - Dawson Gamble

I've written with Grammy nominated song-writer, Geoff Warburton. I've written with Tyler Shaw.Performed at Boots & Hearts main stage for Justin Tyler playing Banjo. Written with/for Victoria Duffield on her newest album "Day Won" and over 1.5 Million streams to my name.

Producing, mixing & mastering - Eduardo Hopperdietzel

It's fundamental for me to get a clear image of my clients visions, and I don't stop working until songs sounds exactly as in their minds.

Music Producer, Mixing, Guitar - Timothy Spaniel

I offer mixing, mastering, recording, guitars on your tracks, -Specialist of Vocal Mixing -Specialist rock mixing -Specialist Hip Hop / Rap Mixing

Session Drummer, Producer - Mitch White

Live Drum Tracks, Vocal tracks, and Songwriting with Writer-Producer Mitch White (Billy Ray Cyrus, Jon Pardi, Gary Allan, more) from my home studio in Nashville!

 - Studio 2112

Small but professional music production company. We are: a sound engineer with a passion for music who's also a bass player ready to make your tracks sound real with a real bass, professional session drummer with very high end kits and lifetime musical career, professional guitar player with a passion for rock, blues, prog.

Mix Engineer & Studio Musician - James Harmer

I do Mix Engineer Work and Studio Musician Work as a Guitarist and Drummer. My main focus right now is on Mixing, and in that regard it is on Professional and Competitive Quality.

Music Producer, Guitarist - DC Media

Diego Camejo Professional Mixing and Mastering

Mixing & Session Musician - Joe Jackson

Mixing Engineer at Holt Studios. Session Drummer, Guitarist, Bassist.

Producing-Songwriting-Mixing - Jacob Riddall

I write lyrics, I make sounds, my works been streamed millions of times!

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