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I'm a creative and experienced guitarist with many years of experience recording and playing live. I play Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, and Electric Bass. I've got great gear, good chops, and get great sounds. I'm also a Composer, Producer, and Mix Engineer. Listen to some of my work at

I'm a Guitarist/Producer/Engineer/Arranger based in Los Angeles. I've been making music as a guitarist for almost twenty years, and creating music as an Engineer/Producer for the last seven.

As an electric & acoustic guitarist, I'm available for creating/recording guitar tracks in the genres listed on this page and probably several others as well. I specialize in rock/pop/r&b/worship, but I'm good at "faking" many styles. I also play banjo, mandolin and various percussion instruments, (which i almost always prefer to simply dropping in a loop...) if you're looking for some extra sparkle for your tracks.

I work out my home studio in Downey, Ca, where I record tracks for all instruments, including acoustic drum kits, strings, guitars, vocals, etc. Although I'm always learning, I've recorded lots of instruments over the years, and have a good working knowledge of how to get to get it right "at the source."

I also do string and horn arrangements, either for sampled sections or to be recorded by actual musicians. FYI I use the Kirk Hunter orchestra for my samples. It's easier to get away with sampled strings, as sampled horns almost never sound convincing, but if budget allows I always prefer recording real musicians.

Finally, I've produced and mixed lots of music in the last several years; I've got good ears and a good arrangement sense.

Contact me through the green button above and lets get to work.

I Wonder As I Wander by the Jingle Boys

I was the Recording Engineer, Mix Engineer, Arranger, Guitarist in this production

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