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My name is Gavin Nathan Dauzat, I was born in Baton Rouge Louisiana on july 3rd of 1999 i became an indie artist when i was 6 years old calling myself SlimD but only having one song "Slim Is Coming" most people didn't favor my music but in early 2012 i gave up on SlimD and came back as Mistta Purple.

I have produced many indie artist such as myself, Confidential, Mackey Cavalon and The 2 Soulja's. I'm only 14 but I have been making music on my own since i was six but i just got good at it so in 2012 I decided to put out my first mix tape "South Side Story" and the following year "Underground" then the next year "Purple Haze LP" then "I'll Be Your Nightmare" and my next album will be titled "Purple Haze LP 2".Over the past 8 years that i have been into music and producing and mastering i have gotten better at each turn so even though i am very young, for my age i'm good at what i do.

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