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These curated pro electric bassists will lay down solid low-end grooves for your song in whatever style, tone, or genre you need

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Bass guitar  - Koby Klar

Hi all! I am a very experienced and skilled bass player, Can help your music with various bass sounds and playing styles.

Remote Session Bass - Mads Dalum Poulsen

Hello! My name is Mads Dalum Poulsen, I'm a freelance musician based in Denmark. Currently I've been playing bass for 10 years. Quality-Minded.

Bass Guitarist - Ronald J. Mominee

Live and Studio Bassist / Producer versed in multiple genres (Alternative Rock, Americana, Modern Country, Electronica, Hard Rock), sideman for hire (live / session), worked as sideman for the late Jim Carroll, and Shana Morrison (Daughter of Van), artists of many styles, home studio recording work. Multiple TV spots / commercials / major networks.

Your Mom's Favorite Bassist - Zack Proteau

Bass is a collaborative instrument by nature, and my favorite part of my 25+ year career as a bassist is all the people I've gotten to work with. Looking forward to working together on your project!

Electric Bass + Ambience  - Lives Enjoyable

I'm here to fill in that low end and add deep space to your track.

Session Bassist - Nate Fuller

Bassist with jazz/r&b influences with a strong urge to create unique, fun, digestible bass lines.

Remote recording specialist - Bass Player

Quick, reliable, friendly and professional London bassist: Adam Rigg. Officially endorsed by Warwick bass, Orange amps, Ernie Ball, Crom bass and Gamma bass. 27 years experience. All styles considered. Remote recordings available. Bassplayer Magazine March 2021 "How to be a good bass-layer" article.

Bass player, Songwriter - Alper Yilmaz

Bass player with 15+ years experience. Experiences vary in a wide spectrum from alternative rock, hard rock, progressive rock to death metal.

Session Bassist, Arranger - Bram Brijan

ArtEZ university of music alumni. Everything to benefit your song!

Creative Guitarist/Bassist - Gates Guitar and Music

Guitarist and bass player teaching online lessons and helping you create to your best. Creative sound production and tone engineering.

 bassist/producer/composer - Scott Archibald Music

Versatile bassist here with 20 + years experience available for sessions. I am also available to compose soundtracks for film/TV and help emerging songwriters produce/arrange their demo recording.

Session Bassist - Charles Bioul

Bassist for over 12 years, graduated in music performance at ICMP, I can play bass for your tracks! Thanks to the broad variety of genres I played, I understand the different roles a bassist has to fulfil in music. Extremely passionate, I'm not afraid to put in hours in order to achieve the perfect result.

Session Bassist and Guitarist - Ryan Mortimer

Experienced Bass Player, Guitarist and recording engineer with over 15+ years experience. Working across multiple genres, I prefer to work within Post-Hardcore, Metal, Heavy Rock & Indie genres.

Session 4 String Bass Player  - Nicholas Reed

I am a life-long student of music and am always excited to contribute to new projects. I've been trained by the best players in the world from the online program at Berklee. I'd be happy to help you with your song(s). Lets have fun with it!

 - Alexey Novohizhko

I am a vocalist/bass-player for a synthrock band "Disciplina Medicina". Live playing, mixing, recording, mixing experience.

Session Bass Player - Edoardo Giovanelli

Hi, I'm a bass player active since 2000

Remote Session Bassist - Ziggie

I've been playing bass since I was 15, that's some 20 years with breaks here and there. I love music so I do this out of love. Looking forward to contributing to your project/album

Session Bassist - Daniel Malek

Professional Recording and Touring Bass Player

Bassist & Mixing Engineer - Nate Gurarie

I've been mixing for four years; mixing albums, radio programs, tv shows and more. I've been playing bass for five years; specializing in pop, rock, funk, and jazz.

Bass, Guitar, MD & Songwriting - Jay Troop

Multi-Instrumentalist, Songwriter, and Singer with 20+ years of experience

Basser - Isaac Wilson

I can get timbres out of instruments you shouldn't be able to get said timbres out of. I also once played with the original cast of "Hee Haw" (no joke).

