Music Producer/Audio Engineer

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Jialei Lee - 5 PIECES LOVE STORY: FX, Foley, and Complete surround mix. (2017) Merril Miller - Murals. Album production (2016) AsparTateRecords - IRIS, les chanson du printemps, Album production(2015)

AsparTateRecords was started in Beijing, China in 2009. During past several years, AsparTateRecords mainly was operating in the United States and Japan. We have successfully published seven albums up to now.

In post-production, David ZANG and his team were able to provide many successful audio solutions to the projects of students who enrolled to NYFA, USC and UCLA, and indie film makers. With profound background knowledge and experience in both music and film, and proficient Pro Tools skills on both editing and mixing, Daivd ZANG and his team are able to deliver best sound service to your film with a short amount of time.

We can work in different language, (EN, JP, CH, FR) as well as different market and culture background.

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Gear Highlights
  • Pro Tools 12
  • Pro Tools 10HD
  • Cubase 5
  • FL 12
  • Izotope 7 and RX
  • WAVEs
  • NuGe
  • IK plugins. CL-1B comp
  • NU MU comp. 1500GB FX and production lib.
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