Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with albert neve

Vocalist, backing vocals - Nora Jiménez


Singer and backing vocalist, Soul, R&B, Gospel, Rap. English and spanish mostly (request other languages).I can adapt and translate the lyrics.

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Mixing & Mastering, Recording - Jason Rostkowski

Frequencies are cycles. Cycles are rhythms. Rhythms make us move. Moving makes us feel. Feeling invites us to be, and to be, is the reason we are here. We are all creative beings, and much of my happiness comes from helping those who create through sound go beyond their potential. How can we work together in a way that invites you to grow?

Mixing & Mastering Engineer - Andy Buendia

You've written songs you can be proud of, and you have a vision for the sound of the final product. Now it's time to put your baby into the hands of someone else. I'll be working with you to turn your vision into a finished, polished recording/production that you and your fans can enjoy for the rest of your lives.

singer - lcxy

looking to collaborate with other artists

Mix & Mastering Engineer - LOF Audio Production

As an honors graduate from one of the top audio engineering schools in Canada, my 10 years of experience with audio production and podcasting will ensure you're 100% satisfied with every order. You can expect excellent customer service in addition to quality work.


Our goal is always to serve the artists vision. We specialize in working with artists from the inception of a song to the finished product. We pride ourselves on our ability to contribute at any point in the creative process, from songwriting to production to mixing/mastering.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Chris Smith

I’ve been a sound engineer for 5 years and was chosen to be the H. Club’s Emerging Creative for Music in 2017/18. I’m a qualified music teacher and work as a live sound engineer full time.

Remote Post Filmix -Soundesign - Peter Rundquist

Ready to take your film's sound to the next level? Choose G8haus Studios and our top-of-the-line equipment, techniques, and passion for sound quality. We'll work with you to achieve the perfect soundscape for your project. With our unique background in music and passion for sound quality, we are the perfect partner to unlock audio clarity.

Electronic Music Producer - BLUNTWAVEZ

Electronic Music Producer specialising in meticulously crafted, uplifting dance music, with a focus on precise and dynamic drum programming.

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