Peter Traver

Producer, Composer & Vocalist

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Hey folks! I'm a producer, engineer, composer, conductor and vocalist that is happy to fill any role for your musical projects. I am currently a multimedia specialist at Harvard University and have served as composer and engineer for various film, theater and musical projects. I am happy to serve your projects in a small or a large role.

My background is primarily in classical music composition and performance (voice) but have extensive experience in electronic and experimental music. In the past few years I have written and recorded music for films and musicals, including the short film 'Order' that was accepted into a London Film Festival. My preferred writing style is experimental -- a lot of electronics and found sounds manipulated within a DAW. That being said, I am well versed in traditional composition and production practices. I have recorded an original cast album for the musical 'Still Standing' that is minimal processing on acoustic instruments. I'm well equipped to work with acoustic recordings in classical and non-classical styles, as well as produce or compose more electronic scores.

Additionally, I am a classical trained operatic tenor. I can sing styles ranging opera, musical theater, experimental and pop. I have a large arsenal of extended techniques including overtone singing, undertone singing, ingressive sounds and false singing. I currently work as a choral singer at a church with a very good music program, and teach voice lessons to students of all ages.

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Turn (Film Score Excerpt)

I was the Composer, Producer/Engineer in this production

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