Top Session Bassists for hire

These curated pro electric bassists will lay down solid low-end grooves for your song in whatever style, tone, or genre you need

Sessions/LiveGigs/WriteProduce - BADASS BASS PLAYER

WHATEVER YOU WANT, I CAN PLAY IT - Country, Rock, Funk, Jazz, R&B, Blues, Classical. I read music or can write charts & I specialize in theory. Sessions - YES. Tours - YES. Work out your demo songs - YES. DO YOU WANT A SPECIAL GROOVE - YES!!! With Electric, Double Bass, Fretless, 5 String, bowing, pick or plucking, I will add magic to your songs!

Session Bass Player - Marian Urbonas

Groove is everything! Always at the service of the song, sometimes less is more!

music producer, bass player - Adebiyi01

A prolific bass player with a good sense of blending the african sound into any genre of music.Played on both national and international stages touring with award winning artists such as Elder d don, ice prince, reekado banks, and currently with Niniola (the queen of afro pop).

Remote Recording Bassist - Ed Shipley

I'm offering my services as a remote recording bass player. If you need some high quality bass on your music Let's make it happen

Bassist, producer, songwriter - Martin Dale

35 years experience in writing, recording, producing and playing bass for others. Also fronting bands/projects as singer and entertainer. Full time professional 18 years. Specialist in acoustic music, especially folk, Irish and British folk, but also prog rock and indie rock.

Session Bassplayer - Morten Jay

Professional, personalized bass tracks - Recorded remotely, just for you.

Session Bassist - Daniel Gil

Powerful basslines from an inspired musician.

Session Bass Player (El.& Ac.) - Jeff Allen

25 year NYC bass pro -- ninja level on both Electric & Upright. Guaranteed to make your music sound better.

Bass player & Copyist  - João Mourão

Bass Player, Composer, Arranger, Producer, Music Director, Sheet Music Editor, and Music Magazine Editor. Music Preparator / Copyist since 1994 As a Music Producer, I arranged and produced dozens of CDs and DVDs - Catholics and secular. I have worked alongside prestigious names of Brazilian Popular Music, all platinum artists.

Baixista, guitarrista base - Marcel Tiné

Sou musico a mais de 15 anos, com experiência na noite paulistana, fazendo voz e violão e com bandas covers e autorais

Bassist and Mix Engineer - Andy Carr

Professional and versatile bass player who's credits include ABC, Belinda Carlisle, Bruce Dickinson and William Bell offers a wealth of experience and ideas to your musical project. Remote studio mixing service also available.

Production, Mixing, Mastering - Nick Franz

We want to support you in achieving your music goals by finding the right way for you to grow. We will help You unlock Your full potential in music. The studio is specialised in songwriting, music production, mix and mastering for any subgenre of Rap, Hip-Hop and Trap music.

Bass Player & Mixing - Walter Dietrich

Bass player & mixing of Rock / Pop music more than anything.

Remote Mixing and Mastering - Jonah C Thornton

Art is collaborative, let's bring your vision to life. I am an experienced audio engineer and multi-instrumentalist with a passion for the creative process. My mission is to aid and empower artists to bring the best out of their work.

remote latinamerican mixing - Emiliano Avila Rojas-Murphy

i'm a mixing enginner, multi-instrumentalist and composer, i live in chile and i work online. The genres that i work its latinamerican music, rock, blues and soundtrack.

Audio Engineer, Producer - Daniel Connolly

Experienced London based Audio Engineer and Producer

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Session Bassist - Oisa O

I'm an excellent bassist with over 20 years experience in studio and live music. I love a variety of music genre and bring my passion to life in every song I play

Producer and Session Duo - FallStep

The rhythm section of dreams. Accomplished session duo (Drummer, Bassist & Production).

Rock/Metal Mixing, Mastering - Caden Caskey

I have a background in heavy music and rock. I am one of two guitar players in the metal band, F R A C T U R E. I love making huge, punchy-sounding tracks while also keeping dynamics and musicality at the forefront of my work. If you love metal and hard rock, I am your guy.

Nashville Session Bassist  - Derrick Whiteside

From the vibrant music scene of Nashville, Tennessee, I am a dedicated full-time professional bass player with a passion for creating music that feels good. With 15 years of road and studio experience throughout my career, I have had the honor of touring with acclaimed artists such as Nikki Lane and Chapel Hart.

