Top Session Bassists for hire

These curated pro electric bassists will lay down solid low-end grooves for your song in whatever style, tone, or genre you need

Bass Tracks Pusher - bygod

give me a track and I will lift the song to you


Grammy Winning and with over 1 billion streams as a producer and songwriter for artists like Iggy Azelea, Anitta, Fifth Harmony, Olivia O'brien, Icona Pop, Afrojack, Yves V etc I can deliver world class production and mixes for most types of genres.

Guitar, Bass, Keys, Songwriter - Anthony Kameka

I would be honoured to collaborate with you and build a music partnership! 500+ concerts over last 10 years. Multi instrumentalist (guitar, bass, keyboard) and songwriter/producer. I deeply love all kinds of music from The Beatles, Frank Ocean, The Strokes, Kanye West, Kaytranada, Mac Demarco

Experimental EDM/Hip-Hop Music - Piper "Mania Deluxe"

Highly creative, a diverse sound. Ready for hire

Musician - Artist - Producer - Ian Roegels

Versatile Music Producer, Engineer, and Mix Master: Crafting Your Sound to Perfection.

Session Bass Player - Shaun Abdilla

With over a decade on bass, I bring a versatile approach to music. From co-founding bands like Funk Initiative and Mogadishu, sharing stages with headliners such as Enrique Iglesias and Robbie Williams. Whether live or in the studio, I offer adaptability, quality gear, and a commitment to serving the song.

Session Bassist/Guitarist/Keys - Eric Montgomery

I am a session bassist/guitarist/keyboardist and producer and have also been a long-time member of pop/country artist Maren Morris's band. I love coming up with great parts and sounds to bring songs to life, whether on stage or in the studio.

Session Trombonist, Pianist. - GranadosMyoozik

I know how to be fluid within any sort of creative space, offering an awareness and respect for any project I am a part of. Whatever you need I can provide because I will truly listen to the intent and feeling of your art.

Session and live bassist - Lawrence V. White

Lawrence V. White (bassist, music director/arranger/producer) is a connoisseur and lover of all types of music. From Gospel to Hip-Hop; Rock to Jazz; Country to Alternative. It doesn't matter the form or genre--he has an appreciation for them all.

Session Musician, Bass Player - Jean Paul Linares


I'm Jean Paul Linares, professional bass player. I studied music at the Fundación Universitaria Bellas Artes in Medellin. I have my own studio based in Medellín - Colombia. Actually i play with "Evan Craft" one of the most important artist in christian music. I have played live concerts around Latin America

 - Alexey Novohizhko

I am a vocalist/bass-player for a synthrock band "Disciplina Medicina". Live playing, mixing, recording, mixing experience.

Bass guitar  - Koby Klar

Hi all! I am a very experienced and skilled bass player, Can help your music with various bass sounds and playing styles.

Bass Player - Bassist

I'm a bass player from the staffordshire area, I have been playing for 10 years and have lots of studio and live experience under my belt.

Remote Session Bass - Mads Dalum Poulsen

Hello! My name is Mads Dalum Poulsen, I'm a freelance musician based in Denmark. Currently I've been playing bass for 10 years. Quality-Minded.

Session Bassist - Lucas Lazarus Michaelides

Hi there! My name's Lucas and I'm studying Bass at the Institute Of Contemporary Music Performance. Been playing for about 6 years and am, roughly, at Grade 5-6 (but have not taken any actual grade exams)! Have recorded in studios with my band and as a session bassist. Played in a blues duo for a year, a heavy metal band for 5 years and done some live session work. Have written some of my own Blues songs - one of which is in the Soundcloud section. I now play a variety of genres as listed below. Would be up/available to be part of a new band, play some gigs, record or maybe even just jam! Thanks!

Session Bass Player - Hendrico Risadi

Session Bass Player, Songwriter & Arranger/Composer.

Session Bassist & Vocalist - Ian Daugherty

I'm 30 years old and I am from St. Charles, MO. I began playing bass in my high school jazz band. I also began singing and writing songs at age 16. Since I've graduated high school I have toured US & Canada with several bands on several tours. In 2015 I packed up and moved to Nashville to improve my writing and get some new inspiration.

Upright, Elec, Bass, Vocals - Elio Giordano

Google Elio Giordano Nashville and you will see me performing with The Mavericks, Ronnie Dunn, Tanya Tucker and many others. I have recorded with Symphonies in London, played many late-night shows like the Tonight Show, and have recorded with many major music artists. For over 20 years I have worked as a sought-after Nashville musician.

Session bass player - Dan Peate

A chameleon of bass, adapting quickly to the job in hand.

