Top Electric Bassists for hire

These curated pro electric bassists will lay down solid low-end grooves for your song in whatever style, tone, or genre you need

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Producer, Studio Musician  - Chad Carouthers


I will come along side you to create a fresh, relevant, and creative finished product. I enjoy assisting an artist when they are wanting the best representation of their brand and product. Whether you are a brand new artist and still finding your sound, or an established artist, I enjoy whatever challenge you may bring!

Music Producer (Media-Ads-TV) - John Lee

Custom Music for Digi-Media, Adverts, TV, Radio, Web and Artists.

Session Guitarist - David Cacciatore

Experienced and well rounded guitar player specializing in blues, rock, pop, and radio friendly music. Have had years of experience of being in a band, recording studio, and touring the US. Have performed shows to more than 2,000 people in attendance, and have performed an audiotree session as well. I look forward in helping you achieve your goals!

Guitarist, Mix, Production - Paolo Ronda

I'm a long time guitar player, i arrange my own songs completely from vocals to drums. I love rock, pop, electronic and over all mixing them in something unique and original. I'm composer singer and guitarist of the band "Dei Perfetti Sconosciuti"

Producer, Recording Musician - UBK

Wizard of Psychedelic Middle Eastern sounds

Session Musician - Whitewater Music

Session musician for hire. Want some killer sounding live drums on your track. This is the place for it. Want some guitar work? come here. Need a bass player to add some life to the track? Also here. Want some singing on your track? Go somewhere else, I definitely cannot sing. All recorded in a studio to fit your budget.

Music Producer,Mix & Mastering - KnivesOut

Credits with Artist First, RAI Tv

Jack of All Trades - Charley Damski

Multi-Instumentalist, String Arranger, Producer, and all around session guy in LA.

Producer, Recording, Mixing - Collin Ingram

I'm a producer, recording and mixing engineer, and head engineer at TBC recording in Denver, Colorado. I specialize in Indie and Punk Rock, Pop, and Hip Hop mixing and production. I won't stop working until your track exceeds all your expectations!

Recording Studio, Producer - Spoonuel

Producer for rising bedroom pop artist Chloe Berry and actor/multi-instrumentalist in the Broadway production of Sing Street.

Mixing & Mastering, Production - Mario Mixes

Hello, I am a professional audio engineer and musician with 20+ years of experience. Quality is my priority

mIx/master/playing/editing - Apple Jack

I'm a music-lover, who happens to know how to mix, master, edit, tune, compose and play some instruments

Guitar, utility player, prducr - Dimitri LeBel

I play guitar, pedal steel, dobro, mandolin, banjo and can carry a song on bass and drums too as well as programming/producing. My home studio, based in the Montreal area, is well equiped to fill any musical needs. I do get a lot of work in contry music but really, I like any kind of music.

Remote mixing, instrumentation - WessAudio

Professional mixing engineer based in Nashville, TN. Experience in a wide-variety of styles and skilled with editing, mixing, and arranging.

Mixing, mastering, producing - Sea of Ghosts Studios

lets make your next song shine!

Producer / Engineer / Musician - Jamey Warren

I'm a Producer / Engineer / Musician with a studio in Livingston, MT. I specialize in mixing/producing complete modern pop, country and rock tracks. I provide Acoustic & Electric Guitar, Bass, and Drum tracks. I also work with local artists in Montana that I can pull in for your project. I will work to get the sound YOU want for your project.

Musician, Producer, Engineer - David Francisco

Featured on American Idol and the Ellen Show, I'm a Producer turned musician currently based in Los Angeles. I've performed with Martina McBride, Steven Curtis Chapman, and opened for the Voice winner Chris Blue.

Songwriter Producer Musician - YPL Music


I specialise in performing, arranging and recording rock, pop and electronic music and can provide individual instrument tracks or complete mixes to suit your project. If you've got an idea for a song I can help you make it a reality.

Recording/Mixing Engineer - "Mixed By Rubi"

I am a Recording/Mixing/Mastering Engineer from Los Angeles, Ca. Currently, I am working as the Resident engineer for a production company name, "KTKG MEDIA." Hit me up for a mix, a recording session, or a mastering session.

