Mixing & Mastering, Prodcution - Joseph

Tel Aviv

Mixing & Mastering, Prodcution

I've been writing, producing, mixing & mastering music for the past decade, With bunch of releases worldwide. I use the most advanced devices and techniques to bring a complete and colorful sound image.

mixing and mastering EDM music - Zeamoon


mixing and mastering EDM music

Your number ONE specialist for mixing and mastering EDM music!

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Remote session player/producer - Cambridge


Remote session player/producer

I'm Tyler - a professional guitarist, singer, drummer, songwriter, and producer in Music City - Nashville, Tennessee! I've been performing and recording for 15 years and I would love to help bring your project to life. Don't hesitate to reach out - I'm much more than a session player.

null - Steel


Engineering Services for all artists at affordable rates


Music Producer - Kyle

New York

Music Producer

A Music Producer, Mix Engineer, Audio Engineer, and Musician. Leave a message.


Mastering Studio - Nick


Mastering Studio

Mastering Mansion is the biggest and most perfect Mastering Room in Europe and the only one in the world built entirely from scratch. Nick Litwin has 21 years of experience mastering in the UK, Spain and Argentina. Nick have mastered close to 2000 albums, EPs, singles, vinyl recordings, MFiT, remasters. He has very happy clients all over the world.

Music Producer and Song Writer - Deft


Music Producer and Song Writer

I produce under the pseudo name "Deft Soul". I play the synthesiser and produce my music through Logic ProX. I also do write lyrics for my own songs. I have been writing for the last 6-7 years, and can write for various genres like House, EDM, R&B and Synth-pop. You can check me out on Spotify, SoundCloud and YouTube.


null - Legacy

Grand Rapids

Legacy Creative Industries LLC is a company specializing in outsourced artist development and label services, including Audio Engineering, Mixing, Mastering, Production, and visual branding. LCI was founded by Steven “Crossworm” Weatherbie, a certified audio engineering graduate, multi-genre producer / instrumentalist / illustrator / designer.

Remote mix and master, Rec - Bounce

40064 Ozzano Bologna

Remote mix and master, Rec

I have attended several projects in different contexts, I take care of editing and mixing mastering projects even remotely. I collaborate with Big's Studio of Luca Bignardi and also recorded and mixed project and bands as resident studio engineer.

Singer/Songwriter - Cortez



New R&B "WestTheThird" singer/songwriter.


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