Vocal Tuning For Your Song

These professional vocal tuning specialists will make sure your song's vocal tracks are pitch perfect and clean

Vocal Editor/Mixer - David


Vocal Editor/Mixer

Need your tracks to sound tighter? I'm a professional mixer/editor and have worked with artists such as Three Days Grace, Barenaked Ladies, Hoobastank, Metric, The Tragically Hip, and countless others. I'll put your vocals in tune without sounding tuned, drums on the grid without sounding edited, and anything else you need!

Vocal Tuning, Vocal Production - Jon



Los Angeles

Vocal Tuning, Vocal Production

Tap into your radio potential with top vocal tuning, timing, effects and mixing! Jon Asher is published by Jay Z's Roc Nation, is a songwriter, producer, vocal producer, vocal engineer and A&R that has written hit songs for artists such as Britney Spears, The Chainsmokers, DJ Mustard, Aaron Carter, Bonnie McKee, Dada Life, Stan Walker & more!

Vocal Mixing Specialist - Lena

New York

Vocal Mixing Specialist

I'm a New York based audio engineer and vocal producer who has had the honor of vocal producing, arranging, and mixing for some of the top labels and artists in the music business with over 50 Million+ streams and counting (Artists such as Kygo, Pitbull, Kim Viera, Tiesto and more!) I can help you get your vocals sounding up to industry standard!

Vocal Producer + Demo Singer - Jelli

Studio City

Vocal Producer + Demo Singer

Hi! I'm Jelli and I am a female Vocal Producer/Engineer + Songwriter. Bringing vocals to life at the highest quality is what I do. You can record in my isolation booth, or send files to be edited. I also am a demo singer and topliner. Whether it's Melodyning Fifth Harmony vocals, or singing gangs on a Meghan Trainor song, I always love what I do.

Session Multi-instrumentalist - Crescent


Session Multi-instrumentalist

Having trouble finding an appropriate part for your song? I have a strong music theory foundation which I use as my flashlight to navigate the apparent darkness of songwriting and production. I can lay down rhythm or lead tracks for your tune with guitars or keyboards. I am also open to scoring short films (-15mins).


Music Producer - antoiner91


Music Producer

Pin Up Fever


Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist - Luks

Belo Horizonte

Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist

🇧🇷 1st Place in Mini Parada Kids 2016 - SBT Television (Brazil) 🇩🇪 Finalist in Deutschland Sucht Den Superstar (German Idol) 2018 - RTL (Germany)

Music Producer & Songwriter - Jenna


Music Producer & Songwriter

With experience working alongside Gloria & Emilio Estefan, I will bring the highest level of professionalism to your project! Whether you need help with producing, vocal tuning, mixing, composition or editing, I cater to you.

All rounded musical influencer - C


All rounded musical influencer

I'm C Note, a music producer and performer from Chester with training in both sound production and vocal performance. My passion is in creating sounds that come together to not only make a song, but to tell a story as well.

Music Producer, Composer - JORGE

Buenos Aires

Music Producer, Composer

Classic Music


Vocal Tuning, Timing, Comping - Emma




Vocal Tuning, Timing, Comping

Vocal tuning can have a huge impact on a track even when you think the recorded vocals sound awesome. I have experience in turning poor vocalists into great ones and great vocalists into polished ones. I gained my expertise as a Lead Vocal Editor on Disney feature films. Let me know if I can help you too! Oh and... I also sing!

Pitch, Alignment, Mixing - TheVocalSweetener

United States

Pitch, Alignment, Mixing

You've worked so hard on your craft, now it's time to sweeten your vocals so you can compete with the top charting artists! Vocal tuning and mixing is crucial to making your song sound professional.

Vocal Tune & Timing / Mixing - Ivan




Vocal Tune & Timing / Mixing

Tell me what you need! Let's put your song to the next level! Tuning&Timing with a singer, engineer, and producer! I'm a music worker with over 16 years of music experience, hire a singer, audio engineer, producer, vocal producer, and musician, all in one to your song sound great, and PRO! My expertise is Vocal editing and editing instruments!

Music Production & Mixing - Morsy

New York

Music Production & Mixing

Billboard Charting Producer and DJ who has worked with many top acts like Moby, John Legend, Steve Aoki, and Camila Cabello and has been featured in Rolling Stone, Time Out & Details Magazine. Labels include: Strictly Rhythm, 418 Music, DeepRoot Records, PurpleTea & Nervous Records.

Affordable Vocal Tuning & More - Eryn


Affordable Vocal Tuning & More

Looking for a modern, clear and crisp vocal sound on a budget? That's exactly what I do! I love working with vocals to get them to sound as naturally perfect and musical as possible - I do this for all of my own music too!


Production / Engineering - Ken




Production / Engineering

25+ year veteran of multi-platinum projects, particularly interested in artist development. Credits include Mark Knopfler (Dire Straits), Trisha Yearwood, John Michael Montgomery, and George Strait.

Mixing and Mastering Engineer  - 12th


Mixing and Mastering Engineer

Currently based in Dallas, TX. 12th Note Productions was started in Boston, MA. Spring of 2002 by Music Producer and recording engineer Felix Mwangi.

Vocal Tune & Timing / Mixing - Reflekshun


Vocal Tune & Timing / Mixing

Classically trained musician with over 10 years of engineering and music production experience, spent 2 years working in a world class studio in LA with top tier artists ranging from Bebe Rexha to Sia. An amazing experience, but I left the studio with a strong feeling in my heart: people at all levels deserve access to professional sound.


Melodyne/Producer/Mixer - Thomas



Producer/ Vocal Processing Engineer/ Mixer/ Multi-Instrumentalist/ Songwriter

Vocal Tuning,Mixing,Production - Joe



Los Angeles

Vocal Tuning,Mixing,Production

Hello ! I can provide vocal tuning and production for vocals in all styles. I've got a long history in production and artist development, and during that time I've had the pleasure of working on a lot of artist's vocals. If your vocal needs just a polish to make it shine, or a more involved reworking, I can do it for you.

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