Mixing - Vincent Lebret

Freelance mixer based in paris. I love to work on every style so feel free to get in touch. I'm also a classically trained piano player, guitarist and bassist.

Guitarist, Bass, Remote Mixing - Anna Seruma
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Remote Drums, Perc, Bass, Mix - Andy Woodard

You've spent time and emotion creating your song, now let's get the drums perfect! Want to record in a nice sounding room like Abbey Road or Avatar studios but don't have the budget?

Audio Engineer - BlackFox SoundLab - Arsis

I'm specialized in Recording and Mixing, particularly in odd situations and places. Every musical projects, from song writing to mixing, deserves creativity, intimacy and fun. That's why i prefer to record with my floating studio, deciding each time the best place to record, whether it is a house, a wood, a basement or a roof...

Mixing, Mastering, Artist. - Weston

I'm a professional audio engineer in Nashville TN working out of a commercial studio and a home studio. I've also been a vocalist, guitar, and bass player for 15 years.

Session Guitarist and producer - Fractal Beats

I've been playing the guitar for 12 years and i'm here to give the spice you need in your song.

Music Producer & Musician - Sivan

Let's make great Songs together!

Composer, Instrumentalist  - Jon Steinmeier

Jon plays drums, keyboards, electric bass, and guitar professionally. He composes and engineers music for television, film, web, and live performance.

Multi Instrumentalist - Mixing - Wildhurst Nash

I have been writing and recording music for over 15 years. I have had songs on video games and major TV networks. I am excited to help others bring to life the sounds that are in their head!

Music Producer, Audio Engineer - Kang 242

Just a guy, out here trying to have fun, make money, and do what he loves.

Guitar/Strings/Arranging  - Brenden Smith

Multi-instrumentalist and creative mind at your disposal.

Multi-Musician Prod. & Mix Eng - Carl Sjursvens

I help you to articulate the message in your music and I make sure that you resonate with your target audience.

Mixing and Mastering Engineer  - Moises Zetina

We are proud of the collection of vintage gear we have in the studio, thus giving a unique character to your music with our vintage George Neumann Analogue Desk.

Songwriter-Bassist-Producer - Bear Williams AKA Larry Kimpel

I've been Blessed to work with some of the very best musicians, songwriters and artists in the industry and so I have an "Old School" approach to music and production. I've learned to meet people where they are, and I so I tailor-make each of my bass tracks, songs and productions so that they speak to the artist's needs. Let's work together soon!

Producer, Mixing/Mastering - [hai].keem

Services: - Production/Song Writing - Mixing/Mastering - Sound Design/Foley for Videos - Audio Post Work

Full Service Remote Production - Sparling Music

My name is John Sparling, with some help from heavy hitters I have put together your answer for anything music production. If you need vocals edited/timed/tuned, live instrumentals, instrumental arrangements, production or just a professionally mixed and mastered recording we can help you! Let us know what you need today!

Music Producer - Twalls07


Mixing and Music Producer - Juan Victor Belisario

Audio and Mixing Producer. Worked in the music industry for more than 10 years. Member of Latin GRAMMY winners Viniloversus.

Producer, Mixer & Musician - Nate Wycoff

Attention to details, commitment to finding precise sounds, and extensive knowledge of music that is informed both by experience as a player/producer and vast and comprehensive digital music library.

Sessions, Mix and Master - AnxSion

I provide quality mixing and mastering services at affordable rates. I also provide guitar, bass and drums sessions playback services as well. I run a concept studio based in India and can provide assistance in live shows and visual jockey service.

Editing, Mixing & Mastering - Andrea Moretti

I'm a self-taught sound engineer from Alessandria (Italy). I started playing bass guitar and singing when I was 15, then a couple years later I started my journey through the audio engineering world. In 2010 I opened a studio with another guy, then left it in May 2014. Now I'm working in my home-studio.

Session work & full production - Ignited Note Productions

Hello! I'm Shane, owner of Ignited Note Productions. I've been a musician for over 15 years. What started as a love for playing drums at the age of 12 turned in to an OBSESSION with playing guitar and then eventually all aspects of music production! I put my heart and soul into every musical endeavour I put my mind to!