Professional Bassist - Iván Darío

Versatile, hardworking, but chill enough to crack jokes between songs. Having played bass for over ten years, and studied and one of Canada's most prestigious music schools, I have what it takes to make whatever project you have come to life.

Electric Bass Player - Andrew the Bass Player

I'm a bass player that likes to keep things simple

Session Trombonist, Pianist. - GranadosMyoozik

I know how to be fluid within any sort of creative space, offering an awareness and respect for any project I am a part of. Whatever you need I can provide because I will truly listen to the intent and feeling of your art.

Session Musician, Bass Player - Jean Paul Linares


I'm Jean Paul Linares, professional bass player. I studied music at the Fundación Universitaria Bellas Artes in Medellin. I have my own studio based in Medellín - Colombia. Actually i play with "Evan Craft" one of the most important artist in christian music. I have played live concerts around Latin America

Recording, Mixing, Production - D.I.S. Sound & Image

In the North-West of Denmark, in the peacefull island of Mors, a musical analog heart meets a complex digital mind. A pure analog audio path is fed and managed by computerized precision.

 - Kay Frederick

My name is Kennedy and I play bass and drums I am 17 years old. I've been playing for a number of years. I was born as raised around musicians.

Make bass,guitar,drums,beats - felipandule

I specialize in electric bass, guitar and synths but I also make beats. I love working with different kinds of music and I am not very experienced buy I am looking to get there.

Bassist, Composer/Arranger - Chris LaBenne

Coastal NC bass guitarist with 12 years of experience in-studio and live, professional equipment, perfect pitch, and groove pockets as deep as the ocean. Specialize in rock, funk, and dance -- can play any other style, though. Very fast turnaround time due to experience and perfect pitch (enables very quick ear-learning). Let's collaborate!

Pop/Rock Bassist and Singer - Marco Montipò

Pop/Rock bassist and singer, skilled to many techniques and genres.

Bass.Acoustic Guitars.Songs.  - Reginaldo Lincoln

Session Musician. Songwriter.

Session Bassist - Samuel D Turner

Five string bass player specialising in tricky timings.

Producer, Musician - Dogzout

Producer, Sound Designer, Bassist

Electric bass, mixing - rockq0

Experienced bass player, but always open to suggestions.

Session Bassist & Mixing  - Guilherme d'Almeida

Former bassist of O Terno e Grand Bazaar and many other projects.

Recording bassist - Andy L.

I have been playing guitar and bass for 35+ years in multiple genres of underground music.

Indie Music Producer & Mixer - Phillip

Hallo, ich bin Phillip und lebe und arbeite in Düsseldorf. Eine meiner Leidenschaften ist das Schreiben und Mischen von Songs für heimische Künstler. Zuhause bin ich im Bereich Indie, Rock und Pop.

Session Bass Player, Arranger - Lucas Barata

I provide bass tracks and top customer service!

Bass player - Vidjai

I will record the bass tracks you want on your song.

Producer - TedD

I'm a producer and mixing/ mastering engineer that works on an array of different genres from pop punk, rock, pop, rap/hip-hop, trap, and even metal/metalcore. As a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, I am dedicated giving your upcoming project a creative and solid sound while pulling the absolute full potential out of it. Currently attending LARS.

ProSession bass and synth bass - Anastasiia AZonBass

My name is Anastasiia and I would love to add my talent and skills to your song!!! More the 10 years experience as a pro session bassist ! You can find me as Azonbass on YouTube and see videos!

Remote Session Bassist - Gideon K

Bassist specialising in rock, alternative, pop, indie, blues and other genres that are not jazz or classical. Proficient an experienced with coming up with a part or arrangement that works for your project, but equally able to recreate and 'humanise' your pre-programmed samples or midi arrangements. Fluent in over 17 dialects of fuzz bass.

