Top Acoustic Guitarists for hire

These pro session acoustic guitarists are ready to strum, pluck, and fingerpick on your song in whatever style, tone, or genre you need

Pro Acoustic Guitarist - Peter Shilling


Session Multi-Instrumentalist - Emi Franji

Hey there! Emi here, nice to meet you! I'm a multi-instrumentalist musician from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Since 2017, I have been working as a performer, session musician, and Guitar instructor. I've had the opportunity to study guitar with world-class musicians such as Robert Fripp, Juampy Juarez, and Alex Anthony Faide, among others.

Music producer, singer - jayden paul

I'm Jayden, I am a Music Producer & Singer from India . Producer with more than 40,00,000 views on all streaming platforms.

Hip Hop/Rap Producer - Miller Productions

Hip Hop / Rap Ghost Producer. Mission to revolutionize the genre with worldwide cooperation. Aim to help small producers collecting experience and inspiration.

Recording, Mixing and Remixing - Shilton Studios

Recording and mixing engineer looking to build his name and reputation in the industry.

Editing and Proofreading  - Studentshubonline

Helping You Improve Your Documents' Worth Mistakes bring down your documents' quality; let our experts help you improve the value of your documents by removing all the errors.

Producer, Mixer, Guitar - Bruno J Sutter III

Producer, Mixer, Engineer, Pro Tools Jedi Master. Guitar; Justin Bieber "U Smile" My World 2.0

Pro Sitar player from Brazil - Eduardo Riter

Imagine if Jorge Ben could play the sitar. I am a different kind of sitar player.

Beatmaker, Producer, Composer - CHÓPITE

I made music for artists of "Los Vatos Inc.", one of the most important labels in my country, I have shared the stage and made live sound for relevant artists in my country, I worked with Gregory Palencia, one of the most important rappers of hip hop

compositor  - juanpy

compositor de rock y punk ,soy estudiante de composicion buscando crecer dentro de mi carrera y la industria

Verstatile Session Guitarist - EverybodysGonzo

Working musician in London. I have a lot experience working with songwriters and arranging for up-and-coming groups. I pride myself in writing simple and catchy riffs that elevate the song.

Guitar Line/Beat Engineer - Sam L

I make guitar loops from solos, to melodies, to chords, to bass lines; anything you need guitar recording.

Indie Rock, Pop, Hip Hop Pro - Lemon Pulp Music

Lifelong songwriter! Eight years experience mixing and producing indie and psychedelic rock, pop, hip hop, and lo-fi beats. I excel at recording electric and acoustic guitars, vocals, bass, keys / synth, drums, producing chill and dynamic beats. Equipped with an array of nice mics, instruments, and VSTs, I will take your project to the next level.

Songwriter/Singer/Musician - Chloe Kat


I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Songwriting from Belmont University in Nashville, TN. I've spent the last 10 years mastering my craft, touring around the US with various artists as a guitarist and singer. I am a professional songwriter. I can help you get your song where it needs to be in terms of musical structure and lyrical meaning.

Helping Artists Create  - K.L. Studio

I love working in the studio and am always looking for new people to work with. I really like people like Daniel Lanois and Michael Stavrou. I always take the time to do my best and am always looking to make the art the best it can be.The creative process always can lead to something new and original when working together towards the same goals.

Guitarist, Songwriter,Composer - Nicolaevici Bogdan

Guitar Player, Bass - Ramandeep Singh

A guitar player based out of Chandigarh, India. Can play multiple genre

Musician, singer, composer - Gabriele Felici

Acoustic guitar, piano, percussion, vocals, producer and composer

Singer, songwriter, guitar, mi - Frank Ireri

I am a singer songwriter, guitarist and mix engineer

SONGWRITER/ Singer - Sam Parker

A story-telling vocal tone that slices like butter. Success on Spotify (monthly listenership of 660k+) and have a great collaboration with the High-quality work with a quick turnaround!

Alternative  - Dylan Peace

Grimy, Groovy jams to be depressed/study to

Music producer - Fabian Aquije

the pitch - Traducción al español - ejemplos inglés - Reverso ...