Session Bassist - Ronan Quinn

I am very passionate about my work and excited to work with each new artist. My experience working with many different artists has helped me to develop my skills for working with others to make each song as great as it can possibly be. My main work consists of indie, pop and folk but I am comfortable with most genres.

Session Bassist - Daniel Gil

Powerful basslines from an inspired musician.

Session Bassisst - Cristian Mollett

Fast & flawless. I got you covered.

Producer - TedD

I'm a producer and mixing/ mastering engineer that works on an array of different genres from pop punk, rock, pop, rap/hip-hop, trap, and even metal/metalcore. As a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, I am dedicated giving your upcoming project a creative and solid sound while pulling the absolute full potential out of it. Currently attending LARS.

Session Guitarist/Bassist - Chand K Nova

I'm an experienced, award winning, signed multi instrumentalist. I make guitar driven instrumental music and I am now looking to work with people all over the world and add what I can bring to your songs. I can play almost any genre and have every type of guitar set up you can think of and a very impressive home studio.

Session bass player - Si Short

I'm a 22 year old bassist living and working in London. I have extensive studio, live, and audiovisual-recording experience.

Make bass,guitar,drums,beats - felipandule

I specialize in electric bass, guitar and synths but I also make beats. I love working with different kinds of music and I am not very experienced buy I am looking to get there.

Session Bass Player - Will Funderburke

I am a reliable bass player with over 10 years of experience in multiple genres.

The Smoothest Bass on Tap - Mitch Beer

Hi all! Mitch Beer here. I'm the Smoothest Bass on Tap I am a live and session Electric Bassist, multi instrumentalist, arranger, and producer in Philadelphia. I love the Bass and I love helping artists and songwriters take their songs to the next level.

Session Bass Guitarist - Alex Blythe

I'm Alex and I play a wide range of styles and instruments, including Bass Guitar, Saxophone, Piano and Drums. I also Record, Mix and Master any style track to a high standard, and pride myself in communication, enjoyment and professionalism. I also have the ability to do remote work from my home set up.

Session Bassist - Andrew Perusi

What's going on?! I'm Andrew Perusi, a live and session bass player living in LA. I love the role the bass has on a tune and I'm grateful to be able to provide my energy and talent to give my best work! I will be reliable and quick on the turn around.

Session Bassist-Music Producer - Lito Pad

Bass player recording and live performer.

Session Bassist, Producer - Carson Childers Music

Collaborator from Lexington, Kentucky looking to be creative on your project!

Bass, Production, Mix, Master - Frank Slater

Creative Producer/Engineer with years experience, a degree in Music, certification from Avid and I just love to make music.

Session multi-instrumentalist - Marshall

I'm a versatile musician with a thorough approach in the studio and a deep understanding of harmony, melody, rhythm and lyrics.

Session Bassist - Liam McDonough

What I can offer that most bassist can not is the ability to learn songs via ear as well as having a very good improv skill, I've been playing for about five years now and grew up in an environment surrounded by musicians from my brothers to my father

guitarrista de sesión - Migue

Estudie música en Buenos Aires Argentina, fundando y participando en varios proyectos de rock, blues, pop y jazz. mi estilo se define mas por corrientes jazzeras pero puedo acomodarme al estilo de tu preferencia. participe en varios festivales de rock blues y jazz de mi ciudad acompañando y dirigiendo proyectos.

Session Bass Player - Scott Arnold

Expert level, groove oriented bass player. I play to match the feel of the song, not to show off.

Bass player - Vidjai

I will record the bass tracks you want on your song.

I make things sound better. - Sque Sound

I am an experienced mixing engineer, with a professional background in the following: Session Bassist Composer (Score & Library) Sound Designer Sound Editorial Re-Recording Mixer

Bassist, Composer/Arranger - Chris LaBenne

Coastal NC bass guitarist with 12 years of experience in-studio and live, professional equipment, perfect pitch, and groove pockets as deep as the ocean. Specialize in rock, funk, and dance -- can play any other style, though. Very fast turnaround time due to experience and perfect pitch (enables very quick ear-learning). Let's collaborate!