Bass, Production, Mix, Master - Frank Slater

Creative Producer/Engineer with years of experience, a degree in Music and a Master's in Music Production from Berklee College of Music, certification from Avid and Sonnox, and I love to make music.

Session/Touring Bass Player - Ronnie Lanzilotta

Bass ace hired-gun living in the NYC area. Played 130+ shows in 2019 and recorded on dozens of projects. My ear is geared towards pop music of every era, style, and magnitude whether it be glitzy Top 40, Motown-esque retro-soul, or whispery bedroom synth pop. I love to bring that secret sauce in the low end that will make your project POP!

Session/Recording Bassist - Brandon Trent

I am a bassist with 27 years experience in performance and recording in various genres that range from rock (alternative, progressive, metal, and pop), country, Cajun & zydeco, blues and jazz. I have been involved in several recording projects over the years done in high end studios, artists' apartment, and in my own house. Come see what I can do!!

Session Bassist/Producer - Isaac Wilson

Have you ever wanted to get the most creative bass line that will fit right into your song the FIRST time? I am able to provide that for you. Whatever your song is and whatever style you are going for, I can guarantee that you will have an outstanding line that will match your song and bring it to the next level.

Bassist, Music Production, Mix - Gunzooloo Records

| Official Apple certified Logic Pro Music Producer | Session Bassist & Funk/Rock/Pop Arranger | Grade A Cine musician | Owner of Gunzooloo Records | Recording & Mixing |

Let's find your dream sound! - Tradell

Youngest Extraordinary Engineer on SoundBetter! A self-taught, ambitious, and naturally-talented audio engineer, I'm confident I have the freshest ears on the market and the prowess to turn your project into your most eargasmic experience!

Session Bass Player - Jamie Windham

I've worked with some of the best producers in the U.S., and I've also played in signed bands as well as some of the largest churches in the nation. I have a passion for session work and creating new music. I'd love to hear about what you you're working on.

Bass | Producer | Label - Dominic Vos

Dominic Vos: Preformer, Bassist, Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Talentscout, Mentor Child of Kristel Verbeke (former member of girl group K3) and Hanne Verbruggen (member of girl group K3) #DominicASVos

Session Bassist - B.B. Kates

Fender and GHS Strings artist B.B. specializes in catchy metal, pop, punk, alternative, and indie bass lines. Can match bass tones and bass player styles.

Bassist, Music Producer - Felipe Pizzutiello

The Groove always come in the first place! I wanna record your song!

Bass player & Copyist  - João Mourão

Bass Player, Composer, Arranger, Producer, Music Director, Sheet Music Editor, and Music Magazine Editor. Music Preparator / Copyist since 1994 As a Music Producer, I arranged and produced dozens of CDs and DVDs - Catholics and secular. I have worked alongside prestigious names of Brazilian Popular Music, all platinum artists.

Pocket Bass for your track! - Luke Bergamini

Specializes in funk and pocket style playing. Kind of Reddit and Tiktok famous.

Old Music Recording - Chris Groth

I do recordings for Bass and Upright-Bass all the time. Specialized in the Old-Time-Sound of those instruments. Blues , Country , Rock n Roll

Music Producer - Sivan Aydin

Turk artist, cartoonist and producer Sivan Aydin, aka Şivan Aydin, was born in Istanbul and raised in a sleepy suburb in South West Turkey. Today she lives and works in Istanbul. Armed with a diverse musical past she merges her classical upbringing and emo teenage years, and includes elements ranging from dreamy soundscapes to hard-hitting 808 beat

Producer/Mixer/Guitarist - Tony Bruno

Let me bring your ideas to life.I can produce from scratch, Mix your productions. Add killer guitars, bass, drum programming and full orchestrations.I will send you guitar stems with and without treatment for re-amping or with killer guitar tones.

Electronic music production - P Ø C

Melodic Techno, Techno, Dark Techno

Pop/Rock Bassist & Producer - Jennifer Morgan

My name is Jen, I'm a composer, Producer, Guitarist and Bassist and I want to provide you with strong, exciting and nuanced music, whether it's a fresh bass line, some ambient rhythm guitar or a full production for your song!

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session musician, mix - Y8S sounds

Band in a box. Let me give your song the backing track it wants. I'm most proficient in the bass, I also play guitar, Keyboard, Drums, and program drums. I'm also willing to mix anything you want to throw my way.

Session Bassist - Dave Edwards

London-based session bassist, working in the Jazz / Soul realms touring with artists like Rosie Frater-Taylor & August Charles. *OPEN-MINDED* enough to work with you on whatever you need - whether it's on basslines with a classic sound, or more unique textures making use of chords & effect pedals. *FLEXIBLE* enough to rework things to your taste.

Sound Engineer, bass player - Bassndsound

Recording, Mixing, Broadcast sound, Concert post producing mixing.