Session Guitarist & Engineer - Jack Fossett

Specializing in Blues, Americana, acoustic rock, classic rock, and other delightfully vintage guitar genres. Chosen by Joe Bonamassa as one of the top 10 undiscovered American blues guitarists in 2013 Guitar Center Blues Masters. And with a generally sunny disposition.

Audio engineering  - TiwanSoundStudio

Recording ;Mixing and Mastering

Recording Studio - eraX Sound Art

I'm a sound engineer who runs a recording studio in south east London ( I have more than 10 years experience in the rock and metal genres.I am also a very experienced musician and am happy to take on bespoke music creation for specific events (e.g. weddings) or soundtrack work.

Recording & mixing engineer - Frans H.

Punk rocker who is finishing BA studies for Music Production. Recorded, mixed & mastered all types of music in my studies but expertise lie in the realm of guitar based band music. Want to try and learn more! Have done dialogue recording & editing along with sound design work for YLE & live engineering in alternative music club Vastavirta-Klubi.

Music Producer - DDiltz Productions

I am a classically trained pianist with a strong background in music theory and composition. I play 10 different instruments, and do not limit myself to any one genre. I have a deep passion for all things music.

sound engineer, dub versions - m.c.dub

I'm into reggae music since 20 years. I'm a musician and producer too. I can make dub versions of your tracks as well.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Alejandro Del Pino

I'm a skilled guitarist who has been working as a music producer and a mixing engineer for the last six years. Working mainly with rock music and it's sub-genres, I have never been afraid to take on different styles and add my expertise to them. I enjoy creating and developing new music!

Engineer/Mix/Master/Produce - Dillon Keith Music

My name's Dillon, and I started out with FL Studio 9, junior year of high school, 2009. I learned to track beats, program melodies, and eventually, the art of recording, mixing, mastering, and production, all in one program. I do this for my own music, but actively search for others who need this service, so contact me!

Produce - Riccardo "Akoros" Cocozza

Sound engineer, Producer, Musician. Audio post production for Audiovisual Collaborator of STRATO DISCHI NOTLABEL as producer Member of BON.NOT I produce soundtracks with the pseudonym AKOROS

Nearly everything! - Ascending Audio

Ascending Audio is a two-man team formed in April of 2015. We're a new set of ears on the market and offer a fresh and interesting perspective on any and all projects that we're given. We specialize in Hard Rock, Metal, Progressive, Hip-Hop, Pop, and Alternative, but are constantly searching to reach outside of our boundaries.

Producer. Engineer. Musician. - Jesse Harvey Music

Working in a number of different genres including pop, rock, and singer-songwriter, I have been producing, recording, and mixing for 10+ years. Studying Recording and Production in college, music production is my specialty. Send me a raw track and we will turn it into a fully produced and mixed masterpiece.

Session Guitarist - Francisco Farias

The mind behind Doctor 7: a multi-instrumentalist musician, songwriter and producer. Screaming rock tones to lush nylon string harmonies intertwined in complex and energetic compositions.

Mixing, Production and Bass - Forge 78

Over 25 years of experience in the music industry. I specialize in mixing, production, songwriting, tracking, bass, tour support, and business support (I have an MBA)

Session Guitarist, Songwriter - Taylor Enloe

Specialize in writing riffs and hooks on any instrument

Production-Mixing-Recording - Single Wide Studios

Just a couple independent musicians trying to help other artists bring their visions to life!

Recording / Mix engineer - Didier Bender

HD recording / mix services

Singer, Guitarist, Composer - Jimmy

Music without emotion is worthless!! I'm here to create music that perfectly matches the required mood or lyrics.. You're allowed to kill me if it doesn't!!

Mastering Engineer & Producer - Nikoda

Producer, DJ and Mastering Engineer from the United Kingdom

 - Massimo Vetrano

Freelance Audio Engineer and recent graduate of SAE Institute NY. Looking to work with independent artists and work for a studio on a permanent basis.

Arranger, composer, MD - Grand Moustache

Composer, Arranger (horns and strings a specialty) and musician.

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