Hip Hop Music Producer - Nero Knight

I am Nero Knight. And I produce music and sell beats online. I do it for artists, rappers, singers, and for the youth. Most of the time these people use it for therapeutic purposes. Because of this, they are able to have fun and pull through hard times. Would we be able to set up a date or quick call to discuss further?

"Music Producer", "Guitarist"  - Snakepit Audio

Music producer, sound designer guitarist and singer worked on wide range of audio tasks for music, games, video etc.

Write and produce music. - Jansson

Real music, played by real people. I write and påroduce music in many genres, but it's always for real. Everything is possible. I work in my own studio, iin my own way and can offer you a fresh song, produced and ready for the vocals. Lyrics is no problem. Just listen to my stuf. It's all there.

Producent muzyki pop - Michała Fiklewicza

Hi, I'm Michał from Poland and I'm a Music Producer, also I sing and play guitar and piano.

beat master - mombasa

beat maker beat mixer beat creater

Singer, Songwriter, Vocalist - Jessamyn Rains

Would love to help you craft songs for your folk/Americana/adult contemporary project.

Electronic/Indie hit maker - JimmyLaFalaise

Music is an experience to be shared with other people that have the same taste than you. The internet seems to be a great solution for reaching a lot of people sharing the same passion than you. I play the bass, the guitar and the synth. Of course I can also make beats. I will rework this Pitch after trying this website.

Producer, guitarist, mixer - Dylan Kronenberg

I’m a rap and rock producer, mixer and guitarist! I mix and make beats plus record guitar and bass.

Mixing Engineer - Joy Paul

Sound Arrangement, Mixing & Mustering

Music Producer, Engineer  - TH1QQY

I am a Hip Hop Producer/Mixing and Recording Engineer. I've gone to school for 2 years learning and gaining experience recording for multiple artsts and bands in a real studio!!! I also make some of my own music. I have yet to call myself a real pro because I feel I need much more experience but I'm willing to go the extra mile to create your prod.

Music Producer, Film composer - Islas

My job is to make your real voice to come out

Music Producer, Sound Design  - Regina

A seasoned producer can transform your musical vision into reality.

Affordable Music/Audio Expert - Caiius Payne

First class degree and bags of experience. I've been producing since 2013 and have since been fixing audio, producing foley, adding sounds to video and getting music artists work to the next level.

Mezclar, edicion, composición, - Felipe Andres Gonzalez Vergara

3 Albumes, 50 singles grabados, 250 canciones escritas, 5 premios a mejor canción como artista emergente de la ciudad.

Session Vocalist & Guitarist - Matt Schneider

Soulful, accessible approach to vocals & guitar. My focus is to create music that helps your message and vision reach listeners ears with the highest level of distinction, resonance, and character possible.

Session Guitarist/Composer - Mark Aho

I work on Christian projects only. I am a Musician, Documentary filmmaker, Published Author, Podcaster, Bible addict, all around creative hack. I love the process of turning an artistic dream into a reality.

Session&LiveTour Guitarist - Dmitry Chaplin

My passion for eight-stringed guitar

Singer - Sydni Perry

I am the unexpected surprise at the bottom of a cereal box and I am that french fry that fell "outside of the box": a fantastic discovery in the end. I am a melting pot of creativity mixed with a little bit of cheesy and a heap of sheer awesomeness with some sugar and spice of course. I am smart, confident, talented, funny, capable and beautiful. M

Singer, guitarist, songwriter  - Bob Forte

"Music is made to be shared", and I can't wait to work with you!!!

Acoustic guitar player, Singer - João Suplicy

I Have a great baretone voice, in (perfect) English and Portuguese and a very unique style of playing the classical accoustic guitar, mixing influences from tradicional Brazilian music with Rock, Jazz and Blues. I have performed in big festivals such as Lollapalooza, Rock in Rio and Warped tour.

Session Musician - Utility - Shaun Richardson

Hey, I'm Shaun Richardson! I'm a utility musician based out of Nashville, TN! I love getting to work on projects of all genres, and finding the right part for any song on a variety of instruments! Let's work on something together!