Singer, Lyricist, Topliner - Konstantin Makeev

Toplining and singing is my passion, I also write great lyrics!

Electric Bass/Producer - Justin Panariello

Professional musician. Over 2000 gigs played. I do lots of session work. Work over the internet often. Very diverse. Excellent ears/gear. Written/Recorded/Performed/Opened for Earth Wind & Fire, Bob Weir, the Wailers, G-Eazy, Warren G, Snoop Dogg, Flo Rida, Robin Thicke, Lukas Nelson, Chainsmokers, Gregg Bissonette, Dicky Betts

Session Bassist, singer. - Pablo Quezada

I am Pablo Quezada, I have 22 years old. Chilean, but I live in Buenos Aires Argentina. I'm a Professional Musician, study at Escuela de Música contemporanea Berklee international network Am Session Bassist and singer.

Online Session Bassist - Bassclefmusic

I'm Alan and I can create & record a great bass line for your track from my studio in Bonnie Scotland! My prices are low but my quality is high. I operate a quick turnaround and will work closely with you to ensure you get exactly what you are looking for. I have great feel and will play whatever it takes to make your track sound fantastic.

Remote Session Bass Player - Phillip Court

Professional Bass & Synth Bass Player I provide the following - Bass Guitar Fretless Bass Double Bass Bass VI Piccolo Bass Synth/Key Bass I am competent in all genres & styles. I can sight read to a very high standard using standard notation & chord charts or can compose lines to fit any any & all tracks or work from MIDI/audio

Bassist / Producer / Mixer - Mokhtar

Hey :) i have been playing electric bass for 15 years if you are looking for groove i am your man. i am also a producer i am currently working with many artist in my country (Egypt) as i own an independent record label, i also love to do creative mixing. We can also provide recording space for artists and session musicians from Egypt.

Session Bassist - Samuel D Turner

Five string bass player specialising in tricky timings.

Session/Touring Bassist  - Rich Brinsfield

I've been working professionally as a electric/upright bassist in Nashville for the past 17 years. Been a member of Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors for the past 16 years. I have been fortunate enough to record and tour with some of the best musicians and artists on the planet. I would love to be a part of your music!

Bass Player, Mixer & Producer - Chapo González

Spanish session bassist for multi-platinum artists like Mclan, Leiva, Joaquín Sabina, Amaral, Abel Pintos, Xoel Lopez, Zahara, Marwan or Dani Fernandez among others, with large experience on studio recording. Specialized in vintage gear, and in Rock, Pop, R´n´B, Soul music. Don´t doubt on contacting me if you have any question regarding the fee.

Electric and Acoustic Bassist - Jon Cornell

Electric or Acoustic Bass tracks from former Sub from Saturday Night Live Band

Collaborative Bass Player - Matt Gruebner

I have been a recording and gigging bassist for over 25 years, producing great bass lines in a variety of genres. Bringing the right attitude, and creating the right bass line, feel and tone for each musical environment is my passion. I will work with you on developing the bass line until you say “That’s just what I was looking for!”.

Superhero Rock Bassist - Lou Hannoe

Loud and with attitude! Top-shelf bass playing that adds something special to your song.

Session Bassplayer - Morten Jay

Professional, personalized bass tracks - Recorded remotely, just for you.

Session Bass Player, Arranger - Lucas Barata

I provide bass tracks and top customer service!

ProSession bass and synth bass - Anastasiia AZonBass

My name is Anastasiia and I would love to add my talent and skills to your song!!! More the 10 years experience as a pro session bassist ! You can find me as Azonbass on YouTube and see videos!


My passion is to record and play bass. I do it many years ago and I keep getting excited when playing music of different genres.

Session Multi-Instrumentalist - Clinton Broughton

I am a songwriter & producer with several music projects ranging from R&B, Jazz, Pop and even Gospel...I currently have many projects now streaming on all digital platforms with several different artists..

Mixing engineer / Producer - Stubert Studios

Hi, I am a musician, playing, drums, bass, guitars, some keys. My real passion is in production, taking a basic song and elevating it to a whole new level. Some songs have just 2 tracks whilst other can have over 200 tracks on them. Whatever the song needs is what i try to deliver. I work with many artists across the globe

Music Producer : Bassist - Justin DiCenzo

Musically unique, heavy jazz influence, groove oriented, bass focused, synthesizer adoring production style. Cinematic vibes from working in film and tv. Love strings and orchestral writing, electronic madness, and groovy weirdness

Latin Music Producer - H Navarro

With a wide taste for music, along with his skills in composition and production for different musical genres. H Navarro shares his music for all audiences. This musician from Bogota, Colombia, shows his passion for research in different fields of music, capturing and experimenting with them in his productions.

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