Music composer & producer - mercuriomusic

Buenos Aires

Music composer & producer

Hi! Pro with motivational/inspiring tracks for commercial/corporate means. House music. Guitar player. Listen to my teaser to know my music.

Cinematic Charango Composer - Maxi

Buenos Aires

Cinematic Charango Composer

Combines ancestral sounds - ronroco, charango, quenas - seeking the balance between organic and electronic achieving a cinematic result, with a multicultural and contemporary identity.

Bass, production and more! - Chino



Buenos Aires

Bass, production and more!

I am bass player from Buenos Aires, Argentina, with more than 25 years of experience. Work in composing, playing, recording, mixing and mastering and producing of many, many records and songs that are up in Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, CD, cassette... you name it. I'm creative, restless, expeditious and friendly with my clients.

Music Producer - Alfredo

Buenos Aires

Music Producer

My name is Alfredo Marzioni. I am a 25 year-old sound engineer from Argentina (graduated on December 2019). I have an extended list of jobs I did as a music producer and mixing engineer. I guarantee you that you will be 100% happy with the final track after I do what I know to do. Lets take your songs to the next level!

Productor//Mezcla//Guitarrista - Marco

Monte Grande


Soy productor, ingeniero de mezcla y guitarrista desde hace más de 15 años.Tengo mi estudio llamado Templo Limón, ubicado en Monte Grande, BS AS, ARGENTINA.Trabajé en programas de TV, films, teatro y producciónes discográficas.En mis mezclas y producciónes intento resaltar lo particular del artista y, sobre todo, plasmar su espíritu.

Mastering Engineer - Ovie

San Francisco

Mastering Engineer

8x Latin Grammy Winning Albums, 2x Grammy Winning Albums. Pro audio equipment manufacturer. Over 20 years of experience in mastering. Connection, emotion and musicality above all things.

Session bassist - Ezequiel


Session bassist

20+ years of low end's experience in the studio and in the road. Let´s make music together!

Singer-Composer (En. Fr. Sp.) - Köra


Singer-Composer (En. Fr. Sp.)

I am a singer, songwriter and composer. I sing and write in Spanish, English and French.

session drummer and recording - Leo


session drummer and recording

i am a session drummer whit studio on my own and i have experience recording drums and sounds really good i think.....i have a unike "hybrid kit" that allows me endless posivilities very easy.....

Music Producer & Remote Mixing - Jorge

Buenos Aires

Music Producer & Remote Mixing

Chikiar has a solid academic background in musical composition, has held various compositions of music for ballet film, produced and arranged several bands in Argentina and collaborated with other musical productions. Winner Garder and Clarin Award, has one of the most interesting collections of synthesizers and analog equipment in Buenos Aires

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