Writer - Victor Molson

Victor Molson recently completed his master's degree and is a senior writer. In his spare time, he enjoys playing guitars and shares his life experiences and writing tips and tricks with students on various platforms. It is also one of my passions and dreams to become

Guitar, Vocals, Songwriting - Jens Haraldson

Jens Haraldson, dieser vielversprechende Name entführt einen auf eine Reise in die Melancholie und in die Ferne.

Dj Producer/Session Guitarist  - Vladimir Valse

Living the music, living for the music, living from the music.

Engineer - Will Downs

Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Audio Engineer, Recording Engineer, Mastering Engineer

Acoustic Guitar Recordings - Gabriel Matos

Hi, I am Gabb, a studio musician/producer with 25+ years of experience specialized in acoustic guitar I love music and i love playing and recording, so, i will AWAYS GIVE MY BEST in order to achieve the best results possible

Music Producer, All Genres - El Shaq Produciendo

I am a professional engineer in the music industry and I am very passionate about all types of music and any genre. I have been mixing and mastering and creating instrumentals of all kinds of genres since 2011; everything from hip hop, Dembow, pop, dancehall, Reggaeton, Trap, and more, even I'm a YouTuber I Make Beats for 11 years.

Composer musician - Lyndon Parish

Composer and arranger for progressive rock.

Music Composer - Víctor Herrera Calvo

Professional Music Composer with tons of experience working on video games and feature films.

Funk, Armadilha - DJ Queiroz

Granfino produções

Guitarist,pianist - Abdallah Magdy

Hi I'm Abdullah Magdy I'm a multi-talented musician from Egypt with 10 years of experience as a guitarist, composer, and pianist. My versatile style blends various genres, and I play all kinds of music. I'm skilled in fingerpicking, strumming, tapping, and have a vast repertoire on the piano. I've written numerous original compositions &collaborate

Professional Music Producer, G - Biswajit Das

Transform Your Music with Professional Production, Captivating Guitar, and Flawless Mix/Master Engineering

Singer-Songwriter & Producer - Denis Granan

Denis Granan is a Spanish singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist based between Berlin and Madrid. He is the co-founder of Fluctua Records, co-producer of electronic duo Rabbit Hole and music gear nerd.

Producer for Pop, Rock, Metal - Sky van Hoff

#1 Billboard Hard-Rock-Album-Charts / 2.8B all time streams / multi Platinum/Gold producer.

I am a multi skilled producer. - Dbreathe

Dbreathe aka DJ Dbreathe, (born 27/8/1978) is known for making high-energy breakbeat and leftfield bass with an hypnotic style and becoming a well-known name and producing tracks that dominate club sound systems worldwide starting with residencies at The Hacienda Manchester and Cream Liverpool. He is a skilled producer and remixer.

Singer, Fingerstyle Guitarist - Atlas Reha

I'm a singer-songwriter, fingerstyle guitarist in advanced level and producer. I like to stage and exhibit the music i composed on myself in the nature. I like to make and publish video and audio recordings with professional equipment in my favorite parts of nature.

Vocalist/ Songwriter   - Carley L


Vocalist/ Songwriter Can Record & Write the Vocals for your project.

Composer, musician, singer - Nick Tann

Professional singer, songwriter, musician, performer and all round good egg

Session Player - Carlo Zannetti

Professional studio session player, Carlo Zannetti plays piano, guitar and bass. He worked by 1982 with many famous artist in Italy, U.S.A and Austria.

Guitarist & Music Producer - Stan Francisco

23 years old from the Netherlands. Really interested in learning and writing new things and to jam with other musicians. Music styles: mostly Classic Rock, but also Blues, Pop(rock), Rockabilly and EDM. I am also interested in other styles.

bouzouki and guitar player - avihay

playing bouzouki & guitar in middle eastern style clasic acustic & electric guitar

Fretless Guitarist, Producer - Merih Aşkın

Fretless Guitarist and Multi instrumentalist, Mixing - Mastering Engineer, Arranger and Composer


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