Audio Engineer and Magician - Donte

Los Angeles

Audio Engineer and Magician

I will mix and master your music to your specifications to bring your vision to life!

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Remote Mixing - Pam

La Tour

Remote Mixing

Hi, I'm a french artist, producer and mixer, mostly unknown, I hate patch bays, but I love mixing on my disfunctunning toft audio console, using old compressors I don't really understand. I'm not into recalls either. Other than that, I'm extremely cool. Please hire me!


i created mixing and mastering - Mtl


i created mixing and mastering

Hi there, glad to see you are interested in working with me. To keep it short, my main focus is mastering and mixing. I spend the last year working mostly with artists in Toronto and Montreal





The best mistakes to make are the ones you learn from and truly I have had my share of lessons. I have been a DJ since age 13 and have built my knowledge from the Night Clubs @ age22 at a time when it was saturated with Ego Tripping DJ's I wanted an edge so I did my own remixes and that progressed into Producing*.I am a born again Christian.


Ghost of Real Sound - DJ


Ghost of Real Sound

You can hire me after a trial of your choice, I prefer to be unknown as much as possible and just want to do the job I'm best fit in. Here's another reason to hire me. I'll make sure that the amount you would pay me, 75% will be goes to charity for children fighting with HIV and Cancer.


Mix & Master - Pop & Indie - Guy




Mix & Master - Pop & Indie

Mix and mastering engineer specialising in pop, indie and alternative genres. My goal is to help artists create timeless tracks with an alternative flavour.


Mix Engineer / Vocalist - Vyero

Mexico City

Mix Engineer / Vocalist

We work together as a team to make your song sound as great as possible. That's it! What I've learned over the years is: The song tells the story, the song tells you what to do next, the song guides your way in every step of the production. I am here to serve YOUR SONG.

Session Singer, Songwriter - Kaci

New York Metropolitan Area

Session Singer, Songwriter

Hello, I am a self taught true creative spirit gaining credits. Therefore, you'll get quality vocals and songwriting collaborator and not break the bank. Take a chance on an unknown phenom.


Remote Mixing and Mastering  - @Nikobell


Remote Mixing and Mastering

Does your music sound flat, one dimensional, boring or lifeless? My live audio background will help to transform your music and give it a life-kick!! With Album credits from Usher to unknown emerging artists there is no project too big or small.

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