Mixing engineer / Producer - Stubert Studios

Hi, I am a musician, playing, drums, bass, guitars, some keys. My real passion is in production, taking a basic song and elevating it to a whole new level. Some songs have just 2 tracks whilst other can have over 200 tracks on them. Whatever the song needs is what i try to deliver. I work with many artists across the globe

established recording bassist - Rob Mullarkey

Jacob Collier's bassist but I'm well known for my work with Zero7, Jordan Rakei, Jose James, Natalie Williams, John Newman and plenty more. As well as being an accomplished bassist with a background in jazz and soul, I have mixed and produced many albums and try to bring this musical awareness to my bass playing.

Pro bass player music producer - Bajojuano

I´m a professional bass player from South América who loves music production and songwriting, I love Pop, latin music, folk, rock, funk. electro latin. etc...

NYC Session Bassist - Wyeth Tvenge

Session bassist with over 25 years experience on fretted/fretless, and upright bass.

EDM, Hip Hop, Mixing, Flock  - Sudipto Dey Dip

Sudipto Dey Dip

Session Bassist - Giovanni Ocampo

Bass player with 15 years experience in the music industry. I have been recording different kinds of music Rock, Pop, Reggaeton, Funk, Metal, etc...

Bass player for artists - Aubrey Harris


Session bassist with a deep pocket, melodic grooves, and attention to detail. Touring bassist with Faouzia and Chappell Roan. Other performances with Dove Cameron, Fletcher, Keith Urban, Jacob Collier, Tia Fuller (Beyoncé), Morris Hayes (Prince), Al Kooper (Bob Dylan), Stokley Williams (Mint Condition), and on America's Got Talent.

Session Bassist - Kodai Hojo

I offer high quality bass tracks for your project at the price of $100 per song (Up to 2 free revisions each) with fast turnarounds!

Session Electric Bassist  - Justin Raines


Grammy award winning bassist! I've had the honor of playing bass and synth bass (key bass) for many artist around the world. Specializing in gospel, R&B, Pop, Fusion and Jazz. I enjoy the process of bringing songs alive by building the foundation and encouraging positive energy. Contact me through the contact button so we can make magic!

Session Bassist/Songwriter - Eric Messihi

Professional Bassist, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter ready to make your tracks come alive! I am a seasoned professional musician with 10+ years experience in the New York music scene. Contributing to tracks by notable National acts including MALINDA, pronoun, Cape Francis, Analog Rebellion, Catey Shaw, and many more!

Session Bass Player & Vocalist - Joe Lewis, Bass

Weathered Live & Studio session bass player, active, ready and available for touring and recording multi-style/genre music with feel, depth and taste.

Upright, Elec, Bass, Vocals - Elio Giordano

Google Elio Giordano Nashville and you will see me performing with The Mavericks, Ronnie Dunn, Tanya Tucker and many others. I have recorded with Symphonies in London, played many late-night shows like the Tonight Show, and have recorded with many major music artists. For over 20 years I have worked as a sought-after Nashville musician.

Bassist / Producer / Mixer - Mokhtar

Hey :) i have been playing electric bass for 15 years if you are looking for groove i am your man. i am also a producer i am currently working with many artist in my country (Egypt) as i own an independent record label, i also love to do creative mixing. We can also provide recording space for artists and session musicians from Egypt.

 Bassist Electric and Acoustic - Hal Cragin

Played with Joni Mitchell, They Might Be Giants, Rufus Wainwright, Sara Mclachlan Iggy Pop,A Fine Frenzy,Movies and TV themes like "the office"

Producer, Mixer, Session Muso - Digby Lovatt

I'm a producer, mixer, and session musician. I've toured the world playing bass, guitar, keys and as a musical director, and have several million total streams for music I have worked on as a producer/writer/engineer. Some notable artists I have worked for include: Kelis, James Vickery, Blanco White, Plested, and many others.

Session Bassist/Music Producer - Zachariah Witcher

Hello all, my name is Zachariah Witcher. I am a Grammy Nominated Bassist. I am also a music producer/beat maker based in Nashville, TN!

Composer, Producer and a playe - Ziv Grinberg

Hi Im Ziv I am professionally composing, playing (Doublebass, Clarinet, Cello, Piano Ukulele and more), producing and mixing in many genres such as Jazz, Classic, Rock and Soul. My specialization is on doing it all together, and to do it very well. I am working/worked with: Artlist, the Israeli Philharmonic, and many big artists in Israel

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