Session Bass Player & Vox - Joe Lewis, Bass

Weathered live & studio session bass player, active and available to record and tour.

Session Bassist - Ben Butler

Nashville-based Session Bassist specializing in CCM, Worship, Singer-Songwriter, and Modern Country. I have a degree in Worship Leadership - Music Business and have studio and touring experience.

Bassist, Arranger, Composer - Charlie_R_ Hartley bass

Taking care of the low end of your music!

Session Bass Player - Cristian Postal

Professional bass player vailable for Artist, Bands, Producers, Labels.

Session Bassist - Bass Tracks By Tarka

Hello! My name is Tarka and I am a Nashville based session and touring electric and upright bassist for hire. Currently touring with Larkin Poe, The Sisterhood Band, Jessie James Decker, Harrison Whitford, Daniel Donato, and many more!

Session Bassist & Vocalist - Ian Daugherty

I'm 30 years old and I am from St. Charles, MO. I began playing bass in my high school jazz band. I also began singing and writing songs at age 16. Since I've graduated high school I have toured US & Canada with several bands on several tours. In 2015 I packed up and moved to Nashville to improve my writing and get some new inspiration.

Bass Player - Benson Bass

My name is Benson. I have been playing bass for nearly a decade. I would call myself an experimentalist, that is, I enjoy exploring possibilities in music. I'm up for anything.

Bass Guitarist - RichMollo

Professional rock/metal bassist for your music session or tour.

Bass Player, Beat Maker - Stephen Porter

I'm a solid Bass Player with 20+years experience in everything from jazz to R&B, gospel, pop, poprock. I play electric bass but also play upright acoustic bass.

Professional Studio Bassist - Steven Dueck

For Me.. Playing Bass is Composing Melodic Foundation to Enhance the Unique Sound of the Artist. ~Steven Dueck

Double and Electric Bassist - Joseph Wallace

Double & Electric bassist living in New York with 20 plus years of experience and an open mind to all types of music.

Session Bassist / Producer - Dave Francis


You can hear me on Luke Combs #1 Country Hit, "Hurricane"

Guitarist , Song Writer,  - farahsultan

What you think about writing with music, is it not a good idea?

Session Bassist - Chike Okaro

Hello!! I am a bassist with several years of experience on Upright and Electric Bass. I have degrees in Music Performance from Baylor University and TCU so I have knowledge of theory and can read music. My ability to learn music is quick and I can provide synth bass sounds as well as vocals if needed!

Session Bassist, Producer - Nick Wanek

Sick of your unmotivated and incompetent bassist not keeping up with your riffs? I got you covered. Hit me up and we'll switch your low-end to an all-meat diet!

Session Bassist, Sitar, Guitar - Manuel Churión "ChurroGreen"

I have been playing bass for some 20 years, mainly rock, funk, soul and dub, have toured 20 and more countries as well and have recorded bass, keys and guitar in some releases in pop, ska, rock and funk albums. Palmeras Kaníbales, Judy Buendía, Laura Guevara to name some. I can midi arrange and I can play some sitar and guitar

Session Bassist [Berklee] - David Katilius

My name is David Katilius, and I am a bass player from Greenville, South Carolina. I received my Bachelor of Music degree with Magna Cum Laude distinction from the Berklee College of Music in Boston, and am currently playing out with many different bands in the Greenville and surrounding areas of the Upstate including Earsight and The Lift.

Session bassist - Lucas Smith

I am mostly a bass player but also earn a living playing rhythm guitar and singing. I have extensive background in jazz bass and vocals but can provide tracks for any genre of music.

Producer, Musician, Songwriter - Sdfdsf sdfsdf

I am a musician, mixing engineer, producer, and songwriter

Pedal Steel, Banjo, Bass, Mix - Hamilton McKay Belk


Tasteful overdubs for country, folk, indie rock, and experimental projects. Pedal Steel, Banjo, Guitar, and Bass. I'm a mixing engineer, too.

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